Another fun trip to the Lake.

We’re back from another great trip to the Lake. We closed on the loan on the cabin on Thursday morning… then headed out. It was just David, Dub, the dogs and me and we had a fun day. When we got to the cabin, we found a container full of fresh peanut butter cookies on the kitchen counter (with a note from Carol saying not to forget to return her tupperware). A locksmith came by to change the locks on the cabin and dock. Of course, we had extra keys made for Jim and Carol. The dogs LOVE the cabin and quickly made their “nests” on the screened porch. We don’t let them run loose because there are both foxes and coyotes around there and we’re afraid they might be looking for a “miniature schnauzer snack”. We did take them out on the boat and they did a lot of barking while Dub rode the wakeboard. When we got back to the dock, Dub took them swimming. Although neither of them had been around water, they’re both surprisingly good swimmers.
The grandparents (and Coco) arrived Friday morning and Dub took his grams and gramp over to meet Jim and Carol and show them Jim’s garden. Then we took them out on the boat and had lunch at the Indian Point floating cafe. Friday evening, Jim and Carol came over for dinner. Afterward, Dub surprised us by bringing out the dominos (we didn’t know he’d brought them) so he could teach everyone to play Mexican train dominos. We sat around talking and drinking wine, beer and caffein free Mountain Dew and playing dominos and it was great fun. Jim and Carol are obviously delighted with their new neighbors.
We came home yesterday and have been getting ready for the big eclipse party on our driveway tomorrow (and school starting Tuesday). David and I are ASTOUNDED by how much Dub knows about the eclipse. He’s spent hours and hours reading and studying about it on his i-pad. Of course, Austin and Erik will be here to share the experience. We’re almost exactly in the path of totality so it should be awesome. Dub had wanted to photograph it, but his granddad convinced him to just wear his glasses and watch it… leaving the photography to the professionals.
We’ll be back posting on Tuesday. We LOVED Rick and Keon’s “Friends Friday” post and appreciate Rick’s salvaging the Latinos we thought we’d pre-posted.
Hope you guys all have a wonderful eclipse.

5 comments to Another fun trip to the Lake.

  • Jingle

    Happy Eclipse Monday, eveybody!!

    Over on the Tumblr side, love the blowjob video that references me and my occasional park adventures!! Love that our friends continue with their endeavour even as another car passes by!! 🙂

  • Larry

    In central Illinois it is already dark this morning at 6 a.m. It is raining with raining with thunder and lightning, Do you suppose God isn’t happy with Nazi torchlight parades yelling anti-semitic slogans?

  • ray

    Lovely!!! I wish your days in the cabin will always be like that!

    Enjoy your eclipse! I remember the only one I’ve seen with unpleasent feelings, because immediately after the “show” was over I fainted on the stairs down to the subway and woke up in an emergency room…

  • FredinMotul

    And Trump watched the eclipse with out glasses. Glad you all had a wonderful time relaxing before school’s reality sets in for you all. Best of luck!

  • Alex

    David,Ben,Dub, and the dogs….
    Everyone OK??? News reports say flooding in KC?

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