Boys bein’ Boys

I love these silly, candid pics. I’m guessing most of the boys are straight – or think they are – and probably a lot of ’em have had a beer or two (?)… but they’re cute and fun to look at.

2 comments to Boys bein’ Boys

  • Anthony

    I like posts like this one.
    I want to know the story behind #16
    And I bet the night was just beginning in #47

    So Buff yo think you can do a post on boner tents? It’s been a while.

  • Jingle

    Fun post, Buff!! Really enjoyed your introductory comments… Probably some dares, too!!

    Given that the Vikings lost today, as did the Packers, and my Bears are spanking the Steelers; I doubt the Minnesota fans in #1 are this happy now!! HA!!
    Oh my, #2 does love his car!! haha
    I’m guessing some critter startled #4 and chased him to the roof of his car!! Of course, this begs the question: Why was he naked?? Oh who cares? He’s hot!!
    #5 is the kind of random thing you see on any Summer’s day on the river… Notice the name of the boat?? heehee
    I’d LOVE to join the hotties in #9 in that hot-tub!!
    #11 is obviously drunken Spring breakers… Check out the tan-lines!! Same goes for #21!!
    #14… Now that’s how beer pong oughta be played!! haha
    “It’s a portable phone!”… Like the thick uncut dick & big balls on the dude on the Left in #15!!
    Oh Anthony, my bet would be that Unruly #16 is a booty call… If no-one cums to the door, would he like directions to my house??
    Is #17 trying to post himself??
    As for #18, fans of the sport are wont to say, “It takes leather balls to play Rugby!”
    Hope the handsome hunks in #20 are keeping an eye open for snapping turtles!! haha
    Oh jeez #26, I haven’t de-pantsed a buddy since junior high!!
    The cute pedestrian in #27 looks more than just a little interested in that hot muscular ass!!
    Oh #32… We’ve all tried it… It’s a good way to hurt yourself!!
    The dudes in #39 may be clowning for the camera, but they seem awfully familiar with the drill!! Hmmm…
    I’d like to get the rockin’ hot meaty dude on the Right in #40 alone to myself!! Or the one on the Left in #47!!
    Do you suppose the guys in #44 are my friends from #20??

    This was BIG fun!! Had me chuckling out loud… Thanks babe!!

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