Ain’t nothin’ hotter than a dude in a white tee!

We’re excited about the Thanksgiving school break and are looking forward to spending the Holiday at the lake with friends and family. Ben and Dub have Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and Sunday off, so we’re headed to Table Rock first thing Wednesday morning. This year, Denise (and Alex) are in charge of Holiday plans and, personally, after several years of doing Thanksgiving here at home, I’m delighted. Ben and I are in charge of turkeys and dressing… and making a (surprise, Martha Stewart recipe) asparagus casserole. Denise has parceled out the other food assignments to members of the Northland gang. We’ll be doing the actual Thanksgiving dinner at Cal and Alexs’ cabin, so Denise, Scott and the guys will be going down there on Tuesday to get everything ready.
While we’re celebrating and giving thanks, we’ll all be including Tim and his family in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you guys will all join us in this.
I think Keon and Rick will be doing a special Thanksgiving post and we wish you a safe, joyous Thanksgiving! xoxo David (and Ben)

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  • ray

    There is no hesitating for me here: #31 with his beautiful beard beats them all,what a delicious “daddy”, as he would be called on certain sites, and #37 is a delight as well!
    I wish all of you a happy holiday!
    My thoughts and prayers are with Tim.

  • Bill S

    Happy Thanksgiving every one! I wish you all good health — There is nothing more important!


  • Jingle

    Damn right!! Especially if that’s ALL they’re wearing, like the greater majority of these awesome dudes!!

    Our lead-off man, #1, looks a bit melancholy… I’d happy him up!! (BTW, you can see him again in #44!!)
    Love #2’s quirky lop-sided balls!! And on an unrelated side note: Check out those treacherous, steep stairs!! No doubt the back or cellar steps in an historic home… No way they’d ever meet modern Code!!
    Seated and wide open-legged #4, selfie #16, open-armed as well, whopper #34 (WHEW!!!), and #44/1 all look ready and waiting for a blowjob!! I’d be happy to oblige!! 😉
    Bucky #6 and #35 need to calm down, or I won’t blow them!! And I really want to!! 🙂 Shoosh!!
    While he’s really not my type, I can certainly appreciate selfie #7’s achingly hard stand-up boner!!
    #9 is just crazy hot!!
    Bald & Beautiful selfie #10!! WOW!!
    #11 looks like he might be hungover… The morning after… You can almost hear him saying, “What the fuck did I do last night?!?!” 🙂 haha We’ve all been there, right?? Beautiful junk!!
    Yeah, I tried, in vain, to scroll down on #12!! Doh!!
    As Fall gives way to Winter, it’ll be a while before I can hang out like #13!! And I do!! In Summer, when the trees and shrubs are fully leafed out, my back yard is completely screened and private from the neighbours!! 😉
    Too bad we can’t see all of #14’s face… What we can see is damn fine!! As Samantha Jones would say, “Long… Pink… Perfect!! It’s dickilicious!!”!!
    Good guys #15, #39, and selfie #46 all look like great guys-next-door!! 🙂
    Mmmm… Fuzzy furry hunky humpy, teaser Daddy #17 is awesome!! Love the nipple peeking out!! I’d go all kinds of crazy on him!!
    #18 is super cute AND super hot!! Love the luxurious looking background!! The cutty of a fine boat, perhaps??
    #19, #26, and eager slut #47 are all rockin’ hot!!
    Oh, you know I loves me some big bundles of #20, and plump and PA’ed selfie #43!! 🙂
    Could selfies #22 and #23 be the same dude?!?!
    If I were to encounter hot-to-trot sluts #24 or #29 in the Park, I’d waste no time lickin’ it!!… And stickin’ it!!
    My jaw dropped when I clicked on junior hunk stud #25!! WOW!! Now then, babe; uncross your arms, relax, and let ol’ Jingle take care of everything!!
    Is crazy hot #28 pulling those undies up, or pushing them down?!?!
    #30 is quite the Silver Fox!!
    ray’s #31 has beautiful eyes!! Among other obvious charms!! 😉
    #33 is a total Hunk Stud!! Dang!!
    Cute and hot, lean and sinewy, Dressing Room selfie #36 looks great in that tight compression tee!! (Hope he bought it!! 🙂 ) I love how he used the mirrors to give us multiple views of his gorgeous cock!!
    Barber Shop selfie #37 is indeed, as ray said, “a delight”!!
    Holy Shit!! Volumes could, and should, be written about insanely hot, badass, FCCO selfie #38!!!!! From his ruggedly handsome face, to his great body, to his plaid boxers, to his gorgeous big uncut cock; there is nothing – and I do mean NOTHING – I don’t dig about him!!!!! WHOA!!!!!
    Rough and raw pic #42 is off-the-charts, raunchy HOT!! The bottom, with his PA and Guiche, is nasty crazy scary hot!! And check out the mysterious fifth hand on the inner aspect of his thigh!!… There’s at least one other person there!! Damn!!

    But for me, you saved the best for last!! #48 is bangin’ hot!! And I love how he’s offering his big uncut cock to me!! I want an hour or so on just his junk… (Then #17, #38, and the freshly-fucked bottom from #42 should cum over for a freak nasty free-for-all!! 😉 )

    Outstanding!! An instant classic!! Put this one in your “Best of the Best” folder!!

  • Denny

    It has been a while since we had a tee shirt post – I’d forgotten how sexy they can be!!!

    I would like to be the “turkey meat” in a day-after-Thanksgiving sandwich between #15 and #18. #12 would be a great appetizer, and for dessert, a tongue all over #47, just as he is right there!!

    Jingle, I love it when you point out the dupes, such as #1 and #44. Yeah!! Go “happy him up”, Babydoll!!

    Dave and I are leaving Wednesday to be in Provincetown for the lighting of the Pilgrim Monument at 6 p.m.. ( You can Google that – it really is quite festive) Thanksgiving dinner will be at Napi’s restaurant right there in Ptown – you can Google that too. It is one of our favorite eating spots in town.

    Ben and David!!! – An asparagus casserole??? THAT sounds so-o-o good!! Dub is going to be grinning from ear to ear when he sees that!!

    A very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all the Northland gang, AND all URD participants – even the lurkers who are so welcome to join in and make a little comment anytime you want!!

    Extra thoughts, love and prayers going out to Tim and his family. XOXOXOXO

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. We’ve been on-line looking at Provincetown and Napi’s. The lighting of the Pilgrim Monument looks fun (as does the Lobster pot tree). We checked out Napi’s menu and can’t decide what we’d order – but you can bet we’d try the crab cakes! Hope you and Dave have a wonderful Thanksgiving there. Neither Ben nor I have been to P’town, but we definitely want to go sometime before too long.
      We haven’t told Dub about the asparagus casserole, but we’re thinking it’ll be a winner as far as he’s concerned.
      Hope you guys have a super holiday. Be safe and have fun. xoxo

  • Larry

    And it doesn’t hurt when the guy the white T has a big old hard on like sexy # 19 or an open hole like delicious # 47 both of whom have already been noticed by others. (Jingle: Just because #47 is showing his hole, doesn’t necessarily make him an “eager slut”. Maybe he just wants to get fucked!! OK. He’s an eager slut, but that makes me one, too. LOL)

    Special thoughts and prayers to Tim and his family.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • FredinMotul

    Hot post. Great plans for T Day. Thinking good thoughts for Tim and family . All of you Be Well !

  • Jingle

    Sooo… Opening a new frontier on URD… I’d really like to have the recipe for the Asparagus Casserole!! 😋

  • bw

    I’m in balmy Central Florida (73 degrees, low humidity, beautiful cloudless sky – very odd for my home state). I did not think cracking open my laptop with the house full of people and looking at my favorite site (URD of course) was a good idea. So a belated wish to all my URD friends for a great holiday and safe travels. I can’t wait to get home Monday and check out these posts. See you next week!

  • Tim from MO

    A Belated Happy Thanksgiving Season wish to all of the URD Family!
    We had a great Thanksgiving with Family, lots of great food, and time spent with extended family members.
    We all have much to be thankful for, and this time of year helps to bring that into focus.
    I want to thank everyone for their positive thoughts, and prayers that are being sent in behalf of my family. It’s humbling knowing so many people gave us in their thoughts, and we deeply appreciate all of them!

    This is a fantastic post! There really is something special just lounging about in ‘nothing but a white Tee’!
    A question, about #6: Is this Nick Jonas?! He’s such a hot dude!

    Love you guys! XOXOXO

  • A Bear

    Love these guys! Especially those white tees that hover above a nice bush! Talking about 10,20,39,41,43,48

  • Jingle

    So, I guess there’s no forthcoming Thanksgiving post after all…

    Just as well, not unlike the leftovers, it would be stale by now!! 😆 haha

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