Bones, bones, bones, bones. Yummy bones, bones, bones!

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
So much to tell you.
Let’s start with our new student. “Lissa” is officially with us now – and she’s added a whole new dynamic to our group. She and Bella have become “fast friends” and, I swear, it’s like the ladies have taken over. Having a new student has been wonderful and I can’t wait till we eventually have the 12 – or maybe 15 students our little school needs!
Then… there’s the addition to Chad and Raef’s house. Alex had insisted their home needed a couple more bedrooms and baths, and volunteered to provide materials “left over from the Koala Cove project.” Anyway, he did a bunch of sketches and got in touch with Nathan about the job. Nathan told him they have a big project starting December 1st, and said “Why don’t we just knock out this addition right now?” So, Alex talked with Jim and they got a building permit for a “minor residential remodel – with no inspections required.” Gotta love Jim and his contacts! Nathan and his crews descended on the house and, like magic, it’s almost done. They’re artists who can do it all – carpentry, electrical, plumbing… everything. The addition is beautiful – as Alex promised – and it’ll be wonderful for them… with Lissa and Matty each having a bedroom and bathroom of their own.
We’ve talked with the grandparents – and they’re not coming for Thanksgiving. They’ve all been watching the warnings from the CDC about Holiday gatherings and don’t want to risk bringing covid into our group. We’ll do a family “Zoom” on Thursday afternoon – and plan a real “get together” at Christmastime.
Now, Some really personal stuff you may (or may not) want to read. It’s o.k.- whether you want to read this… or just look at the boners above.
It’s like this: David, Dub and I are HUGE fans of Rachael Maddow and her show on MSNBC. Recently, she had been absent from the program because she had been isolating while her partner Susan Mikula was battling coronavirus. Rachael said, “Susan has been sick with COVID these past couple of weeks. And at one point we really thought that there was a possibility that it might kill her. That’s why I’ve been away. She said, about Susan: “She’s the center of my life. She’s the organizing principle of my life. My relationship with Susan is the only thing at the end of the day that I would kill or die for without any hesitation.”
Which brings me to a couple of weeks ago when I dropped David off at the St Lukes emergency room – thinking they’d just check his heart arrhythmia – and we’d be headed back home before long. The next thing I knew, he had been moved to the main St. Lukes Hospital on the Plaza and was in “intensive care.” They wouldn’t let me see him for two days and I was frantic. When they finally moved him out of “intensive care” to the cardio care ward, they finally let me see him. When I saw him, he looked AWFUL. He was hooked up to a heart monitor and had an IV in each arm. He was pale and groggy and looked terrible – although he (sort of) managed a smile when he saw me. Then, of course, they escorted me out of his room and I wandered around in the parking lot for a while and then went and sat in my car and just cried for a long time – because I didn’t know if he was gonna live. And, I totally get how Rachael was feeling about Susan. And I totally understand when she said Susan was the “center of her life.” Because that’s what David is to me. He’s my life, my love, my everything. He’s the smile I wake to in the morning and my strength when things get tough. He’s the one I spend my life with – and want to grow old with – and spend forever with.
So… today… we’re thankful. David is well and things are good. We went on a long walk this afternoon with Dub and “Buzz the wonder dog” and came home and took the turkey out of the oven and made dressing… and watched Jeopardy and gave thanks.
We hope this THANKSGIVING DAY is special for you. We wish you happiness, good health, and good cheer. We love you. Ben, David and the gang.

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  • ray

    Dear Ben, I have been through similar kinds of nightmare, too, with my best (and only) friend, I understand you so well! Thank you for letting us know what happened, I always thought that this was far more serious than you told us. And I am so happy that you all are fine now!
    And thank you for the “bones” you left us, I have all morning to gnaw them, as here everything is closed and the weather is cold and somber (plus it gets dark at 4.30), and no end to this is in sight, although there are no tangible results of the dictatorship…

    Love and hugs to you and everyone else

  • Tim from MO


    Ben: thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with us on the dark valley you passed through. Hearing how others have made it through the really tough times in life gives us the hope that we too, can make it to the other side when we face our own dark valleys.

    I’m very Thankful today for many things…including David, you, and the entire ‘Northland / Southland’ gang.
    While we’ve never met in person, it has been great to get to know about all of you through the blog.

    Thank you for the great post of boners. Like Ray said, you’ve definitely give us a lot of bones to gnaw on!

    Love you guys!

  • Jingle

    Just the sort of post I was expecting for a joyful early Thanksgiving morning!! 🙂

    To say this fine collection of hot, handsome, hard, hung, horny dudes is a phenomenal cocksucker’s dream would be an understatement!! But dang… Hell yeah!!

    Particular favourites are #4, 7, 9, 16, 20, 22, 27, and 33!! WHEW!!!

    And may I also say??…

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    Outstanding #11, 13, and 18!! WOW!!
    If I was in the room with #17; I would – in this exact order – take a big swig of his beer, trace his awesome Scrotal Raphe with my tongue, and then go to town on his monster cock!! 😉
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    And then there’s Rough Trade #36 and #39!!… LOVE guys like that!! They randomly stop by for a no-strings-attached, no-questions-asked, blowjob!! And it amuses me the number of them, after a few visits, start to reciprocate and put out!! 🙂 haha
    Oh, hold on bangin’ hot #37!! I’ll be right there to receive your sweet load!!
    May I suggest shower dude #38 for dear Brother Beto!!
    The real show-stopper of this astounding set came late in the collection!! I am. of course, referring to Bald & Beautiful #46!! WHOA!!!!!
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    Awww… But my hands-down favourite all along has been plaid-clad (Jingle-planted??) #31!! At First Glance, I spotted him!! Even just in the thumbnail on my stupidphone, he stood out for me!! 🙂 And I further counted my Blessings with awesome amazing #44!! He would most definitely go my virtual platter!! 😉 haha

    OK, I gotta get my fat tattooed white ass in gear… The bird ain’t gonna stuff itself!! (And you may make of that quip what you may!! 🙂 )


    • Larry

      I was intrigued by # 25.although he looks a little young to me. I was more attracted to # 3 the red head, # 23 with THe great smile and # 45 who is close to perfect.

    • bw

      Jingle, almost ginger No 11 was Cameron Fox, who was a big deal in porn from about 2000 to 2007 or so when he retired. He was in every big budget Falcon flick for years. Sadly he had HIV, and instead of taking his prescriptions he spent his time finding drugs to feed his addiction. He had one of those pretty, perfect big dicks, so perfect it looked like a pink dildo.
      Did your turkey enjoy his stuffing?

  • Bill S


    Thanks to you, Ben. I needed to hear that my URD gang was well. I guess I worry too much!

    Stay safe everybody so that we can have a HAPPY and Merry Holiday Season!

    Love you ALL!


  • FredinMotul

    Ben, Thank you for your generous sharing of your lives in this update. Also, selfishly glad it is a POST crisis missive, so we know the story has ended well. Appreciate that. Any ICU by nature is NOT a restful, pleasant place to be. When I was in it,(Not a Cardiac ICU) it is 24 hour lights, noise levels can be intense to unnervingly quiet. Patients are not expected to rest, per se, only stay alive and be attended to to keep them alive. Be very glad that David came out looking like he had done battle, because he had and I would imagine a good deal of that was the fight to get healthy enough to get out of there and back to your loving arms. I am glad that even in these crazy COVID times, the system worked for you and you were able to be with one another. We hear all these horror stories of parents saying their final goodbyes by Zoom and such. So glad that Rachel, Susan, Ben and David were spared any such issues. Now comes the next phase, obeying what the Doctors say and keeping healthy. Best of luck there. With your incredible Nuclear Family, there is always help available.

    The other news is very exciting for all! I wish I could say our own Son was practicing a safe Thanksgiving, but his new Bride insists that they join her family for T Day, and I imagine his will be the only mask at the table, and it may be a Biden/ Harris Mask to really piss off most of them. Remind me to call you guys if I ever need more renovations! Incredible how fast that is done. I know it will be a huge help.

    Our best to all of the URD Family and the Northland Gang. May all plans go as expected. OMG! What a post! Thanks for all these alert looking young men. Be Well All.

  • Ben,
    Humanity today does not well grasp with sorrow, or know how to share despair with strangers, so that it may help us cope. Rachael’s message regarding Susan was a beacon for many who’ve experienced the same this year, as your words were also regarding David’s cardiac tribulations. Speaking from the hospital side of things, we don’t enjoy not allowing visitors. We’ve had to develop a coldness towards sending visitors away, because we know it’s hard on people. I know this experience was made harder on all of you because you couldn’t be there and have explained to you everything that was going on. Sitting and explaining things with family is one of my favorite parts of my job, because it takes so much of the angst out of it. What may look awful and tenuous to family is our daily routine, and we know how to tell the difference.
    I am so grateful that the patriarch of the Table Rock gang is back in your arms, and to read of all of this good news as your family and abodes grow again. Now to enjoy these leftover bones.
    Much Love,

  • bw

    Thanks for sharing the information about David – the “no visitor’ policy at most hospitals is doing great harm to patients and the ones who love them.
    David may be feeling a little old – he’s been promoted to “patriarch”, even though it fits perfectly.

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