…and a splendid party is was!

We had an e-mail from our buddy “Jingle” saying:
“How about a post of dudes comparing their dicks to other things?!?! Ya know; beer bottles, remote controls, Pringles cans.. Might be fun, huh?!?!”
This is similar to a request we had from “Beto” back in April, 2016, and you can see that post by clicking on “MEASURE” under TAGS on the right side of the page.
With all of our spare time of late being devoted to birthday stuff, we haven’t been able to respond to Jingle’s request, so we thought maybe a bunch of “pierced dicks” might keep him occupied. Hope these work for you, babe… until things get back to “normal” around here πŸ™‚

Oh, my goodness. where to start? We knew we’d be having a CROWD for the big Dub and David birthday party, so we invited everyone to an open house “from 3 p.m. till whenever.” David made up 30 balls of dough in advance so everyone could make their own pizza.
Rick called ahead to let us know he, Keon, Cal and Alex would be arriving early with a gift for Dub. They brought him a “potting bench,” a 3-tier grow-light rack, planting trays, clay pots, peat pots, potting soil and garden seeds. They set it all up in the unfinished part of the basement and now he has everything he could possibly need to get an early start on his garden. Dub was grinning from ear-to-ear.
Denise, Scott, Bella and Kylie also arrived early and brought decorations for pretty much every square inch of the house. There were balloons, streamers and banners everywhere. The four grandparents, Jim and Carole, Pam, Mark and the kids, Ty, Damien and Austin and Mr. Martinez were all here by three o’clock. Of course, Dub (and Buzz) took everyone down to the basement to see his new “grow room.” When they came back upstairs Jim was laughing and whispered to me “I could give Dub some seeds and we could make a regular little entrepreneur out of him.”
We all had drinks and had just started making pizzas and salads when Chad and Raef arrived. We were surprised (but very happy) that they came together!
I could go on and on, but let’s just say it was a wonderful party (a “ripper” as Callum says). We finally sang “Happy Birthday” and had dessert (cup cakes and “crank ice cream” compliments of Jim and Carol). The festivities continued well into the evening.
And one last thing. Before they left, our guests (led by Denise) insisted on cleaning up the house for us. By the time they were done, the kitchen was spotless and the floors were all vacuumed and swiffer-mopped. I swear, it was cleaner than before they got here. Ty and Damien had invited all the kids to their house for an overnight with a movie and popcorn… so David and I, Rick, Keon, Cal, Alex, Chad and Raef ended up in the hot tub – relaxing with margaritas and smoke. It was indeed a SPLENDID PARTY!

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  • FredinMotul

    No, it could not have been much better than that. Decades ago when I actually had a big party or ten , I always had volunteers who would stay the night and help us clean the next morning. That was always appreciated, but you guys win the prize ! House cleaned before bed? Priceless! Oh the things that Dub can now start for the Garden ! Awesome. Early start for heirloom tomatoes anyone ? So glad you all had such a good time. Thanks for sharing your lives with us .

  • What a splendid party gents! Wonderful that they cleaned up for you like a good extended family does together, and they probably enjoyed that too.
    Would it be too much to ask for a Chad and Raef update if you know anything you can share?

    <3 P

  • ray

    This must have been one of the biggest parties ever in your home! And in a sense, you have invited all of the URD family, too…
    The guys are sexy, but the thought of piercing a penis makes me shiver…

  • Jason

    I just love you guys. Thanks for sharing in your party. It’s all wonderful fuzzy stuff just what we need in today’s troubled world. Special hugs to Dub, what a wonderful little boy he is.
    Love from Jason Australia

  • Bill S

    I can’t even imagine a more wonderful, perfect party! A RIPPER for sure!!!

    I was just wondering if Dub ever started an asparagus patch. It would take patience though. I understand it has to mature over three years before the first harvest.

    … and an early happy sixth birthday shout-out to Unrulydude!!!


  • Jingle

    Fan-FUCKING-tastic!!!!! I know this awesome, amazing, post won’t be of Universal Appeal; but I couldn’t be more delighted!!!!! πŸ™‚

    And you had me from the git, buzzed and bearded #1 is crazy hot!!
    SO/PO #5’s gold jewelry easily set him back $400!! I toyed with the thought of changing out my Scrotal Ladder and Guiche with gold… But it would have cost me well over six thousand dollars!!!!! Yipes!! Couldn’t countenance the expense!!
    As a General Rule, I highly dislike faceless pics; but there’s soo much beautiful modification going on in #6, 13, 19, 28, and 31; that I shall make an exemption to the Rule!! πŸ™‚ haha I’m reminded of the Duchess of Windsor’s wonderful quip, “There’s always room for another ornament on the Tree!!”!! πŸ™‚ haha
    #7, SO/PO #9, #10, Ginger #16, smooth #23 and his furry downstairs neighbour #27, selfie #41, and scruffy hot return visitor #47: OH… HELL… YES!!
    Nasty hot #11 and crazy hot #43 are great, but they rankle my OCD!! #11 with the mis-matched beads in his top Frenum, and #43 with his mis-matched nipple jewelry!! Shoosh!!
    Without any thought or hesitation; I would drop to my knees and blow intensely, insanely, HOT badass big boy #12 on the spot!! WHEW!!! (It looks to me like his right nipple was at one time pierced, but the jewelry migrated out… The keloid tissue would be extremely painful and problematic to re-pierce!!)
    I accept, with pleasure, slut #14, 17, 38, and 39’s invitations!! πŸ˜‰ Tongue first, then dick!!
    It’ll be a while yet before I encounter anything like Muddog #15 in the Park!! But rest assured, when I do I’ll gladly accommodate him!! πŸ™‚ (Do I spy a single piercing right where the backside of his pretty dick meets his sac?!?!)
    Pic #18 is just wonderful!! Besides the beautiful man, check out those awesome stairs!! With their low risers and deep treads, they’d be a delight (not to mention safe to ascend or descend!! Both of my staircase are just the opposite!! Yipes!!)
    How can crazy rockin’ hot #20’s fully clothed buddy just blithely sit there, and not pounce on the gorgeous decorated cock and balls right there?!?! Dang!! (And again we see costly gold jewelry in the wonderful single scrotal piercing!!)
    Great POV in #21 and #30!!
    LOVE the single, aggressively jeweled, piercing at the lowest point of sinewy crazy hot #22’s sac!!
    #24!! Ahh… a salty drink right from the fountain!! Off-the-charts raunchy hot!!
    It would appear that crazy hot SO/PO #25 has been bating and edging for quite some time!!
    #26, #29, selfie #34, and SO/PO #44: Hello Daddies!!!!!
    Holy Shit!! Hunk Stud #33 is MAGNIFICENT!!!!! WHOA!!!!! And #40 is a damn close Second!!
    Make no mistake, I loves me some big bundle o’ man #35, but three things really date that pic: The hand-crocheted zig-zag afghan, the couch, and the cordless consolette landline telephone!! High tech in it’s day, I suspect it will soon ring with the 80’s wanting their stuff back!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Clearly; bangin’ hot, fuzzy furry hunky humpy is checking out URD on his Tablet!! I’m not sitting on the floor, but that pretty much illustrates how I look right now!! πŸ™‚ (And nice contrast of the high tech of yesteryear in #35, and the high tech of today!!)
    #37 and return visitor #46 are nasty crazy scary HOT!!!!! Not unlike #12, I’d blow them like it was my job on the spot!! (I can’t positively identify the vintage automobile in #37, but I’m thinking it’s a Cadillac from the late 1960’s??… )
    Crazy hot, heavily pierced everywhere, self-sucker #43 is an iconic pic that routinely makes the rounds on the Internet!! I never tire of seeing it!! πŸ˜‰
    Judging from the spongy, plump appearance of his dick, I’d say insanely hot badass #45 pumped shortly before the pic was taken?!?!

    OK, don’t hate me for being an anal retentive asshole, but hot & handsome #48 isn’t pierced!! That’s just a little ripple in the towel that makes it look like it!! GREAT pic, though!! Another icon that routinely makes the rounds!! And it’s random glimpses like that that keep us going to the gym!! πŸ™‚ haha

    As I made my way through this astounding set, collection, and post; I was delighted to notice just how many of the dudes have other piercings, particularly nipples, and tattoos!!!!! Part of the mindset, I guess!! πŸ™‚

    Alrighty then, at First Glance, I immediately spied my hands-down favourite!! Damn skippy it’s #32!!!!! That man has “Jingle” written all over him!! πŸ™‚ haha Imagine my delight in seeing him again in #3!! His facial expression is a bit unhappy there… perhaps those silly fetishy undies are pinching him?? πŸ™‚ haha

    OUTSTANDING!! Thank you!!

  • bw

    You have about the best group of friends ever – the gift for Dub was off the charts thoughtful and sweet. And tell all your friends – I’ll have a party, buy everything including booze if they will clean my house.
    I’m very vanilla and easily scared, and this post scares me a little – having anything sharp or pointed anywhere near by dick makes me cringe.

  • Denny

    Chad and Raef…Raef and Chad – it makes me grin ear to ear to see those two names together. They, of course, will have to decide for themselves, where on the “gay/straight continuum they are, or want to be, but I am happy to see that the friendship has survived and that they are enjoying each other’s company. Chad and Raef – Rock On, Men!!! – and best of luck!!!

    The entire party sounds fabulous. Let’s hear it for Denise, for doing the decorating (with many happy helpers, of course) AND for making the clean up afterwards so much fun.

    If ever you can’t find Dub – or Buzz – around the house, you know now, all you have to do is check out the basement, where you will find him talking softly to the seeds, telling them about the wonderful raised garden he has for them in the backyard when they are old enough. πŸ™‚


  • scott

    i:m with Jingle, this is a very hot post! I especially l0ve tatted cocks

    • Jingle

      Right on, brother!! πŸ˜€ 😝

      I have a large Tribal design on my dick!! When I get hard, the design gets bigger!! πŸ˜„

      Do you a tat on your cock?!?! 😏

  • Roberto

    Happy Anniversary and long live URD!!! Thanks for everything over so many years, guys! You rock!


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