Dude. These guys” are blonde to the bone”!

Hey, guys. It’s Silas. My first post was guys with buzz cuts… then I did guys with black hair… so I thought a “blondes” post would be a nice change of pace. It’s for sure these dudes are “blonde to the bone”!

Dante and I have been working like crazy getting ready for our big “open house” at rainbow aerie on Saturday. There are a lot of windows and it took us over five hours to clean all of them inside and out. My sister and parents, Dante’s dad, and Jim and Carol will be here as will Denise, Scott, Ms. Evelyn, Nathan, Diana and the twins… plus all the guys, kids and dogs. Everyone will be bringing food for a cookout on the deck. The temp is forecast to be in the mid-to-high 70’s, so it’ll be great weather for the kids to enjoy the hot tub.
A highlight of the open house is sure to be Travon’s video of the construction of rainbow aerie. He tells us it’s 16 minutes long, and the only one who has seen it is Dub who says it’s “awesome.”
Dante and I are incredibly blessed to have found – and become part of this wonderful little community here in the Ozarks.
We hope you guys are enjoying good health, happiness and crisp, refreshing fall days – and maybe finding a blonde boy or two to help you enjoy them! xoxo Silas and Dante

Dude. What tha fuck?

Here’s an e-mail we received last week from Beto:
“Hi again, guys. Thinking of Rick’s Whatever folder and posts, I thought he (and you) could enjoy these funny/peculiar/intriguing pics. Hopefully most of them are new to you all. I bet David will love #1’s furry leg. Wink I have no clue what the dude is doing there (could he be an itinerant artist or Gypsy?), but he’s HOT AS HELL, isn’t he?! Hugs, Beto. P.S.: It just crossed my mind that Bill S could regard some of these as story pics. 🙂 ”
We loved the pics and found ourselves alternately laughing – and saying “what the fuck?” Beto sent the first 41 pics here and I added the last 7. THANK YOU, Beto for some chuckles and what-the-fucks! Love ya, babe. xoxo David (and Ben)

Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” look at exotic expressions during erotic episodes!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. It’s 10 minutes after midnight and I would have gotten this posted on Friday, but WordPress kept throwing me curves and I had to re-work the whole thing to get it posted. Anyway, it’s about dudes fucking – and getting fucked – and expressing the experience in a whole bunch of wonderful ways.
There’s a video Keon and I watched a few days ago that we think is amazing. The two guys might or might not be your type, but you gotta say their fucking skills are outstanding. Here’s a link:
Stay well and happy… and go Jayhawks, Hawkeyes and Chiefs.
Love ya,
Rick and Keon