Ahhh, Nuts!

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  • Jingle

    In 1971, The Who released an album provocatively titled, “Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy”!! My pervy mind thought of that the moment I clicked on this awesome post!! 😝 haha

    What a wonderful celebration of The Boys!! Why it’s a regular Testicle Festival!! 😆 haha

    I’ll be back after work to thoroughly enjoy this great collection!!…

    In the meantime, those fans of a full bush must check out #33 and #38!!

    And #41 is a return visitor and old favourite, that I’m sure everyone will be happy to see!!

    Have a good day, everyone!!

  • Bill S


    Nice balls. Nice cock. The WHOLE PACKAGE!

    Nice tummy. Nice stretch. Nice “Good Morning!” grin!

    My dude today!!!


  • Larry

    Nice post and in order to show the balls off we get a lot of fine erections, too.

    My favs are twink # 13; boy next door # 16; young business man # 23; the twink with really low hangers # 25; and leather boy # 47.

    Jingle likes the bush on # 38, but I am drooling over his HUGE nuts. (The models, not Jingles! lol)

    My dude of the day is # 12. It’s not so much his balls as his fine hairy legs. Yummy!

  • bw

    I’m back, and the first thing I see is a post of big ole low hangers – something you guys know I’m fascinated with. One question – when you have nuts as big as some of these lads – where do you store them? Mine are routine regular ole nuts and sometimes they get out of place and I painfully scrunch them -but with nuts like these it seems you would routinely mash the boys.
    I’ve read the posts I missed, but I was excited to hear about Dog and her new paw, and Rick and Keon’s decision to try to adopt their little guy. Both of these updates made me happy.

  • Jingle

    Back for more of these fine dudes!! And their fine balls!! (And other delights!! 🙂 )

    Rockin’ hot #1 is a great start!! His cock and low-hangers are lovely!!
    Given that it’s 26 degrees here, and we have a fresh inch of new snowfall, it’s gonna be a while before I’m airing my junk out like crazy hot #2!! Damn!!
    Bangin’ hot #4, 5 and 32 must surely be checking out URD!! 🙂
    #7 and #17 are the same lean and lanky dude!! Love the balls… Hate the hair!! Pffft!!
    Scruffy hot #9 and #24 have the meat and the potatoes!! WHEW!!!
    Trashy #15 certainly wins the Prize for Lowest Hangers!! How does that poor kid ever put on pants?!?! Shoosh!!
    Too bad fuzzy furry hunky humpy #20 is hiding his face!! He certainly has nothing to be shy, modest or embarrassed of!!
    Holy Shit!! Hunk stud #21 could have no nuts at all, and he’d still be insanely hot!! WOW!!
    #27, 36, 44 and 46 are all just all-around crazy hot!!
    Of the invitations being offered here, you damn well know it’s rump-assed big boy #30 I’d accept!!
    #35, 40 and my aforementioned 41 are soo my usual type!!
    Larry is quite right about #38!!… His balls are ginormous!!
    Oh my… #39 is just stunning!!
    #42 has great tan-lines, but how the hell did he pack all that into Speedos?!?!
    LOVE nasty hot #47’s ball separator!! (With my scrotal ladder, I wouldn’t be able to wear something like that… But it sure looks good on him!!)

    On any other day; I’d probably pick bangin’ hot, fuzzy furry hunky humpy, pierced and tattooed, big bundle #48 as my favourite!! (And I DO love him!!) But I’m following a different path today…

    #34!! With his saline pumped balls, he caught my eye and my imagination from the git!! The thought occurs to me that if he’s freak nasty crazy enough to be down with that, he’d probably be down for anything!! And I’d really like to play with those!!

    On a personal note, on one of my trips to England a few years ago, I went to a Saline Salon to check it out… Sadly, I was told I wasn’t a good candidate for the service… With all my piercings, I’d leak like a sieve!! 🙂 hahaha

    Great post!! And great fun!! Thanks so much!!

  • ray

    Great collection of mixed nuts! Yesteray I felt too sick to enjoy them, but I’m alright now and can give them a closer look!

  • A Bear

    So easy to love a nice set of nuts. And the hairier the better

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