A boy and his dog

This post was requested by “Peter in Maine” a long time ago in an e-mail. He said, “I love my dog, and I thought it would be hot to see Guys and their dogs, naked would be great, but it doesn’t have to be.”
David and I have two miniature schnauzers – Bono and Bebe – that we’re both absolutely bat-shit crazy about. We walk ’em every day – rain, snow or shine – and they’re with us constantly. There’s just something special about a boy and his dog(s). Hope you guys like these as much as we do.

7 comments to A boy and his dog

  • ray

    Who is cuter, the puppies or their owners? Anyway, great post, thanks, Ben!

  • bw

    You know how to get to me and make me say “awwww” over and over. Lots of cute Goldens here and that is what I have – truly my best friend. No 1 is adorable, and the puppy is cute as well.

  • Bill S

    Like Goldilocks might say, The Standard Schnauzer is TOO BIG! The Toy Schnauzer is TOO SMALL! But the Miniature Schnauzer is JUST RIGHT!

    My family had one and it was the coolest dog ever! It was really my Dad’s dog because the dog said so! You know how they are …. Shroeder was his name, after the “Peanuts” kid. (I think because it sounds, or is, German).

    #31 and his twins PLEASE!!!!

    XOXO from one animal lover to all others! Bill

  • jordan

    I love my pupp so much, just like numbers 17,33,and 41 love theirs.

  • Jingle

    Sooo adorable!! The bond between a man and his dog is special, indeed… I love my Fritz to pieces!! He’s a red, long-haired dachshund; and he rules the roost!!

    I can’t imagine not having a dog!!

    This awesome post definitely had 2 layers – the dogs, and the dudes!! 🙂

    #19 & #38 are slammin’ hot!!
    Some great asses here… #11, 18 & 37!! Lucky little pug in #37, I’d like to get my paws on that!! haha
    My favourite dog?… the dachshund in #7, of course!! My favourite dude?… #4!!

    Big fun!! Thanks, babe!!

  • Peter

    Thanks guys for this post in my honor! Love the painted dude to match his dog. How hot is that!
    Being the pit pig that I am, it’s obvious my other favorite is with the Golden!
    Saw an Escalade the other night with plates that read LVMYPIT, I have a Pitbull and my fetish, so I’m very curious about the owner of that vehicle. I’m hoping it’s a really hot man with a similar fetish / dog!
    Thanks, Peter i M

  • Shane

    To cute. I love it

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