By request :)

Our buddy Tim commented yesterday, saying:
“Ok: does ANYONE know who the young man is in pics 4, 36, & 48?!?! I have seen these 3 pics of him before; they are from a larger set of photos featuring this guy. One of them from the set (not shown here) sends me over the edge every time I see it…it’s an amazing pic of his ass. I’ve seen a few other pics of him apart from this set, too.
I’d really like to know who he is..”
Well, babe. Here’s the deal. The kid’s name in “Alfie” and he was photographed by “19Nitten.” There are at least four photosets of him – including the outdoor set the 3 pics in Sunday’s post are from.
Unfortunately, I can’t find the pic I think you’re referring to. It could still be in one of my folders somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it. Best I can do is post some pics of him – a few of which are of his rather remarkable ass. I have a lot more pics of him, but these are all the ass pics. When I’ve posted him before (old URD) it was mainly to focus on his gorgeous nips.
Don’t know if you’re interested, but here’s a link to a video of Alfie:

Teen boy Alfie

It’s 19 min and 2 sec and features lots of views of his ass – in addition to a nice, yummy cum shot at the end.
Hope this helps.

2 comments to By request :)

  • Tim from MO

    David, you never cease to amaze me! I’d hoped someone would know who the young man was, but such a quick response floored me.
    THANK YOU ❌⭕️
    I just think ‘Alfie’ is a cutie…his smile just kinda pulls me in. Yes, I agree with you: he does have nice looking nips. Very suckable 👅
    The last picture you posted of these is a cropped photo of the picture I referred to, which features his dark, deep looking hole sunk in between his ass. They say ‘black holes’ in space have so much gravity that light itself gets pulled in, and cannot escape.

    Alfie’s black hole in that photo has the same effect on me….

    Actually….any dude with that kind of hole does 😉 😈

    Thanks again, David! You’re the best

  • What’s life like w/o banging a virgin in the butt 4 the 1st time???

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