What’s up, Doc?

Now that “Beto” has identified our “Dr. Cabrera,” – and given us the link to his twitter – we thought we’d post some of his photos. He’s a beautiful 23-year-old medical student and his dick is ginormous. Case in point… pics #07 and #023 here. Honestly, if we ran across these pics (not knowing who he was or having seen his twitter) we probably wouldn’t post them because some of you guys would almost certainly scream “photo-shopped”!
Anyway, thank you, Beto. You’re a never-ending wonder! xoxo David & Ben

Dude. Check out this “Friends Friday” variety pack!

Hey guys, it’s Rick. Been a while so I’m thinking it’s time for “Friends Friday” – even if it isn’t Friday. I’m calling this a “variety pack” because it’s got a bit of everything. From solo shots… to selfies… to intimacy… to action of various kinds… to whimsy. If you can’t find something you like in this post, I’m guessing you probably ain’t gay 🙂

It doesn’t seem possible but Travon is ten years old now. He’s a great kid but has always been a bit of a “loner.” He spends hours and hours photographing just about everything and although he gets along well with the other kids, he tends to be happiest being alone with Max. Interestingly, that seems to be changing since “Isaiah” came on the scene. They’re about the same age and have been spending lots of time hanging out together. Isaiah is very interested in Tra’s photography and (after asking Pop-pop’s permission) Tra has loaned him one of his cameras. Isaiah’s dad “Caleb” says Travon is the first real friend Isaiah has ever had and he’s delighted to see the change. I’m sure the boys will be busy photographing and videoing our big Super Bowl/Brock’s birthday party next weekend. There’s going to be a “sea of red” at Hawk’s nest. GO BROCK! GO CHIEFS!

Dude. Check out this “blast from the past”!

Here’s an e-mail we received from our buddy, “Jingle”:
“Hey Buff, you know that February is Black History Month!
I’m gonna send you 2 pics of the same stunning black man!… If/when you do a black dude post, you might consider using the pics as Bookends?!?!…
Thanks-a-million!! Love you, Jingle”
We thought it was a great idea. Then we got thinking about “black history” and thought “why not go back in history and pull out pics that were posted on the old (Blogger) UnrulyDude and BadAssBoys blogs. So that’s what we’ve done. Pics #01 and #048 are the ones Jingle sent us and the balance are from the previous blogs. That means all these pics were posted sometime before March, 2009 – and, as far as we’re concerned, they’re “black history” 🙂

Here’s something we found on-line:
“Black History Month was created to focus attention on the contributions of African Americans to the United States. It honors all Black people from all periods of U.S. history, from the enslaved people first brought over from Africa in the early 17th century to African Americans living in the United States today.”
So, at least for one month, can we please put aside the bigotry and hatred espoused by assholes like Ron DeSantis, Ron Youngkin, Josh Hawley, etc. and celebrate the achievements and wonderful qualities of black people? We certainly hope so!