A grand Thanksgiving… and it’s good to be home!

It was, indeed a wonderful Thanksgiving at the lake… and now we’re home… apparently just in time for the big snowpalooza. We have a TON of things to tell you, but since WordPress didn’t see fit to put up the post Rick scheduled for Thanksgiving day, I’m going to go ahead and get today’s pics posted. That’s so our buddy Jingle can sit back with a pot of french roast and concentrate on looking at neckid dudes instead of doing something really stupid like venturing out to shovel snow.
A quick note about the asparagus casserole I made for Thanksgiving. This is the recipe, in case any of you haven’t located it on-line:
You’ll notice the recipe calls for a 9″x9″ baking dish – and serves 8. Since we were having a BIG crowd, I essentially tripled the ingredients and filled two 9″ x 13″ casserole dishes. I followed the recipe directions pretty closely except I substituted Provel cheese for the gruyere cheese. I did that because provel is Dub’s absolute favorite. I’ll get to the Thanksgiving crowds reaction to the casserole in a later post πŸ™‚
Jingle, stay inside and keep warm, damnit. Seriously, it’s looking like you’ve had several inches of snow and we don’t want anything bad happening to you. Call a buddy who owns a tractor to clean off your damned driveway.

16 comments to A grand Thanksgiving… and it’s good to be home!

  • ray

    Glad to hear that allo of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and that the casserole was a success!
    I guess it’s Jingle who should have the choices here, but maybe he doesn’t like #11 as much as I do?
    Thands guys!

  • Jingle

    Ooh, how lovely!! Lovely dudes… with their lovely bare legs wide open… and their lovely dicks at the ready!! Did I mention lovely?!?! πŸ™‚

    #2 and #38 are d-o-l-l, dolls!! I’m sure they’ll both have a big following!!
    SO/PO selfie #9, #15, bashful #22, #35, #39, big boy selfie #40, and #48!! Oh my, yes!
    #10!! Holy Shit!!!!!
    #20 and the similarly clad #36 are both insanely bangin’ hot!! I’d like to watch the two of them fuck!! Damn!!
    Here, fuzzy furry hunky humpy #25, let me help you kick your boots off, and get your jeans completely off!! And then I’ll get YOU off!! πŸ˜‰
    Dang, #26 is to Girth, what #10 is to Length!!
    #30 looks like a very engaging young man!! And I do appreciate the affirmative motto tattoo on his Popeye left bicep!! “Always look at the Bright side of Life”
    Hot & Handsome #31, and his neighbour #32, are both hunk studs!!
    Beautiful #34 is more than welcum to hang out in my Kitchen!!
    Junior hunk stud #41 is rockin’ hot!!
    After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed exotically handsome #46, and his nice junk, please turn your attention to the mid-Century floor tile!! I have the EXACT same asphalt tile in my Bedroom and Dressing Room, laid the same way!! A throw-back to an early 1950’s remodel!!

    Now then, can I talk a little about similarly posed #44 and #47?!?! These are the kind of pics that stop me in my tracks!! I gasp out loud, my eyes pop, my jaw drops, my heart may actually skip a beat!! Each in his own way; the dudes are incredibly, intensely, insanely HOT!! And then there are other things about the image that blow me away… In #44; it’s the dude’s highly defined scrotal and perineal raphes!! (And that museum quality Jacobean chair!!) And in #47; it’s the Labret piercing, the ball stretcher, and the pert nipple peeking out from the pulled up tank!! In both pics, the sexuality jumps off the computer screen!! WOW!! WHEW!!! WHOA!!!!!

    As for the snow, your concern is greatly appreciated, but my dear friend, you need not worry about me!! The storm, so far, has stayed south of us, and we haven’t had so much as a flake!! πŸ™‚

  • Larry

    It is HARD to comment on such an UPSTANDING post.

    Glad you got home before the storm. Here in West Central Illinois the rain turned to snow about 3 p.m. Sunday. As of 8 p.m. it is almost a white out. Blowing like crazy. I have a neighbor with a tractor who does my drive, but I have no plans to go anywhere tomorrow. Sounds like a great day to stay home and work one off.

  • FredinMotul

    UGGH! The thought of snow made me get up and go dip my feet in the pool an swing in my hammock between 2 giant palm trees in the yard while looking at the glorious almost full moon overhead. It was in the 90oF range here today and everywhere I went, there are Christmas Carols playing! With such a great post , you should be able to stay warm somehow. Glad you had such a successful T day! Be well, and stay warm.

    • Jingle

      Friend Fred, you really are a beast to rub our noses in it!! πŸ˜„ haha

      • FredinMotul

        Hubby said that I should not humble brag, but I couldn’t resist . When you all come to your senses and join us here in our paradise, we will be glad to have you with us . 49oF is the coldest we ever get here in the Yucatan. (Frost was regular in San Cristobal de la Casas.) Best to all!

        • unrulyadmin

          Hey, Fred. Don’t be surprised if the entire Northland 12 shows up at your door one day soon πŸ™‚

          • FredinMotul

            You would ALL be very welcomed! Peaceful and Quiet little Motul is close to some wonderful activities, yet far enough away so that it retains small town appeal. Plus, we always have the 3.5 meter rock and block fence for the best in security and privacy. A local friend asked us if we have curtains in our bedrooms, and was surprised when we told him no need as there is thick vegetation between them and the wall all around. Our slice of paradise !

  • Jingle

    I can happily report that we didn’t get any Snow overnight!!

    Ball-shrivelling cold… 😰 , but no Snow!!

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