Buzzcuts and Otters and Bears, Oh, My!

Last Wednesday “Beto” commented, saying:
“David & Ben, as you’re welcoming suggestions with combined themes, what do you think of a post featuring 24 otters and 24 bears, all of them with buzzed hair? I have a feeling some mates will appreciate the idea… 😉”
We loved the idea… but the “buzzed hair” part proved to be a challenge. There are some HOT guys here – and we’ve done the best we can with the “buzzed hair” part. Thanks for a fun request, babe!

David, Dub and I watched the President’s “State of the Union” address Tuesday night. We just watched… and none of us said anything while he was speaking. When it was over, David asked Dub what he thought. Dub frowned, and said “He told a lot of lies.” I said “How do you know he was telling lies?” Dub said “I always know when someones lying. I can just tell.” David said, “Well, I guess maybe everyone might tell a lie sometime.” Dub said, “Nuh Uhh. My Dads don’t lie and neither does Pop-pops or Unca Keon or Travon. You always tell the truth, and so do I.” So I guess that settles it. It’s good to be rated high on “Dub’s truth-o-meter.” 🙂

9 comments to Buzzcuts and Otters and Bears, Oh, My!

  • Tim from MO

    Dub is very intuitive!

    Just a personal observation: looking at old historical photos, and film archives of Benito Mussolini….it appears to me that his reincarnation is Donald Trump.

    Love the line up in today’s post!
    Just sandwich me between #30 & #42….😜

  • FredinMotul

    Note to self . Never lie to your kids from the beginning . My now 30+ year old to this day gives me a hard time about telling him that the water in the pool that I was in was fine. Apparently NOT fine for him. Too cold. He was 5 and I still hear about that day. He leaves out that we were in a 4 Star Hotel in mountains with Coffee and Orchids growing all around it, so hardly cold. Oh well . Dub’s awesome powers of observation strikes again . May he retain this gift and I know you guys will remember he has it ! Awesome post as well men. Thanks

  • Jingle

    Over-the-top, off-the-charts AWESOME!!

    This amazing post goes right to the “Best of the Best” folder!! An instant classic, it sets a standard by which others will be judged!! It’s just that good!!…

    There’s not one – not one – fantastic dude I wouldn’t get with!! And I don’t think I’m alone in this!!

    Amazing collection, set, and post!!

  • Jingle

    Hey, I have an idea!!

    Let’s get together a big group of us; and go over to furry-assed crazy hot #7’s place, and gang-bang him right there on the spot, upside his truck?!?!

  • bw

    You might as well tell Dub the ugly truth: how do you know if any politician is telling you lies – their lips are moving.

  • bw

    My first choice is pretty predictable – No 7, the lad with the hairy butt, but I also need to go to NO 10 -he looks lonely. Porn names are often pretty stupid, but I always thought the name of the dude in NO 20 was pretty clever: Girth Brooks – and that cock of his is fat. There are too many handsome men in this post to mention them all – so I’ll close with No 30 – perfect in every way (I just wish we could see his ass to see how furry it is).

  • Denny

    That smarmy lard ass in the White House has over 6,000 verifiable lies to his credit and we still have way too many months to go. Dub is a very smart boy – his intellect and intuition are off the charts. But in this case, I bet even Buzz could tell when Trump was lying.

    The best part of the Grammy Awards last night was when Michelle Obama was on stage with Lady Gaga, JLo, Jada Pinkett Smith and Alicia Keyes. STUNNING!!! The audience jumped to their feet and did not want to stop clapping.

    This post? I am with Jingle one hundred percent!!! Forty eight masterful studs, most furry chested, legs spread wide, showing off their beer can cocks to best advantage, and all willing and waiting to throw you around the bedroom til the sheets are shredded, your ass is sore, and you may not be able to walk until tomorrow. I’ll get the party started with #24. Maybe I’ll shred HIS ass!!! 🙂

  • ray

    I have a dear friend of mine visiting, so I am unable to appreciate all this in detail, because I am always occupied doing something. Will be back to feast on all this by the end of the week..
    Love to all

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