Check it out dude. Dirty sex in Dirty places!

We had a comment by “Shane” a couple of weeks ago, saying:
“The other day one of my tops wanted to come over to my house, but my room was a mess due to some construction. Somehow that turned him on even more. Said he has always wanted to fuck in a dirty room. What do you guys think about that? Have you ever done a post based on sex in dirty rooms, construction sites or places like that?”
We both absolutely loved the idea – and it’s taken a while – but here are some dirty boys who like sex in dirty places. Thanks for a wonderful idea,
Shane. Makes us want to go somewhere dirty and do dirty things!

4 comments to Check it out dude. Dirty sex in Dirty places!

  • Shane

    Thank You. After seeing these pics you guys have put together I can see what turned him on so much.

  • Jingle

    Awesome DIRTY post!!

    Summed up best, perhaps, in #33… Men are pigs!! We’d do it in the dirt!!


  • Peter from Hamilton

    So Shane, my bathroom fits the dirty, construction criteria as of today. A contractor and his basketball playing apprentice started a reno project here. I met the young helper at a bar a week ago while watching a Raptors game. When he told me what business he was in I decided right on the spot to hire him and his boss to redo my bathroom. He is so hot but, alas, straight as an arrow. But guess what? I think I saw the boss on Grindr on the weekend!! I studied his face today as they smashed out the old lath and plaster. I’m sure it’s him. I’ll have to see if I can find out while the bathroom is in such a mess. Thanks Shane and thanks guys



  • Bill S

    I think these pics show that we want sex ANYTIME ANYWHERE!
    And, Peter, I LOVE my bathroom reno helper (-:


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