Dude. This is just plain tongue-tastic!

We ran across an article from “Psychology today” that says the tongue is the most important sex organ. It says “As an actual sexual pleasuring organ, the tongue is unequalled. It is by far the most versatile muscle in the body capable of amazing feats of agility, strength, and delicacy.”
Couldn’t argue with that 🙂

It’s been impossibly busy around here the last week. We’ve had lots of snow – but not enough for a school “snow day” – much to the kids disappointment. We did take one afternoon off and took all the teachers and kids over to a big hill for sledding and snow boarding. Jim and Carol brought over fresh home made donuts and hot chocolate and we had a blast!
The gang is getting together tonight at Ty and Damien’s place to watch the KU-Kentucky game… then everyone will be gathering at Hawks Nest tomorrow for the Chiefs-Bengals. We love our Jayhawks and Chiefs but are really nervous about these games. GO TEAMS! xoxo Ben

Dude. Even G-rated boys can make you go “WHOA”!

Hi. It’s Silas. After Ben’s very explicit “Bukkake” post, I thought I’d do something “G-rated” for a change of pace. When I put this together, I ended up with 52 pics instead of the usual 48. I thought I’d just delete 4 – but after looking at them over and over, I couldn’t decide what to scrap. So there are 4 bonus pics here. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

Brock has been with Dante and me almost three weeks and we already can’t remember what life was like without him. He’s attending school now and absolutely loves it. Ben and I designed an accelerated learning program for him because he’s never been in school before now. Dub, Bella and Chance have decided he’s their project and are busy teaching him “lots of important stuff.” His 6th birthday will be on Saturday, February 11th and since the Super Bowl is on Sunday the 12th, we’re going to combine the two events for a party at Hawks Nest. We’ve invited everyone and expect a large crowd even though we don’t expect the Chiefs to be playing in the big game. We haven’t asked Brock but we’re pretty sure it will be his first birthday party.
Shortly after we started fostering him, I began playing the guitar in the evenings so he, Dante and I could sing together. His favorite song is “Getting to know you” from “The King and I.” Brock was totally fascinated by my guitar playing and one night he looked at the guitar – then at me – and said “Can I try it?” I said “Absolutely” and showed him how to hold the guitar and where to place his fingers. He plunked around on it for a couple of minutes and then startled us by beginning to play “Getting to know you.” He missed some notes and stumbled a bit but he was totally playing it. Dante and I just sat there in utter disbelief. I said “Brock, have you played the guitar before?” He said “No.” I said “How did you know how to do that?” He shrugged his shoulders and said “Dunnow. Just been watchin’ you.”
I’ve been playing guitar most of my life… have had years of lessons… and have been teaching music for over a year… and I’ve never seen anything like this. He just plays intuitively and it’s amazing. His mother said his father was a musician so maybe that’s where he gets it? We have no idea.
We’ll keep you posted on our new family as time goes along. I’m guessing there may be more surprises in our future? ! Hugs, Silas and Dante

Lucky bastards!

I’ve always thought “Bukkake boys” are among the luckiest dudes in the World. I’ve never told anyone about this, but a long time ago, before David and I were married we were living in the K.C. Northland and went to a concert in the Lied Center over in Lawrence, KS. After the concert we went to Sylas and Maddy’s for homemade ice cream… then David asked me if I’d like to stop at Riverfront park to see if anything was happening there. I said “Sure!” So we did. When we got there, we started walking up a trail along the river and -sure enough – found a bunch of guys standing around in a clearing. The moon was bright and I’m guessing they were mostly K.U. students looking to “get off.” So we wandered into the group and before long, David dropped to his knees and started sucking off a guy. I thought that looked good so I did the same. Before long, we were surrounded by hard dicks begging to be sucked. I’m thinking we must have sucked off 8 or 10 boys that night and it was amazing. Every time I see a pic of a guy on his knees surrounded by dudes with hard dicks I think of that night. It was a whole lot better than the ice cream 🙂
I always wonder about “straight” guys who enjoy being with other horny, boned-up guys and getting sucked off while they look at the other dudes’ dicks. Hugs, Ben