Dude. It’s a sighting of a “purple spotted unicorn”!

Speaking of our “Porn pups” series, “Beto” commented: “…I can’t have just one favorite, but let me pick Jay Davis. He’s the cutest little furry naughty sex devil out there… a crazy avid cocksucker and cum eater (he even has only-sucking scenes),,, and your utmost unrulyboi, so just perfect for URD – and me, of course. He worked for Treasure Island and GuyBone.”
That got us started collecting “Jay Davis” pics and we ended up with well over 300 of ’em in our folders – which made choosing 48 difficult. In this post, the first pics (#01 – #08) are of Jay naked and solo. The next twelve (#09 – #020) are from a raw sex scene with Jack Miles. The next sixteen (#021 – #036) are of Jay suckin’ dick (arguably the thing he does best). The next eight (#037 – 044) are from a scene with Riley Landon barebacking Jay. The last four (#045 – #048) are fun shots of Jay with his bare dick shoved into Ryan Powers’ pretty little hole.
If you’re interested in watching our favorite Jay Davis scene, just Google “LITTLE JAY DAVIS SUCKS MORE DICK” and you’ll find 3 minutes and 59 seconds of superb cock-sucking (and ass eating) that might even teach Jingle and the rest of us a thing or two 🙂
Thanks, Beto for a wonderful “Porn pup” suggestion. It’s brought us more fun than we could possibly have imagined.

Happy birthday dear Larry, happy birthday to you!

Larry… you’re one of URD’s dearest friends – and we’re wishing you good health, prosperity, love and every happiness on your birthday. We love you! xox David, Ben and the gang

Our objective in putting Larry’s birthday post together was to make it a collection of smooth young dudes with NO tatts and NO piercings. We think we’ve managed it… but, of course if we haven’t, our buddy Jingle will let us know 🙂

Hand prints

I ran across a self-pic on-line of a dude in a jockstrap (pic #1) and went “WHOA”!!! I showed it to David and he said “WHOA, indeed”!!! I thought it needed to be posted, so I started looking for pics. We haven’t done a “jockstraps” post since December 2018, and no “G-rated” posts since July, 2017, so this theme came to mind. I realize it won’t appeal to everyone, but it sure does it for me – and David says he likes it too. 🙂

So much to tell you. As soon as we moved to the lake, we started planning the new deck and hot tub. Alex had done sketches and we were excited. As it happened, Alex has an Amish crew that’s doing all the carpentry on the Koala cove villas, and they were waiting on materials he’d ordered. So he said we could use them to build our deck and privacy fencing if we wanted. We for sure did… so they started on the Tuesday before the 4th of July weekend. They took Saturday and Sunday off and were back at it on the next Monday. There are five of them and they’re the most talented carpenters we’ve ever see. They’re led by “Brother Nathan” who’s 26 and is “drop-dead gorgeous” (in a married, Amish, hands-off” sort of way). Dub thinks Nathan is awesome and told us he asked him if he needed a helper. Nathan asked him if he was a carpenter and Dub told him “No. but I can be if you teach me.” So he’s been helping Nathan every afternoon. Alex told us Nathan is crazy about kids and confided in him that he and his wife have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. He’s a really good guy and we’re hoping it’ll happen for them soon.
Our new 10-person hot tub is a “Hydropool” built in Canada. It’s been ordered for almost two weeks and will be here on Friday. It’s bigger than the hot tub in K.C.
but we won’t have trouble filling it with bodies (pics #49 through #52).
Ty and Damien told us there wasn’t any need for us to pay for water and electricity because they had plenty from their spring and solar panels. The crew has run water and electrical lines to our deck and it’ll be cool having free water and electricity.
The crew has built the deck using the specs provided by Hydropool so it’ll be ready when the hot tub arrives. They poured a concrete pad under the deck to support the tub and Dub said Nathan told him he should put his hand prints in the concrete. So Dub did that and wrote his name under them with a stick. When he was finished, he said “Now you, Nathan.” Nathan said he just laughed and said “No, not me. I’m just a carpenter.” He said Dub looked him in the eyes and said “Naw. You’re the best carpenter ever and my friend so you need to put your handprints next to mine.” So, Dub and Nathan’s handprints are in the concrete under the deck but no one will see them. Dub says “it doesn’t matter because we’re friends and we know they’re there.”