A wonderful birthday – a fabulous 4th – and a new “neighbor.”

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, but we’re back home now and ready to get back to “real life.” Much to tell you about our trip to the lake to celebrate my birthday and the 4th of July.
First, Thank you for your birthday wishes. I’ve replied to each individually, but they’re on the previous post and I know comments sometimes get overlooked. THANK YOU for your thoughts and good wishes!
This post is kind of in response to questions David and I get from time-to-time about the difference in our ages. People will say things like “Is your age difference a problem?” or “Do you ever think you’d be happier with someone your ‘own age’?” The answer to those questions is always “No.” It’s really this simple… David and I love each other, we have a wonderful life together.. and could’t possibly be happier. A few years’ age difference is the least important thing in the world as far as we’re concerned. It’s strange to us that people don’t have a problem with our being a gay couple… but our age difference seems to bother them. Enough about that.
It really was a wonderful birthday at the lake. Everyone was there, except Ty, Damien and Austin. They went to Houston to spend the holiday with Ty’s family. It seems now that his father is “gone,” the rest of the family wants to include them in their lives. We’ve talked with Ty several times this past week and he says things are going well down there.
The 4th was a huge party. Rick, Keon, Travon, Cal, Alex and Izzie stayed with us (along with our pups, Max and Cookie). We were pretty crowded but we’re all friends and it worked fine. Because of the fireworks, the dogs mostly stayed in the storm shelter enjoying the cool and quiet. On the 4th (my birthday) we were joined by Jim and Carol, Rick’s brother Chad (and his VERY pregnant wife), plus Cal’s parents. Denise and Scott were really bummed because they couldn’t get a condo or other rental anywhere on the lake (because of the holiday) so they made it a day-trip from the Northland.
We had another interesting person at the party. On Wednesday morning, David got a call from a “Carlton B” who owns the third home on our little lake cove. He had talked with Jim and gotten our phone numbers. He wanted to meet with us “if we had a few minutes to spare.” So, David and I excused ourselves and went over to his place. We’d only seen his “cabin” from the dock until then. Turns out, it’s quite a bit smaller than either our house or Jim and Carol’s – and hasn’t been cared for very well. It’s a nice little cabin but needs some serious paint, repairs and t.l.c. “Carlton” explained to us that he and his wife aren’t in very good health and live in Wisconsin now (where their two daughters live) He said they haven’t spent any time at Table Rock for “the past 3 or 4 years.” Long story short, he said they want to sell their cabin and Jim had recommended he talk to us because “Jim says you’re the best people he’s ever known and completely trustworthy.” He wanted to know if we’d be interested in buying their cabin. We told him that wouldn’t work for us financially, but invited him over for dinner. He seemed pleased and said he’d be there. After we finished swimming and skiing and wake boarding, we came back to the cabin and started making dinner. Keon cranked up the pitchers of margaritas and David grilled bacon-wrapped filets while the rest of us made a big salad and fixed corn on the cob. We had brought some of Dub’s ears of corn from home and Jim brought over some “roasting ears.” Of course, there was a big debate about whose corn was better – but it was all delicious. Carol brought a huge angel food cake with fresh strawberries and (real) whipped cream for dessert.
Anyway, we’d told everyone Carlton was planning to sell their cabin, and Cal and Alex wanted to see it. Long story short, Carlton said he would sell it for its’ “appraised price” and Denise and Scott are going to buy it. It’ll be Cal and Alex’s cabin and they’ll make monthly payment to Denise and Scott.
So…… it was another wonderful week at the lake. We didn’t get home until Sunday afternoon and it’ll take us a few days to get rested up. We hope all of you had a safe and happy holiday. We love you.
Ben and David

11 comments to A wonderful birthday – a fabulous 4th – and a new “neighbor.”

  • Jingle

    Blazin’ HOT collection of “Dads ‘n Lads”!!!!! Fucking – and I do mean FUCKING – phenomenal!!!!!

    I’ll be back after work to slobber over every pic!!…

  • bw

    This is great news – you’ll have a compound at the lake – just like the Kennedys. Plus you now have an excuse to go to the lake often to help Cal & Alex fix the new digs up, and Alex can practice his skills as a decorator. This is a win for everybody.
    I’m a little slow (slower than usual?) today – my sinuses are backed up to my ass and I’m in a fog, but after about 25 pictures I realized this was an older/younger post. However, I did not miss my sweet baboo Jimmy Fanz in NO 27. Excellent post and a great reply to anyone who thinks the age gap means anything.

  • Denny

    Ben! I’m just so damn happy to hear from you!! So much to talk about!!

    Let me just respond in the order you presented your comments.

    Yeah – why DO people feel the need to bring up age differences??? Is it mild passive-aggressiveness? Is it being “gently judgmental”? Who knows. I am 13 years older than Dave, but when numbers came up, the tone would always switch to “Nooo! You CAN’T be!! You look so much YOUNGER”, blah blah. Go away people. It works. WE work. End of story.

    I don’t know if Ty or Damien follow your blog but it makes me VERY happy to hear that he has his family back in their (Ty AND Damien’s) lives!! That tells you it must have been heartbreaking for the rest of the family to endure the separation, especially after Austin was adopted.

    NOW!! YOU GUYS!!!! You must be living your lives on the Yellow Brick Road, and you must be in a section where there are no exits, because your lives are just non-stop fantastic!! Talkin’ about you, Ben, David, and Dub! Talkin’ about you, Cal, Alex and Izzy ! Talkin’ about you, Rick, Keon, and Travon!!

    I was pretty sure the 4th would be a blast for you, Birthday and all – and all your dear friends, including Scott and Denise and Jim and Carol. But did you ever in a million years, figure on a guy named Carlton, who just happened to have a cabin he was ready to sell in the same cove, or figure on the generosity of Scott and Denise to allow the A frame cabin to become part of what bw calls the “Kennedy Compound”? Well – did you E-V-E-R??? (From cabin-to-cabin, the Yellow Brick Road continues!!) Rock O-N, You Guys!! Alex, you are going to have a BALL redecorating that place!!

    This post is going to require several trips for me to take it all in, but, initially, I do see an old favorite of mine, #46..

    Then, #33 is just SMOKIN’ hot with that bad ass hairy daddy.

    bw, do you know who the daddy is in #29? He is another one of my all time favorites.

    Ben, I know it took you a long time to put this all together. Thank you and Thank you again!! Love you back!!



    • bw

      That’s Dirk Caber in the middle, with Johnny Rapid and I can not remember the other kids name. Because Johnny is in it, this must be a MEN.com flick. Hope this helps.

      • Roberto

        bw, the lad on the right is Asher Hawk — we’ve seen him on URD.

        Ben, you bet I remember pic #1. 😉 But it’s scary how time flies!

        Fantastic sex all around, and it’s hard to take my eyes off daddy #8!


  • bw

    I forgot to mention this – I bet the senior pups are grateful that Max has joined the family to entertain Cookie. Now they can chill out and watch the young pups make fools of themselves until they wear themselves out.

  • Jingle

    Dammit!!… I really wanted to spend some “quality time” with this OUTSTANDING post, but a long-time friend wants to take me to Dinner for my birthday!! 😕

    Oh well, careful what you bitch about, right?!?! 😆 haha

    In the meantime, #23!!!!! The pic, the cocksucking, and especially the fuzzy furry hunky humpy bangin’ HOT Dad!!!!! 😋 Oh, Holy Hell!!!!!

  • Gents,

    Happy Belated Birthday to Ben and America (though one seems to be doing significantly better than the other). I enjoyed this post even though I’m not the most into daddy stuff.

    Much Love to all of you,
    Phil and Kyle

  • ray

    Ben, this is a bunch of wonderful news! I am glad (and always eager) to read every bit of it, things are getting better and better! Table Rock Lake is getting a fashionable gay destination…at least some coves!
    As for the age difference: David isn’t Mr Methuselah, and you aren’t a schoolboy, so what? Would anyone ask such a silly question to a hetero couple (except maybe for the President of France and his teenage granny…)?
    Love and hugs

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