Check it out, dude. It’s a Friday ginger flashback!

Most of the “flashback” pics I post are from David’s Unrulyboi and Unrulydude (Blogger) blogs. I keep forgetting about the “Bad Assed Boys” blog he did with FlipFlopsBoy. So, today, I started looking through BAB’s and found these gingers I thought you guys might like. I think they’re FUN!

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  • Denny

    Oh my fucking word – GINGERS!! All around me!!! BEYL, BEYL,BEYL!!!!

    I’m going to make every effort here not to be greedy, because I really want them all.

    But, I can’t take #14 – I’m leaving him for Larry. Right, Larry?

    But I gotta have #11, ‘cuz he’s my Dude of the Day! Woof, Daddy!!

    Geez, just look at the bush on #26 – he looks like he would glow in the dark!!

    Even tho’ I’m pretty sure it’s fake, I love #32. Hey, sexy Harry has to be at LEAST that hot, right??

    #28 needs me reeeel bad, I can just tell. He’s all ready to play humpy-bounce right now and he’s calling my name.

    I wanna be right there on the rocks beside #39 – to help him further enjoy what he’s looking at. I can help him in SO many ways.

    #47 isn’t quite a ginger, but who gives a flyin’ fuck when he’s THAT hot! And HUGE! And Stunning! He can be my non-ginger, Dude of the Day, runner up.

    I’ll prob’ly be back around later for several more long looks. I just want all the rest of you guys to know that with a post this flaming hot, I am very willing to share any and all of these hot beauties I have mentioned and drooled over. It’s the right thing to do!! 😉


    • Roberto

      Denny, it feels so good to see you so excited about a post! 🙂 Be greedy, Man, you deserve them all and many/much more! 😉

      I’m so damn attracted to #47… and you say he’s not a ginger, haha! That face, fur and cock — WOW! It seems to me #34 isn’t a ginger either, and there’s another gorgeous junk. Not sure about blindfold #30, whom I really wanna clean up, by the way … but, hey, no, I’m not being sacrilegious to this great ginger post, as I do* love* some of the ginger boys here! #13 is so beautiful, and I’m drooling over #14’s hairy parts. #16 is definitely hot, and I like #19 despite the heavy manscaping. #21, #22, #31 and #41 also caught my eye, and #25/29 is WHOA! And there’s sunbathing beauty #1: oh, yeah! Cute, a bit hairy, delicious lean body — I’d fuck with him on that chair till I myself got red. LOL (Actually, it doesn’t take long for my neck to get red in the sun.)

      Although I’m crazy about #1, I’ll declare #24 my Dude of the Day. So hot and so natural! He and me fucking in the middle of Nature —woohoo!

      bw, my thoughts are with you and your furry baby. Really hope the pills make her feel better and she starts eating again very soon.

      Hugs all around,

      • Anthony

        I’m with you on #24 Beto. Que rico! You don’t mind sharing do you 😉

        • Roberto

          Hey, Anthony, I’m always open to share! 😉 #24 es muy rico, muy guapo indeed! As I’d say in Portuguese, o cara é gostoso pra caralho, haha!

          You know what? In the recent glasses post, I finally realized why we have so many common favorites: we share a taste for “real”, natural-looking dudes! 🙂

          Un fuerte abrazo,

          • Anthony

            Yes he is hot as fuck (I had to use a translator. Spanish is not that close to Portuguese compared to Italian)

            And yes “real” guys are the best IMO.

      • bw

        Beto, dogs are tough – she is already feeling much better, albeit tired. I am supposed to give her small bland meals,and she clearly thinks the amounts are too small, so I think we are on the road to recovery. Thanks you for remembering us.

        • Roberto

          bw, my friend, you have no idea how I waited for this news! Yay!! So happy for you and her!!! 🙂

          BTW, what breed is she?

          Big big hugs to both of you!

          • bw

            She is a golden retriever, and while everyone thinks their dog is special, she has the sweetest temperament – She has never seen a human who she did not want to meet and befriend – black, white, Hispanic, poor, rich, the UPS man – you name it. Goldens have become so predisposed to cancer their life span is much shorter than it was 25 years ago, so I count every day as a bonus.

    • Roberto

      Oh, of course hairy, inked, green-eyed #48 (Jingle’s former unrulyboi) is another very hot fella!

    • Larry

      I am busy today and just took a moment to glance at this post. I will come back this evening to savor it pic by pic. I do love red heads. #14 is very nice, Denny. You noticed the hairy legs! Thanks for the gift. More later.

  • ray

    I am a big ginger fan, too, not only of the hair color but also of the spice and the candies made of it, which means that this post like a candy box for me! I’d eat them all…

    abracoes á todos (or something like that…)
    your friend ray

    Beto, since you are Brasilian, I have one question: what possessive pronoun does one use in the plural when adressing several people on the vôce-level??

    • Roberto

      Glad for your interest in my language, Ray! 🙂 If you wanna address more than one person, you use vocês. A few examples:

      Amo todos vocês aqui do URD. I love you all here on URD.
      O que vocês acham da minha escolha? What do you (guys) think about my choice?
      Desejo a todos vocês um ótimo fim de semana! I wish you all a great weekend!

      You’ll find the personal pronoun vós (plural of tu) in literary and religious texts, but you’ll never hear it in Brazil (totally obsolete in speech). But the singular form tu is still used — even more than você in some places. I actually also use it sometimes.


    • Roberto

      BTW, how do I say “hugs” and “kisses” in German? 😉

      Um abração do seu amigo/A big hug from your friend,

      • ray

        It would be “Umarmungen” and “Küsse” in German, it is not used on internet, however (to my knowledge).
        It is all o.t., but any romance language is not a mistery for me, since I had French at school (wich I hated), and I am a university graduated translator for Italian and so have a smattering of Spanish and Portuguese also. Anyway, the question still remains:

        What would be “your” (plural!) friend ray in Brasilian Portuguese?

        • Roberto

          Thank you for the info, Ray! And sorry, I read “possessive pronoun”, but I thought you were actually willing to know more about the personal pronoun vocês. My bad.

          Seu amigo refers to the friend of one or more people you’re talking to (just like ‘your friend’ in English). O amigo de vocês is a possible and more specific construction, so you could say either (O) seu amigo Ray or O amigo de vocês Ray. In BR Portuguese you can omit the definite article before the possessive pronoun, so it’s either ‘o seu’ or just ‘seu’.

          If you were talking to just one person, you could say (O) seu/teu amigo Ray.

          Hope this clears your doubts, but feel free to ask me anything! 😉


          • ray

            Thanks, things are a bit clearer now. One more and last question: How would you pronounce “Niterói”? Like “nee teh roi” or ” nee chee-roi”? Which one would be locally acceptable?

          • Roberto

            No doubt the first one, Ray. The second is not possible.

            BUT… I guess I know where your doubt comes from, so let me elaborate on this a little bit. In unstressed final syllables, /e/ is pronounced as /i/, and in many regions of Brazil the dental stops /t/ and /d/ affricate to [tʃ] and [dʒ] before /i/, respectively. So, for instance, leite (‘milk’) and ponte (‘bridge’) are pronounced [‘lej.tʃɪ] and [‘põ.tʃɪ], respectively. You can also hear [‘dʒi.ə] for dia (‘day’), and so on.

            Given your expertise, I can “complicate” things a little bit and say that the possessive pronouns seu(s)/sua(s) can also refer to the third person, but that occurs especially in writing. In speech, we normally use dele/dela (‘his/her’).


      • ray

        Beto, you have understood my question perfectly. Im theory, I am quite practical in brasilian phonology, but in each single case, the doubts remain.

  • ray

    sry for the misplaced accent

  • Brad

    It’s always nice to look back especially when it includes so many naked H2T guys… 😉 (Thanks, Ben! 😉 ) Here are my top gingers: 24, 34, 39, 41, 46, and 48.

    I will let Beto have first dibs on #24, and I will take #34 for the day!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

  • The New Flops Boy

    My oh my, how I love GINGERS!

    XO FFB

  • Anthony

    So many Gingers treats to sample! Delicioso! I’ll never understand why people hate on them so much.

    Beto and Brad already picked #24 so I’ll just have to wait until they’re done with him 🙂 He’s too yummy to pass up!

  • bw

    I guess it is the scarcity factor (unless you happen to live in Ireland or Scotland) that makes gingers relatively rare and exotic. Add in some pale skin, freckles and pretty blue or green eyes and I’m all in, like for NO 23/40 – can’t really see his eyes but all the other attributes are present, and bonus points for a nice big dick and big balls. And a truly exotic sub-set – furry gingers, like cute No 31 or studly No 48.
    Based on the bulges and other evidence, I’m thinking Prince Harry would be better hung that the lad in the fake NO 32 – but it’s a pretty good fake.

  • Larry

    As I have said before I like exotic men who are different from myself. That usually means different races and nationalities, but includes red heads as a group. I don’t understand why the Brits are so prejudiced against them. Prince Harry is a ginger and who would turn him down? #32 is fake, but the best we have.

    I want to eat holes of # 15, # 22, and # 28 and suck the uncut cock of lanky # 10.

    I wouldn’t turn down # 2, # 6, # 4, # 7, # 9, # 14, and # 44, and three who are not nude # 12, # 13, and # 18.

    Am I correct that # 23 and 40 are the same guy? Some of you are better at spotting these than I am. Jingle?

    That leaves me with the hunky boy with glasses #37 and the great smile and flaming orange pubes on # 3. # 3 is my dude of the day.

    BW – glad to hear your dog is getting better.

    Beto – Your English is so good that I sometimes forget it is not your native language. Makes me feel bad somedays that I only speak English. I took two years of high school French and hated it. I can say a few basic phrases but never understand the answers.

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