Check it out, dude. Selfies!

Hey, guys. We’re back. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. We’re all good here – and doing well in our little village by the lake. Dub is continuing to work afternoons with Nathan and the crew over at the Koala cove villas. They’re real to finishing the first two of the units.
Over the next week or two, we’ll be doing posts with the guys updating you on the kids and what’s happening with them.
Be careful. Be safe. And remember… wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, wear your masks and practice social distancing. We love you and we’ll get through this. xoxo Ben and David

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  • ray

    David and Ben, I am glad that you’re back again, I’ve been thinking about you and Dub much recently…
    Thank you for the beautiful set of selfies, I will go through them later as I am in a bit of a hurry now – have to let my apartement to a friend for a discrete rendevouz…


  • Bill S

    I was trying to find the “Jingle guy” among these selfies, but there’s too many! 5,9,11,14 or the New Yorker, #38! (-:

    I am looking forward to the posts updating us on the family at the lake!!!

    I’m adding another thought to your list for keeping safe: Stay Away from Sturgis!


  • Larry

    Glad to hear the family news. Looking forward to the updates on the kids.

    Since I don’t get out much perhaps Door Dash can bring me an order of #4 to go with a side of # 33

  • Denny

    After checking out ALL of these hotties, I am making #14 my Dude of the Day. Just enough hair in all the right places, and a handsome handful of boy bits! And LOOK at those ABS!! I’m gettin’ twitches in my britches!!!

    I am pretty sure the visit from the Grands last week end brought Dub a great deal of comfort. Also, I am thinking what a great thing it is that Dub is working – and chatting – daily with his new best friend, Nathan. With his Amish background, and his love of kids, Nathan would know just the right things to say to a little boy with some heavy duty thoughts on his mind.

    Bill S !!! You took the thought right out of my brain, Man!! Frikken STURGIS!! It is a blessing in disguise that it wasn’t in the cards for David and Ben this year!! They couldn’t have carried enough hand sanitizer with them to handle THAT throng!!!

    Congrats to Brad Rutter for winning ONE MILLION BUCKS in the May 2002 Jeopardy Tournament of Champions!!!

    Thank you for the post, David and Ben – love you guys!!!

  • FredinMotul

    Awesome Post Men and glad all is progressing well for you. A dear friend of mine wrote me today and mentioned she was going out to get her Fall Mums for the yard. My first thought was: “Way too early for Mums!” and then I realized the date. Crap! Where has this crazy year gone?

    So, as you say, “Everybody stay safe!” I remember when this applied to other forms of entertainment, not going to the store or eating out! We are living in some strange times indeed.

    Thank you again for these lovely diversons and extra big hugs all around from Mexico!!

  • Jingle

    Ooh, I LOVE a “Selfies” post!! Real dudes, in real settings, BIG fun!! 🙂

    HATE fit #1’s hair!! LOVE his plump taut junk!!
    Can’t you just hear #2 saying, “Not bag if I do say so myself!!” 🙂 haha
    You could add #3, 20, and Long Dong #45 to the fine crew Bill S assembled for me!!
    Larry Lover, looking at your #4 and #33, I was struck by the man-sized cocks on those otherwise trim dudes!! WHEW!!!
    Love #7’s delightful beach scene Shower Curtain!! But I do think the Battleship art print would be better displayed in a different room!! 🙂 Pretty, big-dicked #12, cutie #13, and hunky #47’s choices are much more appropriate for the Bathroom!!
    #9 is a total Hunk Stud!! WOW!!
    And then there’s insanely crazy HOT #10!! Holy Shit!! The face, the hairstyle, the full body suit tattoo, the pooky gumdrop nipples, the amazing uncut cock!! Again I say, WOW!!
    I could take fantastic #14 down to the River, and do my laundry on his washboard abs!! 🙂 haha Is #23 possibly an earlier pic of him?!?!
    Love the contrasting pops of orange and turquoise in #16!! But dude, polish your mirror!! Shoosh!!
    #17 looks to me like it’s been fucked with!! 🙁 Pffft!!
    Take a moment to compare and contrast #24 and #25!!…
    Yeah, I’d give #27 a thumbs-up!! 🙂
    Usually I’m crying about not seeing all of dude’s face – outstanding #42 would be a good example – but in phenomenal #29, I’m lamenting not seeing all his dick!! boohoo
    In #34, just below the dude’s fine junk, check out the fine set of books!! Something we see less and less of!!
    Jesus Christ, #36 is a Tri-Pod!! YOWZA!!!!
    New Yorker #38 is undeniably hunky humpy, but the shades just make him look like a tool!! Pffft!!
    #40’s beautiful cock looks totally suckable!! Yum!!
    Hot Muddog #41 has a fine bone!! 🙂
    Getting back to thick, uncut, fantastic #42: Notice just the small glimpse of jewelry in his right nipple?!?! I choose to believe his left nipple is pierced, too!! 😉
    #44 is crazy sexy cool, and HOT!!
    Can I play with #46’s lovely foreskin?!?!

    Outstanding collection, set, and post!! A joy!! 🙂

    But at the end of the day, Team Jingle would have to be… #29, #42, and #44!!!!!

  • Tim from MO

    Good to hear all of you are doing well! Glad to hear Dub is keeping busy with Nathan. He’s an amazing little man.
    Always fun looking at Dudes taking selfies of themselves in various states of undress, and in particular mirror shots of their abs and junk!
    So hot!

    Denny sent me a message on my tumblr that when he has tried to comment on this URD selfies post, it won’t show up and that he gets a response stating it’s spam.
    He asked me to see if I can comment, I thought I’d mention what he’s experiencing.
    I guess if my comment shows up we know I’m able to….

  • Peter

    Thanks, Ben and David for the update….. and like others you all have been in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear you all are doing ok. Take care you all,
    hugs and love, Peter

  • bw

    Every time I see a post with all these beautiful lads, I thank Al Gore for inventing the internet. And I think about that poor scientist at Kodak who came up with the basics of digital photography only to be told that people want pictures they could hold in their hands.
    The little tag under No 22 says it all, same with NO 16. But my favorite is No 45 – a little older than my usual choice, but he has a lovely big smile and a lovely big dick.

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