Biker boys!

Dub has really enjoyed his bike and loves riding – although we’ve been real strict about where he can go on it. So, last Saturday after we’d cleaned house and done the laundry and finished our chores, David asked if I thought we should go check out the “neighborhood garage sales” in a near-by subdivision. He thought we might look to see if there were any bikes for sale. So we loaded up Dub and drove around and looked at the sales… and, sure enough, we finally found a house that had a couple of old ten speeds. It was near closing time for the sales and so we offered $10.00 each and the lady said they were worth a lot more… and after a bunch of haggling, we ended up paying her $35.00 for the pair. They were pretty rough, but we brought ’em home and went to work. Had to replace two of the tires – and take ’em to a service station to air-up the tires – then clean ’em up and use a bunch of oil and grease, but we got ’em both working. So now, we can ride bikes with Dub – and he’s ecstatic. It’s rained all week… but we’ve managed to find a time every day when we can go riding for a while. It’s opened up a whole new world for him. His little bike and little legs don’t let us get too far from home, but we go further than he’d ever gone by himself and, of course, we’re doing it together… which is neat. Maybe the best 35 bucks we’ve spent. Funny how having a kid changes your perspectives.

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  • Jingle

    What fun!! 🙂

    It seems to me that naked riding is a uniquely UK phenomenon… The backgrounds, and all the yummy looking uncut cocks, would support my theory!!

    There is at least one American here… Check out big buff insanely hot hunk stud #4!! WOW!! He alone would be worth a trip to San Francisco!!

    Back later for a much closer look…

    • Roberto

      I’ve just learned that the Pedalada Pelada that takes place in some cities here in Brazil is actually part of the World Naked Bike Ride. In the Southern Hemisphere the 2016 edition of the event happened on March 5, but there in the Northern Hemisphere it will take place in two weeks, on June 11. You guys stay tuned! 😉


      • Brad

        Love these photos…I have always wanted to participate in WNBR, but have never been in a participating city on the day, and it looks like I will have to wait for another year… 🙁

        Before you know, Dub will want something faster. This was my experience…pedal bikes were ok, but I wanted something faster, so I talked my parents into buying a small motorbike when I was 10 or 12…I still remember the freedom I felt on that… 🙂

  • Jingle

    Another quick peek before I head to work…

    You can’t tell me that poor hot and handsome #21 is comfortable… Look at what the bike seat is doing to his nuts!! Yikes!!

    Oh, and after a few days in SF with bangin’ hot #4, I’ll be off to visit my adorable English buddy, fuzzy furry chub-dicked #46!! 🙂 Right, cheers, thanks a lot!! 🙂

    • Bill S


      When you come back later — I saved #20 and #25 for YOU!


    • Roberto

      Gorgeous #21 can ride me instead of his bike and I promise his nuts will feel very comfortable resting on my hairy stomach.

      Jingle, #46 is too slim for you, #28 is the one waiting for you, haha! 😛 Or is it fuzzy and a bit beefier #26? Just kidding, bro: this amazing post is filled with “real” and totally hot dudes, so no one can run out of options here!! 😉


      • Jingle

        My friend, you are good me!! Married smooth hunk stud #28 is beautiful!! And yes, bangin’ hot #26 is certainly TJM!! And they both have the amazing sausage casing foreskin I love!! 🙂

        But I really do think #46 is totally adorable!! Can I keep him?? haha

    • ray

      I can’t imagine that riding naked is very comfortable, either!
      But what a treat these guys are, especially # 21!

      A great weekend to all!

  • Denny

    Very often in life the simpler things can be the most satisfying – a perspective we sometimes lose sight of as we get older.

    You get to relive your bike riding days with Dub!!

    Are you telling us that at 4 years old, that little goober is riding around without training wheels already?? 😉

    • unrulyadmin

      Nope. He still has training wheels… although I’m not sure how much they’re needed. Dub hasn’t broached the subject, so we’re leaving it to him. Ben and I hate the thought of scraped elbows and knees… but will deal with it when the time comes.

  • Jim

    Jim from Austin said…

    LOVE the full bush and hairy pits on #43! FINALLY! A man who doesn’t scape!!!!

  • Roberto

    Denny said it: simpler things are the most satisfying, and I believe that doing such things together with Dub will strengthen the ties between you.

    I don’t know whether these dudes are nudists enjoying themselves or are protesting against something, but I’m so glad they’re biking naked and that you found these pics, Ben!! 🙂

    In my fantasy, #16 has his head shaved just like #26 and #46, haha! 😛 Don’t you also feel like eating those pubes?!

    #27 doesn’t need to be hairy to stun me!! WOW!!! If he has his pit hair in place, I dub him oneiric!!

    Many cuties here, and I’ll mention just three: #33, #37 and #41/44/45!

    A juicy boibutt in the end (#48), Ben? Just to make us dream of him riding our cocks?

    #36 and #40 are so adorable and delicious… but I’ll stick with my biker from the last shades post, #32!!

    This post is as real as fantastic!!
    A great weekend to everybody!!

  • Jingle

    Back for a belated Second Look…

    #10 is exotically handsome and hot, but that pic doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the collection…
    Mohawked #11 is crazy hot!!
    Ya know I love pierced #13!!
    #22 is nasty crazy scary hot!!
    I totally agree with Beto that rockin’ hot #27 is a “WOW”!! Dang, I wanna lick and suck and nuzzle his beautiful cock & balls!!
    #36 is TJM!!

    Great collection of sexy hot dudes!!

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