Check it out, dude… Nips pooking through!

There’s an interesting story about this post. On July 23rd, Jingle commented:
“Hi!! Had a thought inspired by this fantastic post!!… How about a post of guys, with their shirts ON… but big hard nipples pooking through!!
Anyone like that idea?!?! I have a few pics I could send Buff!!…”
We loved the idea, so we sent Jingle an e-mail asking him to send us his pics. He replied “Damn dude, I would have sworn that I some other pics like this from old Tumblr posts! They must have been lost when an old Stupidphone literally blew up!… Grrr… This pic is perfect, though! Love you, John”
So we went in search of pics for the post… but were having a major problem finding them. So, of course, we turned to Beto for help. We sent him an e-mail explaining our problem and asking if he had any pics that would work. He replied: ” I certainly take on the challenge for pics that suit Jingle’s request, hoping to help you guys with some ones. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Hugs and all the best, Beto.”
And, boy… did he ever help! He sent us 42 wonderful pics.
Since we already had some pics collected, this post is a combination of one pic from Jingle (#01 here) – 24 pics from Beto (marked with a small “b” in the lower left or right corner of the photo), and the remaining 23 from our folders.
So… it’s a joint effort that was amazing good fun. Hope you guys like it.
THANK YOU BETO – and, of course, Thanks Jingle for a great post suggestion!

10 comments to Check it out, dude… Nips pooking through!

  • BobbyB

    Magnificent👣Delicious ManCandy

  • Alexander

    Hasn’t been this much fun since notable nips #3.

  • ray

    Thank you, Jingle, Beto and David/Ben, the result of your efforts is great!

  • Bill S

    Both of my choices happen to be “Beto Boys” So thanks Beto!

    My favs are #21 & #28 especially #28 he’s one of those who’s sexy without even trying…

    I am NOT complaining, but I don’t think the mesh shirts count.

    Fun idea Jingle!


    • Larry

      Oh dear. I chose two mesh shirts, #31 and #37 because of their youthful good looks. I also like #26 and agree with you on #28. Such great eye candy.

  • FredinMotul

    Awesome Post Men!! Great Idea well executed. Thanks so much. Jumping out at me are #’s 6 and 8. Sure wish # 8 would run by my place!!

    Everyone be well!!

  • bw

    Even with the model pout look, No 11 is just pretty. And I don’t see much sign of nips, but NO 42 has a lovely fat wiener. I also agree with the consensus on NO 28 – a fine looking young man. Nice post!

  • Jingle

    Hello Daddy #7!! 😛

    As much as I love-Love-LOVE my Double Pierced Nipples and Triple Jewelry,I miss being able to use Snake Bites!!

  • Jingle

    As is so often the case during the work week, I’ve been checking out this wonderful collection in starts and stops!! 😃

    Many thanks to URD, and to our Brother Beto for his stupendous contribution!! 😃

    #2 is insanely HOT!! And if you look very closely at his left nipple, you’ll see 3 bumps!! Clearly, that nipple is pierced, and he has a straight Barbell, with beads that closely match the size of his natural nipple!! Hot damn!!

  • Roberto

    Glad I could help, guys, and it’s always special to see pics posted here. 🙂 I’m also really enjoying the ones you included – any doubts I spotted #11’s, #24’s and #35’s pits before their nips? 😉

    Mmm, all that body hair on #3 under the shower plus that cock rocketing up in his soaked underwear – that’s a hell of a teaser!

    #14 and #39 are strikingly handsome, #22 and #47 are super cute – can’t say which pair I like most. And #17’s buzzcut and ink are just nifty. 🙂

    Looks like the competition has brought #41 a higher level of excitement. 😉

    Thanks to you and Jingle for this super teasing post, Ben!

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