Check it out, dude. Butt selfies!

A post of “Butt selfies” was suggested by our friend “Beto” about a year ago… and we still love the idea. It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from Beto, and we’re sending our love – and hoping all is well. We miss you, babe!

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  • Jingle

    The thought occurred to me this morning that EVERY post, not just Trash Day, is a Treasure hunt!!… Looking for that one pic, that one dude, that really turns your crank!! 😛

    For me, today it’s big burly bundle o’ man, #26!! Oh Hell Yeah!! I’m sure that he’d drop the towel soon after I started licking that rosey nipple and grabbing that fine rump!! 😋

    Special Mention, and thanks, to rockin’ hot #37 for giving us awesome views both Fore and Aft!! 😃

    If anyone gives a shit, after long and careful consideration, I have picked a favourite from yesterday’s Trash post!!…

    • unrulyadmin

      We ABSOLUTELY “give a shit,” babe… and we couldn’t figure out what your boy is holding, either. Looks almost like some piece of HVAC stuff. We’d like to hold his dick regardless of what he’s holding!

  • bw

    Nothing better than a bunch of boy butts to start the day. Did you notice the big nasty hickey on No 14? And how about the low hangers on NO 20? There are lots to pick from, but No 39 with the big blue eyes is awfully cute – and look carefully – you will see a pretty impressive boner sticking out in front.
    The only problem with these selfies is you can not tell which ones are furry – which leads me to request, someday, another post of furry butts – and I mean Ben quality furry butts and holes.
    Am I the only one who looks at these selfies, usually in the bathroom, and checks out what these guys have on their counters? All kinds of products to make sure their teeth are clean, their breath is fresh, and all manner of other things to make them purty.

  • Larry

    Hot, hot post.

    BW and I often think alike. I like #39, too.

  • Denny

    Got a long busy work day ahead of me but I want to take a minute to check in with my faves.

    All hot pics here, but I really like the ones that show good face AND butt.

    My Dude of the Day – the one who jumped right off the screen at me – is #19. Dayum!! He looks hot all over!!

    Then we have #6 – he looks like he can take you where you wanna go – nice and slow and sweet.

    I also like happy guy #2. He just looks like non stop fun! And look at that well muscled back!! Beautiful!

    One of the great pleasures of this blog and the CCC, is scanning through the Comments and seeing “Roberto”. It always brings a smile to my face. One day, when we least expect it, our Brazilian buddy will be back. Beto, we await your return with open arms!! Big Hugs to ya!!

    • Brad


      You captured my feelings perfectly regarding Beto. His comments always are a delight to read and are very insightful… 🙂 Not to mention his ability to remember pictures from previous posts. He allows me to practice my Portuguese with him… 🙂

      Love your three picks for today! #6 does it for me… 😉

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. How’s Dave doing with the re-hab? You helping him keep his muscles loose?

      • Denny

        Dave had a follow up dr’s visit the 30th – they are pleased with his recovery rate. Range of motion is ahead of the curve.For my part I’m keeping him hard at it. 😉 Thanks for asking!

  • Great Zeus! This post was WAY hotter than I expected from the title.
    #8 and #11 made my tongue rock hard.
    Thanks! XOXO

  • Denny

    Hey Guys – fyi – FlipFlopsBoy is back!

    😎 😄 💥

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