Dude. Check out these buck naked black bois!

We’ve been doing posts of naked dudes lately – sometimes using the term “butt naked” and sometimes “buck naked.” Thinking about it prompted me to break out the old Merriam-Webster to see which is correct. Here’s what I found:
” ‘Buck Naked’ or ‘Butt Naked’? It’s a natural question. What to know:
While both buck naked and butt naked are used to describe someone who is fully nude, buck naked is the older of the pair. Butt naked is much newer and likely sees use because of butt having a long history of referring to a person’s buttocks.”
So there you have it. Butt naked or buck naked? It’s your choice. But when we looked at these naked black bois, the choice seemed obvious!
For those who worry about which (if any) of these pics have been “photo shopped”… save your time. We think the boys are beautiful and frankly don’t give a rats’ ass whether the pics have been altered 🙂 David

Dude. Check out these butt naked “skinless weiners”!

Hey. Hope this finds you guys safe, happy and well fed after the Thanksgiving festivities. We had a great Thanksgiving over at Denise and Scott’s home over at Koala Cove. The whole gang was there and we had good food, good company and lots to be thankful for.
We did a “FaceTime” chat with the grandparents and each of the kids told them what they were most thankful for. Bella cracked us up when she said she was thankful for Alyssa because “now I’m not the only girl in the crowd who has to keep these boys in line.” Maybe the most touching was when Matty said “I’m thankful my dad doesn’t have a sick appendix any more so we can play with Bud and do regular stuff.”
We got the exterior holiday lights up on all the cabins and the Christmas shopping is under way. It really is “The most wonderful time of the year”!

Dude. Check out these butt naked “hooded warriors”!

In our last post, Ben said “I honestly believe Silas has the most beautiful uncut dick I’ve ever seen. It’s a thing of absolute beauty.”
That prompted Bill (bw) to comment “by beautiful – did you mean just pretty or big – us old perverts need to know these things.”
So we started searching through our “foreskins” folders to see if we could find a dude with an uncut dick that looks almost exactly like Silas’ beauty. And… Ben found one. It’s pic #1 here and honestly, once you’ve seen this boy’s amazing appendage, you know why Ben and I were so impressed when we saw Silas getting in our hot tub naked.

It’s “Thanksgiving eve” and we’re excited about our group dinner over at Denise and Scott’s house at Koala Cove tomorrow. It’ll be a big crowd and we’ll all be there giving thanks for friends, family, good fortune, love and good health.
We hope Thanksgiving finds you happy, healthy, well-fed and giving thanks for the many blessings we share. We love you guys. David, Ben and the gang