A Saturday visit with some Unrulybois!

Just a quick report on our trip to Springfield for the 4th. We had a wonderful visit with the family – talked a lot about my sister’s upcoming wedding – and, of course, ate tons of food.
Angie’s Mom was included in all the family gatherings and is doing much better these days. On Saturday, she mentioned that she was getting a dog and needed to go to Ava, MO to pick it up. Dub got all excited and wanted to take grams to get the new puppy – so we did. It’s a beautiful little black and white female border collie – just eleven weeks old – and impossibly cute. Grams asked Dub what he thought a good name for the puppy would be. He thought for a minute, smiled and said, “I think she’s Coco.” Just like that. Didn’t bat an eye. Coco. So that’s her name. She rode all the way back to Springfield on his lap.
One other thing about Dub and the 4th. David asked him if he wanted to get some fireworks to celebrate our Country’s birthday. He said, “No. They make too much noise. It scares the pups.” David said, “But the pups are almost a hundred miles away.” Dub said, “Not the Springfield pups.” So we got some sparklers and celebrated the Holiday quietly.

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  • ray

    As so often, I don’t see the unruly side of the post, but lots of hot guys.
    I’m glad to hear that your holiday went so well. Dub is a most unusual little boy for sure!


  • Bill S

    The more I hear about Dub, the more I like him. I’ll say it again: What a great kid!!!


  • Roberto

    That’s the reason why I dislike fireworks! But how a 4-year-old can be so thoughtful of animals? Dub always impresses and/or amuses me, but this time he melted my heart, hehe. Your son is really special!!

    I got so happy reading the story and now I’m thrilled seeing the pics!! #11 and #26/31 are my long-time Unrulybois and #25 is stunningly delicious (fucking WOW!!!), but my Unrulyboi of the Week is #18!! I’ll lick his pits much better than he’s doing and will be delighted to make him creamy just like #25!!

    Those four fellas have already driven me completely crazy and there’s so much more to enjoy!

    Couple #2 got the right idea: the kitchen is the place where you eat! And those holes in #29 and #45 are already being eaten out — two fantastic scenes!! Love the close-up in the former and the spontaneity in the latter!

    A mesmerizing view like #35 should lead to something like #39 in a jiff!

    I could watch TV on top of #19 while giving him a prostate massage! I’d also be pleased to help #3 (so rocking hot!), #21 and #24 with their itching holes!

    I guess nasty scary hot #16 is a Game of Thrones fan? Looks like he has “Valar morghulis” written on his chest, which in the series is a greeting meaning “All men must die”.

    Those guys in #17 are sharing an utterly juicy cock!! Meanwhile, the ones in #33 seem up for some sword fighting!

    The sucking in #32 and the snowballing in #44: OH, YEAH!!

    #37 is BEYL and so SEXY!! The dudes look awesome!!

    Love the variety of poses in the fuck scenes!!

    #36 is bloody freaking hot, and #48 also caught my eye for sure!!

    Yet again an OUTSTANDING unruly post, Ben & David!! Thanks!!

    • Roberto

      I forgot to say that I’m also very glad to know that Angie’s mom is doing much better and now has adorable Coco as her best friend!

    • Roberto

      Just adding a few thoughts: with his gorgeous face, colorful ink and sculptural cock #8 looks like a living work of art!! Screaming hot fella!!

      #28 could set his junk and nipples free and let me “torture” them in my own way!

      It almost seems that the owner of that gorgeous cock in #43 is checking the sucker’s temperature — cock fever maybe? Anyway, from what I can see, that’s a dreamy sucker!!

    • unrulyadmin

      Dub surprised us with his thinking about the dogs and fireworks. We talked about it, and think it probably comes from our pups’ fear of thunderstorms. They’re both total messes when it’s thundering. We’ve tried thunder shirts and medications – but nothing seems to work. We have a closet in the basement that’s full of off-season clothes and the dogs manage by hunkering down in there during storms. Dub doesn’t like thunder either – and sometimes joins the pups in the basement closet when it gets really loud.

      • Roberto

        Poor Bono and Bebe! I think a lot of puppies are scared of thunders, but yours at least have a refuge of their own — and I’m sure you do your best to calm them down when you’re home during a storm. 🙂 Fireworks are usually worse for them ‘cause all the noise is a nightmare for their high hearing range.

        Guys, I agree with Denny that Dub’s love and concern for you, the puppies and his plants are totally admirable, but what I find even more revealing of his altruism is his concern for others in general, i.e., his thoughtfulness goes beyond his family and friends and is not even restricted to people. As Brad said below, this quality is a rarity — and it’s absolutely amazing! With more children like Dub, you bet we’ll see a better world in the future! 🙂

        Thanks for sharing!

  • FredinMotul

    So nice to hear your good news of a successful trip and Holiday. So nice that Dub is so thoughtful. When you raise them well, everyone is rewarded. Great Post as always. Thanks for all you do. Bet we hear more about Coco!

  • Denny

    It is truly mindboggling to me, how a 4 year old can have SO much compassion in his heart for animals! But it’s not just for animals; he is that way with his Dads (making sure he had pizza for them when he came back from his last solo visit to Springfield, for example) and even with his plants ( the way he gives explicit directions for their care when he is going to be way).

    I don’t know how he learned about dogs vs fireworks, but he certainly held on to the lesson, and applied it perfectly in Springfield.

    Thank you for sharing, Ben. This is certainly a story for the “Good Things…Dub Things” Book!!

    As Beto mentioned, I’m glad to hear that Angie’s Mom is doing better these days.

    A border collie will keep her on her toes – they are a high energy breed. Is there a dog park near her? We take our dog there almost every day because he needs the exercise. Plus, I’ve noticed, a lot of adults enjoy a bit of socializing there as well.

    And, just one more word about your amazing son! May I? 😉 Who would EVER have thought that a 4 year old could come up with the perfect name for his Gram’s new puppy??? God love him!!!

  • Larry

    Dub is amazing. I have to believe that a lot of his wisdom and thoughtfulness comes from the influence of his two dads!

    As for the post I like # 10 and # 34. the golden shower twinks, My real fav, however, is # 42. That’s an all day sucker!

  • Brad

    Some kids are more “tune into” with how things affect others, and Dub must be one of these kids… 😉 (This a rarity among people of all ages these days, especially children.) Please nurture this to the fullest, David and Ben! We need more people to behave like Dub… 🙂

    Always fun to see what unrulies are up to this week. I had the same thought as Ray…These guys are tamer than usual, but still great eye candy… 😉 Here are the ones that caught my attention: 2, 13, 14, 16, 18, 25, 36, and 46.

    I knew Beto’s favorite would be #18 and for good reasons… 😉 My Dude of the Day is #36…Love to work on that uncut cock (especially after the poppers kick in… 😉 )

    A wonderful post, Ben and David! Thanks for sharing… 🙂

    • Roberto

      Your first paragraph says it so well, Brad: Dub’s got a very rare quality that should be nurtured!

      Regarding this week’s unrulybois, I think they’re not tame at all, but rather quite intense! 😉 On the other hand, I couldn’t be more supportive of your choice: #36 is certainly top-notch material!! 🙂

      I knew #46 would make your list and I think his pose and the place invite all sorts of sexual activity! 😉


  • bw

    Dub’s done it to me again – he’s touched my heart. That kind of empathy from a 4 year old is something special.

  • Kent

    Posts about Dub are always special. Your extended family here is fortunate you share your lives with us. We are all enriched by this little boy and the love and bond you have for each other.

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