Check it out, dude. “Fur and Ink”!

On December 19, 2018, we did a post (requested by bw) of “Yummy young hairy dudes.” Beto commented on it, saying he’d like a “fur & ink” post. We started a folder of pics but somehow got side-tracked and didn’t remember it until Beto commented on our “Do you wanna dance” post. He said (in part) “I was quick to find furry inked bottoms #7 and #11! You know, David, they’d fit perfectly in the fur & ink post suggestion I made a while ago.”
So, we e-mailed him and asked him for the date of his request and finally got this put together. It’s taken us about 26 months, but here’s the “fur & ink” post you requested, babe. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed putting it together 🙂

8 comments to Check it out, dude. “Fur and Ink”!

  • FredinMotul

    DAMN! JUST DAMN! What a scorching hot post! I will return later after spending some quality time with it. Awesome!! Thanks guys!!

  • Tim from MO

    Gotta go with #10 for my favorite; magnificent massive thick cock filling up that hot ass…and the expressions on their faces says EVERYTHING about the flaming passion searing through them 🔥

  • Denny

    #8 is the best way to fall asleep with your one and only!

    My hairy hottie faves here are – #7, #19, and #41.

    Great post – thanks, David and Ben!

    I WILL be back for more long and lingering looks!

  • ray

    It was well worthwhile waiting for this marvellous guys! I’m going to enjoy them when I’ll be back home inthe afternoon.

  • Jingle

    This post is fan-fucking-tastic!!!!! You can smell the Testosterone!!

    One pic does stand out!!… #34!! Although the rockin’ HOT, adorable cutie-patootie meets the criteria of the topic, he breaks the mold of his dark-haired companions!! I’ve looong had another delightful pic of him saved to my Stupidphone!! I’ve already emailed it to Buff!! 🙂 🙃

    May I suggest another Tag for this stupendous collection??… Nipples!! I’ve noticed that the vast majority of these hunky hirsute studs have wonderful juicy pooky gumdrop nipples!! (And more than a few pierced!! Bonus!!)

    Gotta bounce for now… But I’ll be back!! Again and again!!

    • Denny

      Totally agree with you, Babydoll, on the extra tag for this post!

      This post is a perky titty amusement park!!!

      Can’t wait for your all star review!!!💥 💥 💥

  • Roberto

    WOW, I knew this was a very good idea, but when it comes to you guys the execution never fails to impress massively! OUTSTANDING – I can safely say it’ll remain one of the top collections of 2021!!!

    I’ll come back in a while to share more thoughts on these fucktastically ornamented fellas. 🙂 THANK YOU!!!


  • Roberto

    WOOF, a Brazilian hunk to start the post! His stylish ink goes so well with that marvelous furry stomach, which just makes you eager to go further down and keep enjoying everything he’s got…

    #2, forget about the handheld shower, let all the water fall over us and everything will just flow, bro!

    Can you imagine yourself casually looking through a window and having a view like #3? How pleasantly wild is that?

    Love bottom #4’s skull tattoo and full-colored left arm, not to mention his vigorous enjoyment getting his butt thoroughly worked out!

    #5 is H2T gorgeous and stunning!!

    WHOA, BOTH guys in #6 are amazing! And from the top’s side tattoo you can tell he’s all about some good and hot man-to-man stuff!

    Like #3, Denny’s favorite #7 (Mario Domenech) has a wild look that just makes all his attributes more appetizing!

    I share Denny’s thought on #8, and Brad will love it as well! So lovely and so intense! Furthermore, I love the dudes’ fur, ink, beards… everything!

    Outdoor fun with #9 under the moonlight? Hell, yeah! And there he is enjoying a bro in #33!

    #7 is back in #10 showing us how to lap dance. 🙂

    Mr. “Say It’s Possible” is a sheer joy! He’s getting plowed in #11 and we can enjoy more of him in #23 and #48!

    May I navigate my tongue on ‘sailor’ #12’s fur?! Must be an unforgettable journey!

    Pic #13 is so… Jingle! 😀 The sort of bear anyone would be glad to find in the woods…

    #14 is so tastefully unruly!

    I think I’ll open my arms like that owl’s wings to embrace #15/38/43’s entire furry torso while providing those pits with the tongue bath they so deserve!! And I don’t know which view of him is more mesmerizing!

    Alessandro del Toro (#16/32), another bloody wild hot dude with a kewl skull tattoo!

    Gosh, pit selfie #17 is a wonder of a man! So fucking beautiful everywhere!

    It seems to me that the guy getting sucked in #18 is Dario Beck, a hairy Spanish stud we’ve enjoyed a number of times here. In any case, the cocksucker is not any less hot!

    Nice: deliciously fuzzy #19/39 and I share a double scorpion tattoo. 😀

    Face, ink, fur, cock, crack – is there anything not to love on #20?! Caramba!

    #21 is back from the good ole unrulybois posts! 🙂 Such a nasty crazy hot pic!!

    Right, I gotta believe #22 is NOT accidental. 😛 Any post with a pic of my oneiric Jay Davis is an automatic winner! And the sitting dude is also incredibly hot! (You said you’ve collected more than 300 pics of Jay, so please share one or two whenever you can. 🙂 )

    Pisser #24 is another stunning stud!

    More buzzcuts, ink, fur and hot sucking in #25. 😉

    Oh, only now I noticed that #26 is bottom #4 – thanks to that colorful, eye-pleasing and mind-teasing ink! He looks a bit different, yet equally HOT! And it’s him again in #46!

    #27 seems casual about his bloody hotness!

    #28’s balls must swing nicely in the air – and he’ll look sexy in any pose.

    #29’s wide treasure trail is a call for adventure!

    And look where #30’s ink is. 😉 #34’s is also on a quite strategic place for a pubes freak like me. 🙂

    #31 looks so real and so inviting!

    Once again (#35) it’s hard to say who’s hotter in the sucking action…

    If bloody freaking hot #36 also gets the door like that, I’ll leave the talk for later…

    Love top #37’s intricate ink, and not only!

    Cute cocksucker #40 has the “gaze of devotion” Jingle always refers to!

    From the buzzcut to those hairy thighs, #41 is another one gathering so many of my favorite features. 🙂 You guys have really worked to make this collection perfect!

    Another superb couple in blazing hot action in #42!

    Dreaming of a bath with dream dude #44!

    Cocksucker has a lot to swallow and a lot lick and degust around that manmeat!

    WHOA, Max Adonis getting some cream in that hairy hole (#47)? You guys really ROCK! Amazing top as well!

    I don’t know whom to choose! At the very first glance I thought it was going to be Mr. “Say It’s Possible” (#11/23/48), but #15/38/43, #17, #44… and others, haha! Nah, I guess I’ll keep enjoying each and every one of them rather than trying to choose. 😛

    Again, if you ever find more of or about the fella that inspired this OUTSTANDING post (#23/47 in the aforementioned young post), please let me know. And thank you a zillion for this!!!


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