Bunch of dudes just “sittin’ around” on “Friends Friday”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. It’s funny how posts happen here on URD. This one came about because I ran across pic #1, and thought “I’ve got to put this dude in a post.” The question was… what kind of post would he fit in? Best I could come up with was “dudes just sittin’ around.” So I found some other pics I thought worked with him… and here you have it. In a way, this photo theme reminds me of the “Flandrin pose” post I did back in August, 2017. If you like it, let us know… I’ve found lots more pics that fit the theme.

We closed on the lake cabin loan last Thursday and it’s ours now. Here’s something interesting. After Scott and Denise finalized the purchase from “Phil,” Alex told us the furniture in the cabin was, in fact, valuable. He said it was all antiques – “some of which are quite good.” He said that’s probably why the owner kept the heat and air conditioning running all that time. So, Alex got an antique appraiser to go look and put prices on everything. There’s a “Queen Anne” dining set he says is “particularly nice,” and he’s selling it to some people whose house he’s redecorating over in Tiffany Greens. The rest, we’re selling to an antique dealer and Alex says we’ll get enough money out of it to pay for new kitchen appliances and flooring for the cabin. How cool is that?!
Travon is finally getting excited about “his place on the lake.” He has Alex’ sketch of his room on the wall in his room at home and he’s jabbering about having Dub and Austin sleep-over. We’re going to go down as soon as possible and attack the weeds in the rock garden. The cabin is gonna be a “project” but all the guys say they’ll help us with it. It’s nice to have such amazing friends!

12 comments to Bunch of dudes just “sittin’ around” on “Friends Friday”

  • Jingle

    Wonderful post!! I would tell quite a few of the great guys in this great collection – Yes, quite a few indeed!! – stay just like that while I…

    #1 looks rather melancholy!! (His awful surroundings, perhaps?!?!) But his gorgeous cock is uncut perfection!!
    Well, where the hell are #2, 17, and 38 when I’m at the gym?!?!
    Fantastic SO/PO #3 and completely naked #42 are welcum on my deck any time!! 🙂
    Hell yeah I’d belly up to the bar for a shot of Big Boy, bangin’ hot #4!! Check out the reflection of his upper back in the mirror!!… He has a nice Tribal tattoo, and perhaps a little fur!!
    #9 may be the most senior dude in the group?!?! That, coupled with all his other highly evident charms, make him REALLY attractive to me!! Dang!!
    Rough Trade twinks #12, 31, 33, and 39 all look like little brats!! Get someone else to put up with their ‘tudes!! Pffft!!
    Conversely, I greatly admire junior hunk stud #14’s motto tattoo: “Family Comes First”!! 🙂
    #16!! WOW!! And I LOVE his highly defined scrotal raphe!!
    Aww… #19 is super-cute!! And super-hot!!
    OK, I’m not so naive that I don’t know that bangin’ hot, plaid-clad, SO/PO, bundle o’ MAN #20 is a pornstar!! But, oh holy hell!!
    Before I got going on #25, I would ask him to stand up and turn around so I could see the Tribai tattoo on his hip and ass!! 🙂 haha
    Well, who among us wouldn’t enjoy having #28, 41, or 44 waiting on the steps for them?!?! That’s quite a welcumming party!!
    Selfie #29 ain’t bad… But nothing’s gonna happen til he puts a fitted sheet on that bare mattress!! Shoosh!!
    Who wants to share scruffy hot #30’s isanely big and thick cock?!?! God knows there’s enough there for two!!
    I think #32 would benefit greatly from a haircut… His firehose cock and low-hangers are just fine!!
    #35 and #46 are crazy hot!!
    Hot & Handsome SO/PO #37 and completely naked #40 are true masculine beauties!!
    Check out the pic on the wall behind hunky SO/PO selfie #43… Him in his Glory Days?!?!
    #47 is a nice Catholic boy!! See the Crucifix on the wall?!?! And yes, I’m more enthralled with the chair, than with him!! I have a pair of chairs, with a more subdued upholstery, very similar to that!! I snagged them from my Grandparent’s home before we closed it up, had an auction, and sold the house!!

    Now then, pick a favourite?!?! Nope, not gonna settle on just one!! #4, #9, #20, and I are gonna have an eath-shattering four-gy!! And if stair-sitters #28, 41, and 44 wanna cum inside…

    Phenomenal!! Thank you!!

    • ray

      Liebster Jingle, as usual, you’ve said it all!
      Rick, thanks for the beautiful collection! In German, we say “One bad thing rarely comes alone”, but in my experience, this is very often also true for something good, it’s mostly “all or nothing”…Congrats for your purchase and a happy weekend to all!

  • Larry

    # 1 doesn’t do anything for me, but liking red heads, # 2 sure does!!!!!! Hot post.

  • bw

    Hot weather + nearby water + overgrown = snakes – watch for copperheads in the rock garden! Especially if the pups (canine and human) are trying to help.

  • Denny

    The loving interaction between ALL the Northland Gang is SO heartwarming to hear about!
    When Ty & Damien’s cabin is completed next year,the Northland Gang will RULE at Table Rock Lake!

  • Alexander


    I kinda think the Northland Gang already rules at Table Rock. They’re in stealth mode.
    With Pizza House pizzas and hand crank ice cream you can’t go wrong.

    There will be no stopping the gang when Ty and Damien’s place is finished.
    I think they should commission a private fireworks display🎇🎆🧨

  • Bill S

    Not surprisingly, Jingle and I had the same first thought about this post.
    “Stay just like that while I…” (-:

    I keep going back to #33 because he looks SO READY for me! He looks really dumb too, but I’m not looking for intelligent conversation right now! LOL

    Great post Rick! And great news about the furniture too. With friends and family like yours, you can’t go wrong!!!


  • Brad

    Well, it looks like I returned at the right time to enjoy a post from Rick (& Keon) with lots (21) of naked H2T photos…My favorite! 🙂 As usual, Jingle has done a superb job in analyzing this set, and to no surprise to me, we agree that #44 deserves much attention sitting on those stairs. (I will keep him company for you, Jingle, while you entertain #28 and 41… 😉

    I am glad to know that the Northland gang all have a cabin to call their own at Table Rock. I guarantee that when all the kids are grown up (and faster than you believe/want), they will remember fondly the times together at the lake… 🙂

    Having just returned from watching my nephew graduate from high school, I am reminded that life is a journey, and it’s the people in our lives that make the journey. I have said this before, but will say it again. URD is a special place on the internet, not because of the photos (Although, they are wonderful candy eye… 😉 ), but because of the people–David, Ben, Rick, Keon, Alex, Callum, and the rest of the bunch in NKC combined with those who comment regularly that truly make this a standout blog! Thanks, guys!

  • Kent

    Rick, congratulations to you, Keon, and Travon on your cabin. It’s so cool that all of you in the Northland gang are doing this while all the kids are young. Good summer memories!

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