Time for some dude potpourri!

Isaiah came over to our house today to “hang with Dub, Chance and Travon.” They played video games and played outside with the dogs… and then Ben and I made lunch for them. During lunch, Isaiah said “last night, Taylor and Angus came over to our house and we had left-over turkey sandwiches and stuff and Dad and Taylor drank a bunch of booze. Then, Taylor said he was too tipsy to drive home and wanted to know if he and Angus could crash on our couch. And that didn’t happen because dad insisted Taylor sleep in his bedroom with him.” Isaiah just grinned and said “You know, I was the big winner because Angus slept in my bed with me and sometimes he’d snuggle up against my leg and it was really cool to have a ‘bed buddy.’
I rather doubt if Caleb and Taylor think Isaiah was the “big winner”, but we’ll just have to see how that goes 🙂


Dude. Check out these ethnically diverse boys!

Hi. It’s Silas. We’ve been spending lots of time watching the World Cup and marveling at how these guys from all over the world come together to play “the beautiful game.” I thought a post of ethnically diverse boys would be fun. There are various body types, facial features, skin tones and dick sizes here but I think they’re all beautiful. Hope you agree!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving over at Hawks nest. All the guys, kids and dogs were there, plus the grandparents, my Mom, Dad and Sister – Dante’s Dad, Ms Evelyn, Jim and Carol – and Nathan, Diana and the twins. Also joining us were our new friend Caleb and his son Isaiah – plus Alex’ friend Taylor. If our group gets any bigger we may have to start thinking about expanding Hawks nest 🙂 (Just kidding).
When Alex invited Taylor he told him to bring his dog “Angus.” He’s 16 months old and a very busy puppy. Before dinner, Angus started running full speed in circles around the nest – something Taylor calls the “zoomies.” He was just wild and Taylor got increasingly frustrated as he tried to catch him (the other dogs were just standing or sitting around and, I swear, if Cookie could talk she’d have been saying “Oh… please.”) After a couple of minutes, Dub went over to a corner (beneath the climbing wall) and sat down cross-legged on the floor with Buzz at his side. Angus saw them… stopped running and slowly walked over to them. Dub just sat there on the floor speaking softly and before long Angus was laying on the floor with his head on Dub’s foot. After a few minutes, Angus was totally calm and went over and joined Taylor (who was blown away by the way Dub had handled him).
We had a ridiculous amount of food and everyone enjoyed spending time together. We ate and played games and sang and talked and it was really cool.
Taylor is 26 and owns an antique and furniture consignment shop in Springfield. Alex has known him “for a couple of years” and they’ve done quite a bit of business together. He and Caleb seemed to like each other immediately and Isaiah totally fell in love with Angus. It was nice they could join us and enjoy the Holiday with our families and friends.
So that was Thanksgiving – and, as the party broke up everyone was talking about getting together at Hawks nest for Christmas. It’s wonderful having such amazing friends and a perfect place to get together. We hope your Thanksgiving was the best ever and that you’re looking forward to Christmas. Love you. Silas and Dante

Dude. WHOA!

Our last “WHOA” post was on March 19th, so we’re thinking it’s time for another. Every one of these pics makes us go “WHOA” and we hope you guys will have similar reactions.

Our school Thanksgiving break started Friday so we’re having a full week off. Plenty of time to get everything ready over at Hawks Nest for the celebration. Everyone will be here including the grandparents. It will be our first big holiday celebration with Caleb and Isaiah and we’re looking forward to having them meet the extended families. Alex has invited his friend “Taylor” to join us – thinking, I’m sure – he and Caleb might enjoy spending some time together. We’ll see how that goes.
We hope all of you have Thanksgiving plans that include good health, family, friends and lots of good food. Love ‘ya. Ben