Yowzers! It’s another dude potpourri.

Our new student “Alyssa” has been with us for 2 1/2 weeks now… and we’re learning a lot about her and her grandmother. She’s a delightful, very bright, 7 year old girl who’s eager to learn and fits into our group really well. The people she’s been living with since her grandmother’s stoke tell us “She’s a completely different child now. She’s excited about going to school and has talked and laughed more than ever.” The kids like her a lot and Bella is excited to finally have another girl in our group. They’re quickly becoming “best buds.” Chad thinks Alyssa is wonderful and has been spending most of his days at school working with her. He, Janette (French) and Patricia (pottery) make my job a lot easier.
I’ve talked several times with her grandmother’s attorney as we’ve gotten Alyssa enrolled and involved. We’ve learned that the stroke was less severe than the doctors originally thought and apparently the damage will be limited to some paralysis, loss of muscle movement and facial control on the right side of her body, along with speech difficulty. Her attorney tells she’s a woman of “considerable means.” He talked with “Dr C” and elected to pay the “full tuition” cost – which is a bunch. The grandmother is apparently one of the largest contributors to our Church and has been active in- and a big financial supported of – the anti abortion” cause.
Anyway, Alyssa is a delight and Bella has invited her to spend this coming weekend at her house (Cal, Alex and Chance thought it was a great idea). Both Alyssa’s “temporary custodians” and the grandmother’s attorney have approved the weekend.
So, that’s the way it is in our little schoolhouse on the lake. Hope all of you are safe, healthy and successfully getting through the pandemic. There’ll surely be a vaccine before too long 🙂

Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

URD has no better friend than our buddy, “Bill” (aka “bw”). Bill, you’re our ship’s rudder – the guy whose comments enlighten us, entertain us and keep us honest. We hope your birthday is your best ever… filled with good health, pretty boys, great friends and every happiness. We’ve been secretly hoping you you’d find a new “furry friend” for your birthday… but with or without a four-legged companion, we hope your day is blessed and joy-filled. xoxo David, Ben, and the gang.

Happy birthday, dear Fred. Happy birthday to you!

One of the joys of doing URD is getting to do birthday posts for special friends. Babe, we love you and wish you a happy day, good health and every happiness in the years to come.
When we think of Fred, it’s never “just Fred” – it’s “Fred and Chuck.” You guys obviously have a wonderful relationship… one that Ben and I think of as our guide to how to be a happy gay couple. Thank you for that!
We’ve never before done a “birthday post” with a “lovers” or “bromance” theme, but we thought it just fit the bill here. Of course, we’ve tossed in a few “Diego Sans” pics – just because 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! XOXO