Dude. Check out these bushy uncut boys!

Commenting on our uncut guys shaved/trimmed post, “Alex” said “Can we have an “uncut with a full bush” post next? 😏”
And Jingle said “Oh trust me, it’s already in the works!! 🙂”
And “bw” said ” I second Alex’s request – but I’m always up for a full bush post, uncut or otherwise.”
So here you go, guys. A bunch of bushy uncut boys to fuel your fuzzy fantasies. Cheers!

On a side note, it’s amazing how difficult it is to find current pics of dudes with “full bushes.” Ben and I were talking and agreed there must be 50, 100 or more pics on-line of dudes with trimmed/shaved junk for every guy with a full bush. I suppose that makes the Table Rock gang hopelessly out of step with current mores 🙂
Oh. And THANK YOU, Alex for the post request. We LOVE post requests!

“Being English, I prefer uncut guys and also shaved/trimmed.”

On March 19th, our friend “Mike” (from Ireland) commented: “Always view your blog most days with my early morning coffee and enjoyed it even more today! Particularly like #8 as, being English, I prefer uncut guys and also shaved/trimmed.”
And that got us thinking it’s been a while since we’ve posted a pic set of dudes who shave/trim their junk. So here you have it Mike, some hot dudes who are uncut and smooth as a baby’s butt. Cheers! xoxo Ben and David

I’ve been in Kansas City the past 3 days working with our school leaders and legal counsel on the possible impact of legislation currently proposed by “conservative groups” in Missouri. “Legislation prefiled for the 2023 session would expand charter schools, help parents fund private school education and give homeschoolers access to public school activities.”
Our schools are private. Privately funded, managed and administered. We have never accepted a penny from any City, State or Federal entity and we damned sure don’t plan to start now. The proposed legislation may seem harmless but we know it’s just the first step in the State’s ongoing attempt to dictate school policies, curriculum and every facet of education. We have an awesome legal team and a huge, private war chest to fight off the right-wing nut jobs and I’m confident we’ll get it done. Sorry about the soap box ravings. xoxo Ben

Dude. Care to join us in a cup of French roast?

It usually takes our buddy Jingle a pot or two of French roast to get through a post on UnrulyDude. So how about some buddies to join him? As the old saying goes: “Everyone should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another cup of coffee.”

You guys seemed to enjoy Silas’ recounting of my birthday in the hot tub over at Rainbow aerie. As far as I’m concerned, having 13 guys stick their junk in your face is a perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun. For the first time in a long time I’m actually looking forward to my next birthday.
We watched our Jayhawks lose to Arkansas in the NCAA men’s round of 32 today. We were disappointed – but not really surprised. As Dub said “If you can’t make free throws you’re headed home.” About sums it up.
We were also disappointed to see Stephen Webb lose on Jeopardy Friday. He had a nice 7-day run winning $175,000+ and we look forward to seeing him in the tournament. His inability to find the daily doubles was kind of spooky.
Be safe and well. We love you. David and Ben