An update on Labor Day weekend… and a bunch of other stuff.

This will be an unusual post because Labor Day weekend is “old news” – and because we have more than one person doing the narrative. Oh, well… sounds like fun.
Labor Day weekend was one of our best ever at the lake (at least until Dub’s appendectomy). The entire Northland gang plus the grands were there. Back when we first went to Table Rock, it was just our cabin and everyone “piled in” and we slept all over – mostly on the screened porch – and it was great… but it’s really nice to have three cabins so we can all spread out a bit.
We celebrated Bella’s birthday Friday evening with Pizza House pizza, hand crank ice cream and birthday cake (her choices). She’s a beautiful girl and is crazy about her little bro (Chance), her big bro (Dub) and her “other brothers” (Tra and Austin). Her friend “Kylie” was there for the party – but her Dad was coming to pick her up and take her home Saturday morning. It was a fun evening and a great party for Bella.
Saturday morning, we all gathered in the rock garden at Keon and Rick’s cabin for breakfast. Keon and I manned the omelette pans while everyone chose their own ingredients from an assortment of meats, veggies and cheeses. Jim and Carol brought over two big trays of home-made biscuits plus honey and fruit preserves. We were just getting started with breakfast when Kylie’s Dad arrived to take her home. We insisted he join us for breakfast and he finally agreed. I talked with him as we ate and he said “Kylie is pissed because she wanted to spend the weekend here with you guys… but her Mother said she could only come for Friday night if I’d agree to come get her this morning. My wife’s parents are coming in this afternoon from Scottsdale and will be spending two weeks with us. They don’t like me much and I don’t like them at all. Shit. I wish I could spend the weekend here with you. He and Kylie headed home shortly after breakfast.
While we were waiting for our food to digest a bit, we all walked over to look at the construction on Ty and Damien’s new “cabin.” Alex showed us the architect’s drawings and his sketches. They’ve had the water tested from the underground spring they ran into while excavating for the foundation – and it’s safe to drink… and will provide plenty of water for their household use. Damien says there’s enough water to take care of all our cabins should we ever need it. There’ll be a big “holding tank” and the “cabin” will feature a waterfall on the back wall of their “great room.” It’s going to be spectacular!
From RICK:
I want to tell you about something that happened on Saturday while we were at Table Rock. We’d been out on the boats most of the day and had come back to the cabin to shower and get ready for dinner over at Alex and Cal’s. Tra showered first – and after Keon and I finished getting cleaned up, I looked around and didn’t see him. I walked out to the rock garden and saw him standing very still, holding up his camera. I said something to him and he turned and put his finger to his lips to quiet me. He pointed to a chair and motioned for me to sit. So I sat down to watch. At first I didn’t see what he was photographing… but after a while I did. A huge king snake was leaving the rock garden and starting to climb the rock wall. It eventually made it up the wall and lay on the top to sun itself. Ty was absolutely transfixed. He finally quit photographing and headed into the cabin… motioning for me to follow him. When we got inside, he started jabbering about how beautiful the snake is… and we looked at the video he’d made. Keon saw what we were doing and just shook his head. He said “I don’t know how you could stand there taking pictures of that big ole snake. I’d have been getting my butt in the cabin where he couldn’t get to me!” Tra and I just laughed. When we got over to Alex and Cal’s cabin, Tra showed Pop-pops the video he’d made. He thought it was wonderful and volunteered to help edit it so Tra could show it at school. I swear, sometimes I just cannot believe what a cool little dude our son is!
From BEN:
There’s this place on Table Rock where people (mostly high school and college kids, we’re guessing) jump off a cliff into the lake. We ran across it one day… and now every time we go boating the kids want to go watch people jump off the cliff. We were getting ready to go to the Lake for the Labor Day holiday and Dub told us Austin had been telling everyone at school he was going to jump off the cliff next weekend. David asked him if he though Austin would really do it – and he said “Naw. It’s prolly just a bunch of talk.”
Saturday morning, after we’d had a big breakfast and gone over to look at the construction on Ty and Damien’s new cabin, we took both our boat and the pontoon boat and everyone went out on the lake. We rode around, swam, and the kids rode the wakeboards. Eventually, we rode over by the cliff and Dub asked Austin if he was going to jump. He hesitated… then said “I will if my Dads will let me.” Ty and Damien surprised us by saying it was o.k. with them if he really wanted to do it. A few minutes later, Austin, Dub, Chance, Travon, Alex, Chad and I were up on the cliff – Cal, Keon and Raef were in the water below – and Pop-pops and g-pa Matt were on the pontoon boat with cameras at the ready. It’s not a huge cliff but I’m guessing it’s maybe eight or ten foot down to the water. Anyway, we were standing up there and Chance grinned and signed something to Dub… and before we knew it, they both ran to the edge and jumped. We looked down and saw that Keon and Cal were swimming with them over to the pontoon boat. I asked Alex what Chance had signed and he said “I think it was ‘just do it”.” I smiled and said “That’d make a great Nike ad.” After Dub and Chance were safely in the boat, Tra, Austin, Chad and I all walked over to the edge and jumped.
Safely on board the boats, David asked the boys if they wanted to jump again. Dub said “Once is enough for me” and the other guys seemed to agree.
So that’s a wrap-up of our weekend at the Lake. I realize this is really long – so if you want to just look at the pics and skip the stories we’ll certainly understand 🙂

16 comments to An update on Labor Day weekend… and a bunch of other stuff.

  • Kent

    The pix in your posts are always great, but your stories are the best part of URD. Thanks for sharing.

  • ray

    As Kent said. I always love your “reports”, thanks to the three of you!
    Wonderful pictures! I’m still “recovering” from a long and exhausting “Folsom” party.

  • Tim from MO

    Delightful set of pictures!
    Nothing quite like jumping into water naked.
    Total, free, uninhibited abandonment.

    I’ve been skydiving before, and I think doing it naked would be fantastic!

    Picture #30….piques my interest as to what the dynamics were with these guys.
    1. Are they gay?
    2. Are the straight, but curious about doing something sexual with a guy?
    Just something about the way the guy is standing on the bank, holding his cock, while looking at the dude jumping in.
    Seriously: the sweet looking ass on the jumper would be enough to make a even a straight guy involuntarily reach for his cock!

    Thank you guys for taking the time to share in writing with us about your Labor Day weekend fun. Sounds like it was great fun.

    Love you guys!!

  • Jingle

    Awesome collection of exuberant “water babies”!! The athleticism and exhilaration displayed here is really delightful!! 🙂

    Besides the aforementioned #30, 5 other pics really captured my attention!!

    #20 and #21: (Same dude, possibly??), even in the midst of their water acrobatics; their tree trunk dicks are highly evident!! 🙂

    #38: Not so much the fine young men, with their cocks a-floppin’; but that stunning, monumental, pre-cast concrete Urn!! It must have taken a boom crane to put that en situ!! YOWZA!!!! And note the very strategically placed floodlight to illuminate it at night?!?! Clearly, a source of great pride and joy for the homeowner!!

    #43: Take a very good, close look at the man doing the Jack-Knife dive… That very fit gentleman is at least 50!! WOW!!

    #48: What a fitting finale!! I always have enjoyed a Big Finish!! 🙂 haha

    Fun, sexy, beautiful collection!!

  • FredinMotul

    Wonderful Stories, and Fantastic Pictures. Another Excellent Post. Thanks for the news. The Herpetologist in me commends you for not bothering the King Snake. He will keep the area free of Poisonous Snakes because he will eat them. One of the wildest things I ever saw was a King Snake killing and eating a Rattlesnake that was about as big as he was. The comotion brought us over to see. Sadly, it was in the 70’s, so no video or even pictures. He finally killed it, and began the long slow process of swallowing it, and we left him in peace also. Best to you all!

  • Denny

    All of the Kid’s Stories are utterly delightful! Bella’s Birthday with her Band of Brothers…Dub & Chance and their Conspiracy in ASL to Just Do It…and sweet Tra quietly recording A Snake in the Sun!
    Tim, Big Thanks for the Louganis link. Hard to believe that hunk is almost 60.

    • Denny

      I could’ve gone on & on here – I hate the constraints of just having my phone! I’m always happy to hear mention of Chad & Raef.Can’t wait to hear all the upscale details of T & D’s “cabin” as it progresses. Go Alex! THANK YOU GUYS FOR THIS POST! Love to All! ♥️

  • Brad

    A great all-around post with some great naturist guys enjoying some water fun and three accounts of the good times at Table Rock! Thanks, guys.

    Jingle mentioned the label, “Water Babies,” and I agree, but there’s an underlying theme, naked HT2, too. Love them all of these… 😉

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