…and we’re “hot-tubbers” once again!

Well… the new hot tub arrived and we got it set in place. Everything fit perfectly and it’s huge. After the tub was placed, Nathan and his crew finished the privacy fence – and then we started filling the tub. The kids were all so excited they wanted to get in as soon as it was filled. We told them the water was really cold but they insisted they didn’t care (Missouri spring water is 56 degrees year-round). So, of course they got in… with Bella screaming “Ouch. Ouch. It’s colder ‘n ice!” After 4 or 5 minutes, they decided to get out and wait till the water warmed up a bit 🙂
Some things about the new deck. Unlike our Northland hot tub, we don’t enter the deck through the house. We walk up five steps and enter it from outside. We put a thumbprint-reader lock on it and all the guys’ thumbprints have been entered into the system. Dub is the only one of the kids who has thumbprint access and that’s because he cleans it and checks/adjusts the chemicals every day. Jim, Carol, Scott, Denise and Nathan also have thumbprint access.
Alex recommended lightweight concrete deck flooring tiles and we’re really happy we used them. Ben and I were tired of sanding and re-staining the wood decking every year in K.C. We’ll still need to stain the cedar fencing… but can’t do that till the wood is thoroughly dry – probably about 90 days.
Anyway, the kids are all spending tonight over at Denise and Scott’s place at “Koala cove”. They’re excited about the “sleepover” and the gang is excited about mixing up some margaritas and heading to the hot tub – pipes in hand. I’m sure we’ll give it a good and proper christening 🙂

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  • ray

    I wish I had a hot tub, too, because this summer has not only brought some troubles and worries but is also really a kind of fall, it is sunny and cold. I would use it with any of the guys above alone – or all together!
    I’m glad to hear that your home is almost finished!


  • Jingle

    Wonderful!! That’s awesome!!

    Today is one of those rare Sundays that I have to work!! Grrrr!! 😡 But you can be damn sure I’m gonna get back to this outstanding collection of Tub Thumpers when I get home!! Nice to know I have #40 and #41 waiting for me!! 😄 😝

    Oh,the hot couple in #27 and #30 are fantastic!!!!! 😋

  • Denny

    As soon as I laid eyes on #46, I wondered if he was “drop dead handsome” enough to be in Nathan’s category. Nathan will be around for quite a while yet at Koala Cove, I assume. I hope he – and maybe his entire crew – will stop by to refresh themselves in the new, HUGE hot tub!! They can cool off while you guys “overheat”!!

    The thumbprint lock on the privacy fence is a great idea. And I am sure Dub is thrilled to have such a delightful new chore taking care of the hot tub. That will be the cleanest, best adjusted hot tub anybody has EVER been in!! Are the “handprints” still readily visible for all to see?

    This is one magnificent post!! ALL these guys are beauts!! Thank you, Guys!!

    • Roberto

      Denny, your dude is pornstar Donny Wright, and I think Larry will remember Ryan Alexander (#23). BW will surely recognize these and more. 🙂


      • Denny

        Beto, it’s great to have a name to go with that hot body! Thanks!

      • Larry

        I must be getting old. lol. I don’t remember ever seeing # 23, but # 1 and # 25 rock my boat. but it is the thickness of # 7 that really tuns me on. And if the cock sucker in 3 44 ever gets tired I would be happy to take over.

  • Bill S

    I’m jealous of the cock-sucker in #21 — The guy getting sucked is HOT and “au naturale.”

    #38 is full of LUST. You can see it in his face. He is SO ready! Whew!!!

    #18 is funny. They look like birds in a bird bath! LOL

    This is a great post of HOT water babies! Thanks!


  • bw

    Donny Wright has a beautiful smile, and other than pretty blue eyes, you guys know I really like a nice smile. And Ryan Alexander was a baby faced cutie – I think he considered himself gay for pay (don’t they all) and his performances sort of reflected that. Still he was easy to look at. Speaking of easy to look at – check out the three cuties in NO 24.

  • Jingle

    Home after a particularly boring and banal day at work!! Pffft!!

    I dig kinda Rough Trade looking “real” guys #4 and #5!!
    Check out the background in #6… that hot tub is indoors in an urban high-rise!!
    See the Champagne and Flutes in #11?!?! Wonder what they’re going to toast?!?!…
    Brother Beto pointed out the very similar looking #13 and #28!! Great guys, indeed!!
    And Beto, great catch on #17 and #21!! 🙂
    The top in #19 is crazy hot!! As is #29!!
    Wonder how the action progressed in #20??…
    Great fuck-faces in #22!!
    Very Nice of Ryan Alexander (#23) to hold his long slender cock down to give us a nice anterior view!! 🙂
    Aww… #25 is a d-o-l-l!!
    I’d blow all the dudes in #31 and #43!! Is that even a question?!?!
    The dude getting blown in #35 is damn hot, and his dick is damn thick!!
    And speaking of thick cocks – nice segue’, huh?? – check out the top’s dick in hot pic #42!! WOW!!
    Wonder if the third dude in #47 ever joined in??…

    Great post!! Really enjoyed it!!

    But I am most certainly sticking with my initial pick of fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot, Big Boys #40 and #41!! Dang!!

    On a personal note: At the risk of tooting my own Geturbinflurbin, I have fairly big balls, and then there’s all the jewelry in my Scrotal Ladder!! After spending some time in a hot tub, my nads hang down half way to my knees!! 🙂 hahaha

    • bw

      Big low hangers fascinate me Jingle. I love to give your a little ‘jingle’ after you get out of the hot tub….

      • bw

        I started a post earlier and apparently wandered off and failed to hit the “post” button. I blame it on the heat – it’s about as hot as it ever gets here in the foothills of the mountains.
        Anyway, I was going to congratulate the gang on the hot tub showing up and being installed. I know this is not Architectural Digest, but what are “lightweight concrete deck flooring tiles?” I’ve tried hard to maintain my wood deck but it needs to be ripped up and replaced right now, and my knees are so sore I can not work on it much.
        Am I the only person in the world who finds hot tubs too hot? I know the temp is adjustable, but I can only take it a short time.

        • unrulyadmin

          Hey, Bill. We used DekTek lightweight concrete tiles on our hot tub deck. Nathan and his guys installed them using a “Sleeper System.” That way, they could do all the framing with pressure treated lumber. If you go to Youtube and enter “How to Install DekTek Tile’s Concrete Tile Decking Using the Sleeper System Installation Method” you’ll find a video that shows how it’s done. It’s obviously more expensive than wood deck flooring, but we think it’s prettier and, as we said, we were really sick of sanding and re-staining our K.C. wood deck every year. It was Alex’ idea…he’s an amazing resource and always seems to know what to use and how to do it.

      • Jingle

        I’d let you!! 🙂

    • Roberto

      Pic #42 is fantastic – Prelude to Pure Pleasure could be a title there.


  • FredinMotul

    Hey There Unrulydudes! I am back after 4 days without Internet, and wow! All the news and wonderful Posts! Excellent. I as well agree that Donny Wright is one handsome guy! He has had his troubles in the past, and I hope he is well these days. All good down here in Mexico. Weather has been cooperating and we are not experiencing shortages of any kind. The neighbors do the local shopping for us, and we venture out monthly for big restock shopping in nearby Merida COSTCO and other stores. Sure wish we had online shopping for lots more stuff than we do. Anyway, old man rambling. Hope you all are well!

    On the wood deck issues. We can’t have it here, as bugs eat them right down. All Concrete, Stone and Tile here. Lasts a lifetime!!

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