Check it out, dude. Butt-naked tattooed bois!

On Monday, Smurf commented: “Ask Jingle for help. Boys covered in tatts especially the naked parts. You haven’t done a tatt post recently.”
Thanks for a great suggestion, Smurf. David and I love our tattoos and always enjoy looking at other guys’ body art. Hope these tatted boys do it for you, babe!

Tomorrow will complete two weeks of our Spring school semester and it’s been wonderful. We have six new students (3 boys, 3 girls) – all TAG kids. They’re bright, inquisitive and seem amazed that school can be so much fun. Chad, Silas and I are having as much fun as the kids. We work together really well and find ourselves learning lots from each other – and the kids. Neither Silas nor any of our new students know Spanish, French or ASL, so Dub, Bella and the rest of the gang are having a ball teaching them. Silas has started teaching music and we’re all having fun with that. Dub says “Music is just another language we’re all learning.”
Dr. C is coming down next week to observe. He’ll be amazed, I’m sure. We have a new “whole building ventilation system” that (theoretically) helps minimize covid risk. In addition to that, we’re doing weekly covid tests, taking temperatures every morning and wearing KN-95 masks except for lunch time when we “socially distance.” We feel we have a very safe learning environment. Can’t wait to see what the coming weeks will bring! xoxo Ben

Dude. Check out these butt naked bespectacled bois!

If you ask us, dudes wearing glasses are really sexy. Cal wears his all the time – except when he’s in the hot tub 🙂 A few weeks ago, Chance seemed to be struggling with reading, so Cal took him to an ophthalmologist to see if his vision was a problem. Turns out his “reading vision” needed correction but his “distance vision” was perfect. So the ophthalmologist said he needed reading glasses. The thing is, Chance walks like Cal, talks like Cal, dresses like Cal and he really wanted glasses like Cal’s. So now he’s got glasses that are kind of “bifocals” that he wears all the time. The bottom part corrects his reading vision and the tops are clear. He couldn’t be happier – and he couldn’t have a better role model.
It we’re counting correctly, this is the 19th in our “butt/buck naked” series and we think each one is hotter than the last! Gosh. We must have covered every possible “butt/buck naked” topic by now. There couldn’t possibly be any more, could there??

It’s “laundry day” here on Unrulydude!

During December, the subject of LAUNDRY accounted for lots of comments here on URD. It probably started with Denny recalling Alex and Cal’s chance meeting in a laundry room – then there was bw’s remark “is it weird that I like doing laundry?” Then, on December 20th, Jeff said “Since you mentioned it as where Alex and Cal met, how about a post of guys in the laundry room?”
The next day, Kent e-mailed us a WONDERFUL bunch of gay laundry photos… and we’ve been meaning to do a post ever since. It’s taken us a while, but it’s here at last. It’s just good CLEAN fun 🙂