Check it out, It’s another Flashback Friday!

4 comments to Check it out, It’s another Flashback Friday!

  • bw

    Another batch of beautiful Friday boys. The fluffy trail on no 7 is spectacular – I wish we could see more of him and what i’m guessing is a furry ass. Several sets of nice low hangers, especially the kid in no 26. And any post with Benjamin Godfre is good (no 38).
    Speaking of low hangers, maybe a nice posting of these lucky guys?
    PS – waiting anxiously for today’s announcement……

  • Jingle

    Like every Flashback Friday, some of these are familiar, some not so much!! But they’re GREAT!! 🙂

    The run of #8, 9, 10… Oh, Hell, Yes!!
    #13, 31, 32, 35 & 48… Crazy Hot!!
    Pretty sure Bill S will claim #15!! 🙂
    #18… WOW!! #44… WHOA!!
    #20 is a total hunk!! So are #22, 23 and bw’s 38!!
    Pic #27 is awesome!! #40 is fantastic!!
    #30 is all ready to check URD!! 😉 Love his tribal back piece!!
    Love how boy-next-door #39 is admiring his pretty dick… God knows I am!! 😉 haha
    #46 is smokin’, rockin’ hot!!

    But at the end of the day, you gotta know how much I loves me some big, beefy, fuzzy, furry, hunky, humpy #41!! Damn dude!!

    Right on!!

  • Bill S

    #39 is a keeper! I know I’d like to do MUCH MORE than admire! (-:
    These “flashback” guys are great!!!

  • Larry

    There is nothing so nice as a boy wearing nothing but a smile, so #15 is my favorite.

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