Bad dog!

The original title for this post was “Hey, bitch… It ain’t gonna lick itself.”
Then, Callum texted saying he’d like to do a “tag on” and we thought “Bad dog” was more appropriate. Whatever the title, we love the subject!
…And… on a totally unrelated subject, how are you guys feeling about the Jeopardy guest hosts? Dub, Ben and I thought Katie Couric was a bit too “happy, happy, happy”, but so far, Dr. Oz hasn’t been as bad as we thought he might be. The subs sure aren’t Alex!

Hey. It’s Cal. I thought I’d tell you a story about a “bad dog.”
As you know, we’ve been looking for a pup for Chance for a while. He’s really wanted his own dog and we wanted him to have one. The thing was, when we asked him what kind of dog he wanted, he kept saying “one just like “Buzz.” Of course, there aren’t any more dogs like Buzz, but we’ve kept on looking.
When the grandparents were here last weekend, Pop-pops got Alex and me off to the side and told us about a dog he thought we might (?) be interested in. He said it belonged to a couple he knows in Springfield. He said he’d worked with the fellow on some art projects at the museum and “he’s a good guy.”
The thing is… the wife wanted a puppy and so he got her a 12-week old English Springer spaniel for Christmas. He said she immediately fell in love with the pup and named him “Bugsby” or “Bugs” for short (she thought he was “cute as a bug”). It was all good for a while – then the problems started. He’d been doing so well on his house training, they left him alone at home one day while they went to work. He “totally destroyed” a hand-knotted Persian rug her grandmother had given them. So, on the first nice day they put him in the (fenced-in) back yard and went to work. He dug out under the fence and destroyed a neighbor’s planting area. The pup is “crate trained” but the guy thought it was cruel to leave him in the crate all day – and then all night, so they tried leaving him “home alone” again. He chewed the leg off a Louis XVI writing table. He said his wife was hysterical and thought “Bugs” was “the worst dog in the world.”
So they started boarding him at a local doggie day care ($30.00 per day). Now, the wife hates the dog and they can’t trust him alone in their home and day care is expensive so they want to “be rid of him.”
Last Tuesday, Pop-pops picked up the dog and brought him down to the lake. Alex, Chance and I met them over at David and Ben’s place. The pup and Buzz started playing and chased each other all over the house – barking and playing “keep away” with one of Buzz’ toys. They were a “hoot.” When they settled down, the pup went over to where Dub and Chance were sitting and just looked at them. We told them about the problems his owners had had with him and that they thought he was a “bad dog.” Dub said “There prolly aren’t any bad dogs – just bad owners.” Chance was immediately in love with him and we asked if he’d like to keep him. He grinned from ear to ear and said “Could we… could we… please?”
So, long story short, Chance has his new puppy. He’s crate trained and house trained and came with a crate, collars, leashes, beds, food and water dishes and toys. “Bugs” is a sweet pup. He’s been sleeping with Chance and SO FAR, he’s been a “good dog.” Alex and I think Dub is probably right. There’s “prolly” no such thing as a “bad dog.” xoxo Cal and Alex

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  • Smurf

    Are those cream sickles?

    And I prefer Mike Richards (producer) so far.

  • FredinMotul

    So, with Dub, the Dog Whisperer, there are no bad dogs for sure. He will have Bugs integrated into your families without incidents in no time! Really neat story. Thanks for sharing it. Our new Puppy, Miss Coco continues to amaze us. I honestly do not know what we would do if either of us were still working. She has her “Challenges” as it is, being a precocious Deer Headed Chihuahua. Every day something new. I know Chance (and Dub) are up for the adventures ahead!

    Oh, the Post!! Yes, again, Very Fine. Thanks Men! Always something to enjoy!!

  • Jingle

    Astounding post!! Just wonderful!! And crazy HOT!!

    Ya know, cocksucking and dicklicking go hand-in-glove!! Enjoyed each and every pic immensely!! And the really great thing about these pics is that we get to see all of the beautiful cocks that are being worshipped and serviced!! Outstanding!!

    Oh, and don’t think that double plaid pic #33 went unnoticed!! Or unappreciated!! 🙂

    Thanks so much!!

  • Denny

    About the guest hosts, I will agree with “Smurf” here – Mike Richards would be my choice for permanent Jeopardy host. But, since he is happy where he is as executive producer of the show, I’m pretty sure they were telling us the truth – that he was only acting as a last minute fill-in as guest host. He didn’t even have a suit to wear on stage – he had to rush out and get one.

    Ken Jennings would be fine with me as permanent host. He’s very familiar with the surroundings and has a good sense of humor. I do realize there are many who don’t agree with this.

    Katie Couric? Nah. To me, she seemed to be putting on an act for the whole two weeks. She is a news person, in my mind, not a game show host.

    And Dr. Oz? Fuck him. Did you know that over 500 former Jeopardy contestants signed a petition and mailed it to Jeopardy staff, asking them to dump him as a Jeopardy guest host. Every LGBTQ organization in the country condemns him for his endorsement of conversion therapy which has caused death by suicide in so many young kids who are gay and just trying to figure it out. He has endorsed all kinds of off-the-wall medications as Covid-19 cures that would have led to more deaths than have already occurred. To find out more, if you can stand it, you can Google the name.
    I watched the show on Monday, and when Oz was on camera, I found myself turning away. On “” web site, every day, you can get the day’s Final Jeopardy clue WITH correct answer at 9 a.m. Eastern time. Shortly after 1 p.m. Eastern, you can find out who won, every contestant’s scores, who bet how much on each Double Jeopardy and every other related statistic you want to know. So, I won’t be watching Jeopardy again until April 5th, when the next guest host takes over. We seem to be in “revolving door” mode these days as far as champions go anyway.

    Cal!! It is ALWAYS so good to hear from you!!! And it’s fun to hear about “Bugs”!! Sounds like he was in the same kind of situation as “Buzz” was when Dub rescued him. Some people “prolly” shouldn’t be dog owners for the very reason Dub stated! And especially when a dog as exuberant as an English Springer Spaniel is involved!! “Buzz” and “Bugs” will make a great team and get all the exercise they need, running around together!!!

    Love these pics – ALL of them!! They’re all so “Up Close and Personal”!!!

    Ben, you can let this one slide if I am out of turn here, but we haven’t heard from David for a while, and he didn’t respond to his birthday post. Just hoping he is O.K. and just taking a bit of a time out.

    Everybody stay well!!!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. It’s David. Thanks for your wonderful comment. Actually, neither Ben nor I knew any of that creepy stuff about
      “Dr.” Oz. None of us are active in the “gay community” because we live in such an isolated little compound and tend to ignore the world and its’ craziness.
      We’re very excited for Chance and Bugs. Somehow, the pups have just seemed to “arrive” when they’re needed. Bugs spent the morning yesterday playing with “Bud” over in Chad and Raef’s back yard. Cal said they told them about Bugs digging out of his fenced yard in Springfield. Raef just laughed and said “Well, he might dig out of our yard, but he’ll have to go through 2 feet of steel-reinforced concrete to do it. Doubt the little fucker will be able to pull that off.” Chad said the pups were both “worn down to a nub” by the time Chance came by to collect Bugs.
      I haven’t been as active as usual on the blog because Keon and I have been absolutely buried in work. I know the pandemic has been really hard on a lot of businesses, but ours seems to only have increased. I so appreciate all the time and hard work Ben puts into the blog. Incidentally, UnrulyDude hit another all-time high in “unique visitors” on Tuesday. It’s gratifying to know so many guys enjoy our little on-line offering.
      Stay well. Be happy. Be good to Dave. We think we can see the end of the Covid mess just over the horizon. xoxo David

      • Denny

        Thanks for writing, Man! Ben is doing a superb job holding down the fort here, and it’s always fun to hear from Cal, Alex, Rick and Keon and ALL members of The Gang. But, ya know – YOU are the shining star, the guiding light and the Big Daddy of URD, and I can rest easy, knowing you are well – just working your ass off. ☺ And it’s great to know your visitor stats are thru the roof!

        Stay well and know that you are loved out here! ❤ ❤ ❤



  • ray

    Cal, I hope that Bugs will leave some amount of your home undestroyed…but then, he will not be alone all day any more! Nice story, and a nice gourmet post!

  • bw

    The problem with this little pup is pretty obvious – the owners were an older couple who expected him to be mellow like a 6 year old dog. It’s pretty obvious they did all the “care” things but probably did not take him on several long walks a day or throw the ball or otherwise try to burn off his energy – something Buzz, Bud and the kids will take care of. Once again Dub is right about things.
    Nice group of pictures – sucking dick is about the best thing ever, and these capture that. Plus a term I’ve never heard of before – “suck eyes” – very descriptive.
    I’m happy to hear David & Keon are so busy – since they always worked from home they were prepared and were ready to go.
    Odd fact about what is going on right now – there are more members in the National Association of Realtors than there are houses for sale. I’m afraid a hard correction is coming.

  • BobbyB

    OMG💋CumSuckerz Delite

  • Larry

    Re: Jeopardy – I agree with those who think that Oz is a snake oil selling creep. I watched Monday, but he talks too fast. I am not watching for two weeks.

    Re: Bugs – BW is probably right about the elderly couple and the high spirited dog. Dub, Chance and Buzz will take care of it.

  • Jingle

    I hope you’ll forgive me a little sophomoric humour, but I thought of a caption for #7… “Cock-Eyed”!! 😜 haha

  • Tim from MO

    This post got me started down memory lane…reminiscing about the first cock I sucked….and so many of the ones after that.
    Great post…all of the hot dudes, and those amazing cocks they are enjoying ❤️

    There’s nothing wrong with ‘Bugs’; he’s just full of energy and was getting bored being left alone.
    With his new home he will no doubt have the attention and interaction he needs to burn off all his energy.
    English Spaniels are intelligent dogs, looking forward to hearing how we know he will flourish in his new home with Chance!

  • Bill S

    Bugs and Buzz will probably sound the same to a dog, but when the dogs are together it will be the sound of “master’s voice” that will matter! (-: I’m betting Chance will call his dog, Bugsy…

    I wish I could zoom-out on these pictures in order to see the couple. I am guessing that both men in #18 are gorgeous! What I can see is HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Love this post. It makes my mouth water!


  • Denny

    Update from website – – Guest hosts in the coming weeks:

    After today, one more week of Dr.Oz, to April 2nd

    Aaron Rodgers April 5-16

    Anderson Cooper April 19-30

    Bill Whitaker May 3-14


    • Tim from MO

      Aaron Rodgers, YES! 😍 Fucking Sexy Man!
      He’s an awesome QB…which doesn’t necessarily equate to being a great Jeopardy host; will see how he does.
      If nothing else will just enjoy seeing the sexy man.
      Several years ago he had a live in man friend which generated all kinds of gossip that he might actually be gay. Those two went their separate ways some time ago, and he’s dated women since then. Who really knows? Straight? Bi or maybe closeted gay?

      • Denny

        Why Tim – you STUD you! (Actually I was thinking the same thing about Aaron Rodgers!)
        I’m hoping he will be a good host. He won Celebrity Jeopardy in 2015. He will be doing his best I’m sure – AND he’s SO easy on the eyes!
        Whatever his orientation, a hunk like him could spend one night alone with ANY pretty boy and the rumor mill goes into full speed ahead.

        It’s gonna be a fun 2 weeks!

        • unrulyadmin

          Ummm. Aaron Rogers. We’d watch him read the dictionary. And blow him in a heartbeat. It’ll be a wonderful two weeks whether or not he’s an outstanding Jeopardy host. YUM!

    • bw

      I suppose I should know this – but who is Bill Whitaker?

      • Denny

        Hey bw- Bill Whitaker is a news correspondent probably best known for his appearances as an interviewer on 60 Minutes on TV on Sunday night. You’d probably recognize him if you saw him.

  • People don’t understand Springer Spaniels and Brittanys are Bird Dogs, very high energy and neeg loads of attention . In return they are as mart and loving as any breed you can imagine. Thank you for making a new Home For Bugs!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, James. Great hearing from you. We did some checking and found out Bugsby came from a breeder in Bolivar, MO who is a serious hunter and bird dog trainer. Chad and Raef tell us he’s at a perfect age to begin training. They showed us a video of bird dogs working in the field and Chance is really excited about it. We’re guessing Bud and Bugsby will make a great team.

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