Another beautiful wedding at our “little chapel in the Northland.”

Our buddy “Jingle” commented about the “beautiful dick” on #4 in Jimmy’s birthday post (#1 here), saying:
“And there’s a different pic of hot #4, and his beautiful dick, in the “FCCO Muddog” post of September 11th!! (#38, there!!) Liked him then, like him even more here!! 🙂”
And, that got us thinking about how pretty a hard, circumcised dick can be. We sometimes get kind of “carried away” by foreskin… and forget our beautiful, cut brothers. So, here you go, guys – some oh-so-pretty cut bois to brighten your day!

Alex and Callum’s wedding at our home on Saturday was beautiful. It was smaller… and less formal than Keon and Rick’s wedding… but still… wonderful. Cal and Alex had insisted on its’ being very casual, which was fine with us. But definitely NOT with Dub. When he heard the guys were planning to wear jeans and tee shirts for the ceremony, he was having none of it. He told them “You havta wear white shirts and neckties and suspenders when you get married.” Cal just looked at him and said “That’s ridiculous. What we wear isn’t important. It’s how much we love each other.” And Dub said, “If you’re getting married, you havta wear white shirts and neckties and suspenders. It’s the rule. Everybody knows that.” So… after a lot of haggling, you guessed it. Ben, Dub, Alex, Cal and I wore jeans and tennies for the ceremony… but we all had on white shirts, neckties and suspenders. Cal told Dub wearing suspenders was just silly. Dub said, “Wear ’em. They’ll keep your pants from falling off.”
It was a fairly small crowd. Keon and Rick were here, of course, as well as Rick’s brother “Chad,” Pam, Mark and Erik… Damien, Ty and Austin and Mr. Martinez. Our friend “Matty” photographed (and video recorded) everything… but we noticed he focused more on our upper bodies than our jeans and sneakers.
After the ceremony, we all went upstairs for drinks and snacks and more pics – and the guys opened presents. The big surprise was from Dub. He and his “g-pops” had conspired to make a very special gift. Cal and Alex had taken a bunch of photos of Bella while they were in Australia… none of which were high-quality shots. But Dub had sent them to his grandfather in Springfield – and he (a photo genius of the first order) had cropped and re-imaged and enhanced and re-colored a pic of Bella and e-mailed it to the frame shop over in Boardwalk shopping center. Dub got me to take him over there to pick up the finished product Friday afternoon, although it was wrapped in plain brown paper and none of us saw it until the guys opened it. When they unwrapped it, there were tears all around. Bella is a beautiful girl and the almost life-size photo is lovely.
Cal and Alex are spending a few days at our cabin on Table Rock, but will be home on Thursday. They’re moving into their new villa next weekend and Cal is headed back to Australia on Monday. Busy times here in the Northland. We’re blessed with an awesome extended family!

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  • Jingle

    Eye-popping, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, cock-twitching collection!!!!!

    My eyes instinctively went right to fuzzy furry hunky jumpy #31!! WOW!!

    But he is but one of 48 delights presented here…

    Oh, and don’t miss bangin’ HOT #5!! Beautiful cockhead!! I definitely wanna polish THAT knob!! 🙂 haha

    Gotta go, but I’ll most certainly be back!!

  • Jingle

    Fucking Spell-check!! 😡

    Of course, I meant fuzzy furry hunky humpy – humpy – #31!!


  • bw

    It sounds like the wedding was perfect – and the pint sized wedding planner had things under control. Would you think I was sad if I said I considered myself part of the extended family?
    This post is close to one I was going to request – ‘average joes” – guys who don’t spend all their free time at the gym, aren’t all hung like porn stars, have hair where it wants to grow, etc. I need to go through these later when I have time, but No 47 – Chris Crocker – is all man when he’s not in a dress.

  • ray

    Buzy times indeed – how do you do it? Thanks for informing the URD family members!
    Bella must be a toddler, then. Meanwhile, the newly wedded couple will enjoy some quality time before going back to the normal…
    Thanks also for the tasty selection!

  • Denny

    As bw said, it sounds like the wedding went smoothly, thanks to the efforts of the large-and-in-charge Event Planner and Emcee par excellence -Senor Dub!!

    AND – NObody’s pants fell down. 🙂

    I think Ms Pam must feel very special indeed, when she alone gets to spread some graceful femininity amidst a roomful of testosterone. 🙂

    Little Miss Bella will change all that. And, speaking of the little lass, I asked once before but it got lost along the way – how old is Bella?

    Trying to pick a favorite from this post of masterful hunks would be impossible for me. #6 and #7 are C-r-r-r-a-z-y hot!! -as well as #10 and #16.

    #28 (no hair-don’t fukkin care!!) There isn’t one guy here who doesn’t get my dick twitchin in the fur patch. These cocks are works of ART!

    Thank you David! (and…how old is Bella…? 🙂 )

    • bw

      Nothing will quite bust up a wedding like someone’s pants falling down. But I have been to some that were so awful pants falling down would have been a welcome distraction.

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. Saw your question about Bella’s age a while back – but had thought to let Callum/Alex give you the answer. We’ve made them both administrators of the blog (along with Ben, Rick, Keon and myself). I know they’ll have lots to tell you about Bella as time goes on. Anyway, the answer to your question is: Bella is 3 years old. She turned 3 on August 28th – so she’ll be 3 yrs, 2 months on Saturday. I know it hurts Cal and Alex to know she spent her 3rd birthday in a foster home… instead of with family. We’re hoping she’ll be in her new home here in the Northland when she hits 3 years, 3 months.

      • Denny

        Thanks, David. I had no idea that Alex and Cal had access to this blog too nor that we might expect to hear from them at some time about their little girl.

        When you told the story of Dub’s wedding gift to Alex and Cal, and that the enhanced pic of that sweet child actually brought everyone to tears, I just got curious again about how old this little sweetie might be.

        I think you and Ben will be of infinite help to Alex and Cal. Dub was three years old too, wasn’t he, when he first came to visit you and never wanted to leave. You have a picture of Donnie in the living room, and talk to Dub often about him, but Dub doesn’t remember much. He is deliriously happy, 24/7, with his 2 dads, his buddies, his uncles, Ms Pam, his garden, his ferns and his orchids, without a care in the world.

        I’m thinking Bella will be the same way with her 2 daddies and all their friends and three little boys who will welcome her with open arms. You think Dub is protective of Austin? Just you wait!! 🙂

        Thanks again, David – I won’t ask any more questions. 🙂

        • unrulyadmin

          Yup, Denny. Dub was 3 years, 4 months old when his daddy was killed in the car wreck. We finalized his adoption when he was 4 years, 2 months old. We talk with Dub about his “daddy” from time-to-time (and have a picture of him in the living room), but all he seems to remember is his dad’s smile. He knows Angie and they still talk on the phone every week. Honestly, that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Dub, Ben, the dogs and me being a family.
          Of course, we can’t know how things will work out for Cal, Alex and Bella. We know this. Alex and Cal both love kids. Dub (an amazing judge of character) likes them a lot, trusts them and believes in them. Cal has been like a second father to Austin. We can’t imagine a better, more loving home for Bella.
          What do you mean, you “won’t ask any more questions?” We couldn’t continue the blog if we couldn’t talk and share our love and friendship!

      • Tim from MO

        Wow! Beto and I will have the privilege of sharing our Aug 28th Birthday with Bella! How great is that?!

        Congratulations to Alex and Callum on their Wedding. My best wishes to them for an amazing, fulfilling life together!

  • Jingle

    Back for my long Second Look!! Phenomenal collection!! Put this one in the “Best of the Best” folder!!

    Alrighty then, #2’s “slip” is certainly no accident!! 🙂 haha
    SO/PO #3 and #38; and completely naked #10, 17, 21 and 29 are ALL crazy HOT!! WHEW!!!
    That’s quite the coy, come-hither, gaze that #4 is giving us!!
    I already mentioned bangin’ hot #5’s amazing cockhead… An asset he shares with #7!!
    Selfie #6 is a d-o-l-l – doll!! As is #44!! (The pic of #44 must have been taken by the mostly unseen lucky person whose leg we can see in the left edge of the frame!! 🙂 )
    Cute Ginger Marine #8 and scruffy hot selfie #35… Oh Hell Yes!!
    #14, 23, 41 and 48 are all rockin’ hot younger dudes!! (I’d love help #23 and #48 slip their undies all the way off!! 🙂 haha)
    Fuzzy furry hot and handsome #16 and bespectacled #30 are total “Trophy Husband” material!!
    #19 is cute and hot, but there’s something kinda odd about his balls… It almost looks like his left testicle is undescended!!
    Smiling, ball-capped #22 and impressively bearded Ginger #37… WOW!!
    Aww… You know I loves me some big boys SO/PO selfie #24 and #25!! 🙂
    Holy hell, slim twinks #26 and #34… Mr. Length and Mr. Girth!! Shoosh!!
    Cheerfully grinning #27 is a total cutie-patootie!! 🙂
    #32 and #46 are just too pretty for their own good!!
    Beto, meu amante, can #33 really meditate in that boned-up state?!?!
    Asian men are a little out of my wheelhouse, but dang, #40 is HOT!!!!!
    SO/PO, ringed-up #42 is fucking awesome!! And think he’d be perfect for Brother Brad!!
    Smiling hunk stud #43 looks fantastic in that nipple-exposing, barely-there, why-even-bother tank top!! Nice!!

    But at the end of the day, I’m sticking with my instant favourite, #31!! Damn, that is one fine hot sexy man!!

    Outstanding!! Thank you!! 🙂

  • Larry

    Dub cracks me up. Suspenders? I haven’t had a pair since I was very small. You guys all had some? Wow.

    We haven’t heard. How is school? Did you find one that can keep up with him?

  • FredinMotul

    Once again, Dub takes charge. You are going to have your hands full as he gets older and even smarter. I trust you all are keeping in shape, because you are going to need it to stay ahead of him. Great post and wonderful story. Congratulations again, Callum and Alex!
    Our Eric is here and we are going to have so much fun. Best to all.

  • mahtinp

    Congratulations Alex and Cal on a “shotgun wedding” story a novelist couldn’t have written up, but one that is wrapped in and exudes so much love. I pray you can take moments to enjoy the ride, even if it is in a whirlwind.

    Much Love,

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