Butts. butts. butts. butts. Yummy butts. butts. butts!

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. And it’s time to bring you up-to-date on Alyssa’s adoption.
Raef and I (and our attorney) met with Ms. Evelyn and her attorney last Monday morning. It was an excellent meeting. Essentially, she said she was ready to go forward with the adoption if we were. We told her we were. She said as far as she’s concerned, the adoption will be final. She wasn’t asking for joint custody or mandatory visitations. She said she would “love to be involved in our family – in some small way – but only if Alyssa, Matty, Raef and I want her to be.” She said she hoped we might invite her to our house for a birthday party or Holiday sometime.
Her attorney told us that Ms. Evelyn had set up “irrevocable trusts” for both Alyssa and Matty “that will be sufficient to pay their education expenses through college… and provide money to get them started in life.” Raef and I were stunned – and simply said “Thank you.”
Evelyn asked us if we had discussed the adoption with Alyssa. We told her we had talked about it briefly but had told her it would all depend on the lawyers and the Court. Evelyn smiled and said “Then, I think you’d better ask her if she’d like to become part of your family.”
After the meeting, Raef and I stopped at Pandora Jewelers and bought a bracelet with four engraved charms. One each saying “Raef”, “Chad”, “Alyssa”, and “Matty”. Then, after school, the four of us got together at our house. Raef, Matty and I all got on one knee in front of Alyssa and Raef said “Alyssa, will you be my daughter?” She smiled and said “YES”! Then I said “Alyssa, will you be my daughter?” She squealed and said “YES”! Then Matty said “Alyssa, will you be my sister?” At that, a tear ran down her cheek and she said “Yes. Matty. I’ll be your sister.” It was a moment none of us will ever forget.
With our attorney at our side, we went before the Juvenile Court on Friday morning. The Judge reviewed the paperwork and asked Alyssa if she understood what adoption meant – and if she wanted to become a permanent part of our family. She said “Yes. Your honor. I want that very much.” The whole thing took about ten minutes and afterward we picked up food at “Sugar Leaf Bakery” and took it home for our first lunch together as a family.
We’ll get with David, Ben and the gang and plan a big celebration in the near future. Right now, we’re just grateful for our good fortune – and happy to be a family.
Love you guys. Chad, Raef, Matty and Alyssa.

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  • mahtinp

    Yaaaassss congratulations to all!! I’m so thankful that everything went smoothly for you and excited to see the journey of a new member of the family.

    Now to peruse these butts.

    Much Love,

  • FredinMotul

    Well that was meant to be! Such an easy journey for you all. Congratulations! So very glad for all of you. How many times have you pinched each other?? Incredible. Very Very happy wishes for you all from Mexico. (Ohm and yes, fine post, men! Thanks!)

  • Jingle

    I’m a day late – and for that I heartily apologize – but how well I remember the events of November 15, 2013!! Happy Anniversary!!!!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    So very glad to hear the great news from the “fishing buddies!” Wasn’t that just yesterday?!
    And today the FAMILY of four — AMAZING! and WONDERFUL!!!
    And Happy Seventh Anniversary to David & Ben! (That seems like the day before yesterday, to me!)


  • Jingle

    And as for the photo-set… Holy Hell!! What a bunch of sluts!! God bless ’em ALL!! 🙂 haha

    When I hear the word, “butts”, I think of fairly tame pics of buttocks!! This collection is full-on, graphic holes (and soles)!! I see “Assholes” is appropriately one of the Tags!!

    I really love that these all appear to be “real” dudes, in the “real” world!! Yes friends, these hot-to-trot creatures live among us!! 🙂 haha

    For obvious reasons, my eyes went first to bangin’ hot, Jingle-planted, plaid-clad #21!! I’ve long been a fan of classic red and black Buffalo Plaid!! Perhaps never so much as now!! 🙂
    With his amazing girth and big boulder balls, #23 is crazy rockin’ hot!! Made me temporarily forget today’s topic!! WOW!!
    Bangin’ hot #33’s pretty kitty, and their interaction, is charming!! 🙂 But is this really the time for it?!?! 🙂 haha
    Dang!!… Rockin’ Hot & Handsome #39’s legs are amazing!! I’d like to see other pics of him to see his clearly lean and sinewy athletic physique!!…
    Off topic: In #42 I love that replica surface-mounted lock-set!!
    Perhaps liebster ray could provide us with a translation of the sash that’s hanging on the wall?!?!…

    Other dudes most worthy of Special Mention, for various reasons: #3, 5, 6, 16, 27, 30, 31, and 36!! WHEW!!!

    In the iconic, classic song, “Gloria”, by the late Laura Branigan; there’s the line, “Will you marry for the money??… Take a lover in the afternoon!!” Well, I’ll marry fine Trophy Husband material #45!! And fool around on him with crazy scary HOT #37!! Pretty sweet arrangement, huh?!?! 🙂

  • Jingle

    Oh, if you’d like to see another fine view of crazy scary hot, fantasy lover #37; please go back to the superb “Amateurs” post of October 11th!! (#36, there!!)

  • bw

    I hate it when a post gets me all teary first thing in the morning. Congratulation to everyone!
    I have to cover for a fellow agent today but you can be sure later this afternoon I will be closely checking these dudes and their assets out. I’ve said this before but you may be gay if a furry hole and butt is about the hottest thing ever.

  • Denny

    Chad! What a beautifully written story about the perfect adoption of a sweet and charming little girl who is now YOURS and RAEF’S DAUGHTER!!!

    Sounds like Evelyn came thru like a champ – both Alyssa AND Matty are set for life, with a paid for education right thru college, and enough extra to get them started on the road to independent adulthood.

    Chad and Raef, the charm bracelet was sheer genius!!! It will remind all of you that you are a family FOREVER!

    Congratulations to you all!!


    In my first quick run thru of this sizzlin’ post, the one who caught MY eye, was smokin’ hot slut – #46!! He couldn’t even wait to get all his clothes off – lol

    Then, there is #40 – stretchin’ it w-i-d-e for ya

    #36 might want you to visit with his joystick before going in for the main attraction

    And who’s gonna turn down #26, the pretty ginger boy, who wants it so-o-o b-a-a-d!!

    Oh, there are more…MANY more…but I don’t want to be TOO greedy, and of course I’ll share. 😉


    David, I hope you and your heart continue to do well, Dear Man. You know you have my thoughts and prayers.

    Love to all!!

    • Jingle

      Denny Dearheart, in checking out your picks, I see we have a common favourite… #36!! He’s quite beautiful!! And if he gets his right ear and nipple pierced to match the left, he gets an Annuity from the Life Insurance!! 🙂 haha

      No thoughts on the very similar looking #30?!?! Another male beauty, and the Monkey Sock Puppet tattoos on his calves are totally adorable!! And he already has both nipples pierced for me!! 🙂 haha

      Ya know, if they weren’t interested in us, they would make quite a handsome, head-turning couple!! WHEW!!!

  • Larry

    Congrats on the adoption. You saved Alyssa after all.

    Great post. My fave is smooth blond twink # 43 of course.

  • ray

    So now, belated congratulations on the adoption and the Anniversary, my friends!

  • bw

    I’ve carefully reviewed these lads – and did it a 2nd time so I didn’t miss anything.
    No 1 resembles my youngest nephew – not that I’ve ever seen his bootie but he is the furriest member of the family. And NO 8 – you know you have a lush bush when it partially obscures your face. Wish we had a better picture of NO 3 – maybe the furriest of the bunch. And sweet faced, clean cut NOs 14 & 22 – nice! An excellent post.
    Now a small rant – NO 35 – refers to himself as a ‘fag’ – that is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. It seems really common for gay men to refer to each other is this demeaning way and I hate it.

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