Check it out, dude. Furry bubble butts!

Back on April 25th, “bw” commented, saying:
“I think you are on to something – a treasure trail post – some thin and light colored, others dark and lush, others covering the belly. What do you think?”
“Denny” also commented on April 25th, saying:
“bw, your comments are making me horny.😊. Great idea you have for a post- not just trails but furry bubble butts and man tits with a halo of wispy curly sexy hairs. Yeah Baby!”
David and I talked about it and we thought this really was three posts. 1. Treasure trails; 2. Furry bubble butts; and 3. Man tits (with a halo of wispy curly sexy hairs).
So, we did the “treasure trails” post on April 26th… and now, it’s time for some “Furry bubble butts.” Actually… some of these are “furry” and some are “bubbles,” and some “furry bubbles.” Hope you guys like ’em. All we have to say is S L U R R R P P P ! ! !

8 comments to Check it out, dude. Furry bubble butts!

  • Tim from MO

    Unrulydude: The source for perfect jackoff material at the end of a long day, before going to bed…..or getting out of bed, to start your day off right.

    This post is yet another fine example of why we keep cumming back for more! Such delicious fuzzy peach asses! 😜


  • Jingle

    Oh my!!…

    It would be a pleasure and a delight to have my tongue, and then my dick, in ANY of these!!

    #37 to the head of line, please!! (His beautiful black and blue Tribal tramp-stamp tattoo tipped the scales in his favour!! 🙂 )


  • ray

    Otherwise hairless #44 has some fur in the right place…Yeah, slurrrppp!

  • bw

    Dang – I have to go in early today, but I’ll be back to study these lads. Until then the thought of No. 46 with the golden fleece on his butt will keep me going.

  • Denny

    Tha-a-t’s what I’m talkin’ about!
    Loving #2-whew- AND #3 AND #8 – oh hell I’m in lust with all of these hot asses. Be back later for more.


  • bw

    This post is overwhelming – if you appreciate a furry butt like I do. No 2 is our old friend who has quit posting but his stuff will live forever in blogs that specialize in furry men – his fur is pretty – long and silky, not coarse and curly. NO 7 is mighty hairy to be a youngun, and No 13 is a perfect example of dudes I lust after – dark hair, pale skin, usually blue eyes and thick black hair where it counts. NOs 29 – 32 is a whole row of wonderful – two all fresh and clean just waiting for me, with the middle two just asking for it. But the fleecy ones may be the most interesting – because of rarity – the aforementioned NO 46 and No 40 as well – how would you like to rub those cheeks?
    A fine post that I am grateful for – thanks David & Ben!

  • Sean

    Love treasure trails. the anticipation of what they may lead to and imagining what lays below is more erotic and enticing then seeing the actual treasure in some cases.

  • Bobby b

    Yes! Oh Yes I Kiss💋Ass

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