A belated “Happy Birthday” to our dear friend, “Jingle.”

Jingle’s birthday was July 6th and we missed it. That’s because his birth date was written on a scrap of paper in David’s desk drawer (along with FlipFlopsBoy’s – which is April 12th) and we didn’t have a system. Now, I’ve set up a calendar so we won’t miss their birthdays in the future… and I told David we should ask all you guys for your birth dates so we could mention them and do a birthday post for you. So, please give us your birth dates (just the month and day) by commenting on this post, and I’ll add them to the calendar.
Now to Jingle… we’re so sorry we missed your special day, babe… and promise it won’t happen again – because it’s on the calendar now – and because we love you!

24 comments to A belated “Happy Birthday” to our dear friend, “Jingle.”

  • Jingle

    Aww… Thank you soo much!! For your kind words, well wishes, and this wonderful post!!

    URD is so special!! I’m proud and happy to be part of the family!! 🙂

    And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some candles to blow out!! haha

  • bw

    July 6 – July 9 – that’s within the margin of error LOL.
    Now about these boys – no 1, even with his dick hidden, is just too pretty. And NO 6, a little furry cub with huge eyes is cute as can be. And the package on No 17 is just perfect – size, shape, fur, the whole thing.
    I’m happy you did not ask for the year, but I’m Oct.18 – one of many October babies. It’s cold in February!

  • Anthony

    Happy birthday Jingle!

    I agree with bw on #6. #18 is just HNNNG.

    March 1st over here.

  • Ploy

    Happy birthday, Jingle! I’m on December 25th and I love black guys and selfies!

  • Brad

    A wonderful post to recognize Jingle’s birthday! I know he would take anyone of these guys and celebrate many times over, but I hope he would let have first “crack” at #48. Because, he is my favorite of the set!

    Thanks, David and Ben, for sharing these pics and acknowledging Jingle’s birthday… 🙂

    (My b’day is September 22nd.)

  • ray

    Happy birthday, Jingle! May all your wishes come true!
    Ray, born on a 23rd August.

  • Jingle

    Thanks for all the well wishes!! Love you guys!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    I remembered correctly! Amazing! Since I didn’t have it written down….
    Proof is on file (ha-ha) as a comment on the July 6 post!!!
    Happy bd again Jingle!!!

    Me: June 13


  • Roberto

    So nice of you guys to celebrate Jingle’s birthday with a post — and of course we’re all benefiting from it. 🙂 Also an opportunity for me to get to know him a bit more — for sure he’s a fan of plaid!
    I agree with bw on #1 and with him and Anthony on #6. But I have three more favorites: the guy in red in the happy three way in pic #22, the guy getting sucked in pic #28, and #30 (wow!). The guy getting sucked in pic #21, #31 and 32 also look damn nice!
    Awesome post for awesome Jingle!!
    My birth date is August 28th.

  • Larry

    My birthday is July 12. I am celebrating by gong to a Drum Corps show. (All those hot young guys in uniforms! ) I am the twink lover. I am the opposite of you guys and jingle. I dislike facial hair and tats. I love uncuts and smooth chests, but I have a fetish for hairy legs. Go figure! And I can eat smooth holes all day, so I always love your “hole” posts.

  • Jingle

    I really am soo grateful for this awesome post, and all the response!! Great to see so many URD friends share their birthdays!!

    Thanks for two very different pics of a bangin’ hot Ginger!!… #15 and #27!!
    Did you notice that #20 and BIG-balled #24 are different very hot and handsome dudes; but they’re wearing the same shirt, and are in the same setting??
    Does the classic Mercedes-Benz cum with beautiful #32??
    Hey, you re-gifted Guiche boy #33!! He’s already loaded!! 🙂 haha

    I keep thinking about how Joan Crawford would let Christina keep only one gift… Applying that policy, after very careful consideration and a little mental play time with all of them, I’ve decided on big boy #45!! (Hoping he has an ass like #8!! 🙂 ) I wanna share the rest of my bounty with everyone!!

    • Roberto

      Man, this post was intended to you, they’re all yours. 😉 I myself picked 5… and I’m kinda regretting not having picked #46, haha — and maybe others!

  • Kent

    Kent – Missouri farmboy – April 14
    I love your blog.
    Love sox & sneakers, smooth boyholes, and small dicks/cocks.

  • jordan

    Happy belated b-day Jingle!
    3/27 here 🙂

  • Archangelus

    August 8th here! (I really like skater dudes! =D)

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