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From David: Here’s an update on our kids and the covid vaccine. As soon as the Pfizer vaccine was approved for kids 5-11 years old, the whole gang was on-line looking for availability. So, last Friday (Nov 12th) Keon, Cal, Ty, Raef and I took the kids to Springfield to get inoculated (a parent or guardian must be present). We’d promised them “Steak ‘n Shake” for lunch, so we picked up the food and headed to Phelps Grove park for a picnic. Then we went to the Green County Health Department for shots. The kids were troopers and excited about getting vaccinated. They’ll get their second shots on December 3rd and be “fully vaccinated” two weeks later (December 17th). After we were finished at the Health Department, we stopped by “Pizza House” and picked up a TON of par-baked pizzas for the big weekend get together with Dante and Silas over at Ty and Damien’s place.
I think Travon said it best when he said “Now we can have a real Christmas with everone there.” Right on, Tra. Right on!

From Ben: First a quick update on Chad. He’s doing fine. He’s been at school today and going strong (despite looking a little pale around the edges). Considering how sick he was just ten days ago, his recovery has been absolutely remarkable.
We had a big gang get-together over and Ty and Damien’s place Saturday afternoon/evening. Everyone was there including Jim and Carol. Nathan and Diana even brought the twins by for a short visit. The boys are about as cute as babies get… and “growing like weeds.”
When Dante and Silas got there, they wanted to play a guessing game to see how many of us they could identify. They’d been reading the blog and said they felt like they already knew us. They started with Keon, Rick and Travon (how hard could that be?) and got most of us right on the first try. Carol whispered in my ear “Oh, my goodness. Those are two of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen.” They were wildly impressed with the Pizza House pizza. Dante said “Oh my God. This is exactly like Imo’s pizza in St. Louis. It’s wonderful!
Dante has dark hair and looks distinctly Sicilian – where Silas is blonde with blue-grey eyes. They are indeed a striking couple. Within about 30 minutes after they arrived, the kids had all gravitated to Silas. It was obvious he loves kids and they were immediately taken with him. We had a wonderful time talking, drinking, playing corn hole and getting acquainted. As the evening went on, Dante said “Maybe we could get Silas to entertain us.” We thought that was a great idea so he went to his car and brought in his guitar. He asked the kids what they’d like him to play and Dub said “You decide – and maybe we’ll sing along.” So Silas thought about it for a minute and said “Well… maybe we’ll try a little Stephen Foster,” and he started playing “Oh Susanna.” When he got to the part “It rained all night the day I left, The weather it was dry.
The sun so hot I froze myself. Susanne, don’t you cry” the kids were laughing like crazy. Before long, he had the whole group singing along with him.
It was an excellent evening and it’s great to have what’s sure to be a new addition to our Table Rock gang. We’ll keep you posted.

Dude. Check out these “top shelf selfies”!

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but it’s been crazy around here.
Last Thursday morning during breakfast, Chad called me to say he wasn’t coming to school. He said he’d been up all night with nausea and vomiting… had been having stomach cramps… and was running a temp. He said Raef wanted to take him to the emergency room but he said he was “feeling a little better now and the cramps have stopped… so I’m just going to rest and take it easy today.”
After the call, I told David and Dub what was going on and Dub said “I bet it’s appendicitis, we’ve got to get him to the hospital. I called Chad back and told him to get dressed, we were taking him to the ER. So, within about 15 minutes we were at Chad and Raef’s house. David stayed there with Dub, Matty and Alyssa while Raef and I loaded Chad into my car and I broke just about every traffic law on the books getting him to Cox Medical Center in Branson. When we got there, they loaded him onto a gurney and took him back for tests. Sure enough, it was a ruptured appendix and they rushed him into surgery. The operation took about 2 1/2 hours and he was a really sick dude but but the doctors performed their magic and saved his life. They said if we’d gotten him there 30 minutes later they probably wouldn’t have been able to save him.
So, with Chad in the hospital and the gang taking turns staying there with him, I was going to be handling school by myself. David said “I’m not a teacher, but I can help out.” So David has been helping me at school all this week. Chad’s doing fine now and came home from the hospital yesterday. He says he’ll be back in school with me on Monday. He’s a dear friend and we’re just so happy that he’s recovered and going to be fine.
With Chad in the hospital, we cancelled our planned gang get-together last weekend and are planning to do it next weekend. We’ve invited Dante and Silas so everyone will have a chance to meet them.
So that’s what’s been happening here. Sometimes our laid-back life here at the lake gets pretty crazy. xoxo Ben and David

Dude. It’s Friends Friday. Time for some “Lumpy, bumpy jeans”!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. ‘Way back in June, 2019, I did a “jeans snippets” or “pocket full of miracles” post. I loved it, but Jingle and some others didn’t much care for it, so I never did post these “bulge” pics. I know everyone wants to see faces, but I sometimes think the mystery of a “snippets” post is exciting. Anyway, I had this post ready to go and Alex texted and asked if anyone had a post he could “tag-on to.” So here it is… and if you don’t particularly like the pics, maybe you’ll at least be interested in what Alex has to say 🙂 Love you guys. Rick and Keon

Hi. It’s Alex. In the last post when I told you about selling the Berry Farm Place project, I mentioned that one of the best things about selling the property is making a new friend. His name is Dante and he’s the son of the developer who bought the project.
Denise, Nathan and I first met Dante when he showed up on the job site one morning and introduced himself. He’s 23 years old… has black hair – long on top with close-cropped sides… wears two big diamond studs in each ear… and has a startling electric smile. It took him about 20 minutes to convince us we needed to listen to the offer they were making us. After he left, Denise said “My God. That boy is gorgeous. He should be a model!”
Anyway, we finally agreed on the terms of the sale and got the attorneys working on it. A few days later, Dante called me and asked if we could “go to lunch.” I said, “Sure. I’ll check with Denise and Nathan to see when they’re available.” He hesitated… and then said “Could it just be you and me? There are some personal things I’d like to talk with you about.” So the next day we met for lunch at a quiet little restaurant in Kimberling City. After the waitress brought our food, Dante said “Can I ask you a personal question?” I said “Well, you can ask.” He said “Are you gay?” I was surprised by the question but said “Absolutely.” He said “Do you have a boyfriend?” I said “Yes. And even better, he’s my husband and we have two amazing kids.” He flashed me one of his electric smiles and said “That’s SO COOL!” So then I asked “Are you gay?” And he said “Yup. Absolutely. And I have a boyfriend in St. Louis whose name is Silas. We’re planning to get married as soon as things get straightened out on the Berry Farm and I’m moved down here.” I asked “Does Silas work for your Company?” He said “No. He’s a middle school science and phys ed teacher. Right now, he’s working as a substitute teacher until we can get moved and married.”
He had a million questions about Cal and me and the kids and our friends – and I finally said “Our friends David and Ben have a gay blog and if you want to look at it, it’ll answer every question you could possibly have about us.”
The next week, he called and said “I’ve been looking at Unrulydude. It’s awesome! In fact, I went back to the beginning where David and Ben met over at Park College – and I’ve read every word of the blog. I know about all you guys now. It’s the neatest story I’ve ever read.” I said “I can’t believe you’ve read it all. It must have taken days.” He chuckled and said “I read pretty fast and I didn’t look at the pictures as I went. Now Silas is reading it too. I do have one question, though.” I said “What’s that?” He said “When do I get to meet Dub?” I just laughed and said “I’m sure we can arrange that.”
We’re planning a get together up at Ty and Damien’s next Saturday and have invited Dante and Silas. Everyone is excited about meeting them. We’ll keep you posted. xoxo Alex