Check it out, dude. Selfies!

Ben and I had talked about doing a “selfie” post… and, when we opened our “selfie” folder, we noticed how many of the guys had shaved their junk. Ben said, “I don’t know why guys who do selfies always seem to want to shave their stuff.” I said I didn’t know either. So, here are some guys who shaved their junk and got naked and took pics. Tomorrow, we’ll post some selfie guys with pubes and hair… and testosterone-induced junk. One ain’t necessarily better than the other. Just different.

So last night, we met Craig and Kerry at Jack Stacks BBQ and had a wonderful dinner… and lots of wine… and, afterwards, went up to Kerry’s loft, and had some more wine and smoked a joint… and just mellowed out… and Kerry said he wanted to show us his new stuff. So he took off his shorts and underwear and, sure enough… he had gotten a p.a piercing and a guiche piercing… which meant that all four of us had the same piercings… except David and I are “cut” and Craig and Kerry are “uncut,” and their piercings are new and need to heal. So, eventually, we smoked another joint and ended up naked on the floor… and, since Craig and Kerry are both healing… Ben and I fucked ’em… and licked their new piercings… and it was really fuckin’ wonderful. I think they’re maybe officially a couple now.

6 comments to Check it out, dude. Selfies!

  • Jingle

    LOVE selfies!! “Real” dudes… and fun & interesting to check out the backgrounds, too!!

    Fine collection of fit, young, big-dicked guys… but yeah, they did get a little carried away with their clippers & razors!!

    Great start to a great post, #1 is adorable!! So are #39 and #41!!
    #3 and #43 are goofs!! 🙂
    #5, 15, 20, 25 and 35 are all bangin’ hot!!
    #6 is playin’ it coy!! 🙂
    Oh my… #7, 14, 30, 34 and 46!! Oh my!!
    The entire third row of #9, 10, 11 and 12; and #23, 27, 27, 32 and 38 are all rockin’ hot!!
    That is one crazy lookin’ shower arm in #13!!
    #16, 24, 28, 31 and 45 are cuties… and their torsos are insane!!
    I wonder if #18 is gonna re-think his tattoo??
    #21 and #36… Holy Shit!! Those dudes are tri-pods!!
    #22 and #37 are scruffy hot!!
    Don’t know why #33 looks so dour… Dude, you’re young, cute, fit, hot and hung… Happy up!! 🙂
    Love the tasty looking mushroom head on #42’s dick!!

    But given my choice??… Oh yeah, it’s sexy, crazy hot #26!!

    Nice!! But it does sound like Monday’s post might be more of my arena!! 🙂 Can’t wait…

    Oh, and your Saturday night was a damn sight more interesting than mine!! Oh well, can’t win ’em all!! This afternoon is gonna be good, though!! heehee My black buddy, Robbie, is cumming over for a suck & fuck marathon!! 🙂

  • ray

    I’m happy to read that you had an amusing weekend!
    Love the selfies, I think one of the reasons so many guys shave their pubes is because it makes everything look bigger…

  • Larry

    Loved the post. I agree with Ray that shaving makes it appear bigger, but also when I suck cock I don’t like a mouthful of hair.

  • Roberto

    Natural, trimmed or shaved — everybody is entitled to do whatever they want to their bodies. The problem is when guys develop an aversion to body hair and start removing it off their bodies obsessively as if it were some sort of dirt. And they look at your hairy body and really believe it’s “anti-hygienic” on your part not to shave it. And, yeah, they might even look disgusted or frightened at your hairy ass… To my view, that’s when things go from personal preference to pathological stuff.
    Ray is right: some guys shave their pubes to make their cocks look bigger. They also remove the hair off their chests and stomachs because they think this way their muscles will stand out.
    I’m having trouble trying to find any trace of hair in these guys — I mean, they shave their legs too?! At least some have preserved their pits…
    Somehow #15 caught my eye, so he is my pick.
    Looking forward to those with “testosterone-induced junk”! And great to know that you guys had so much fun on the weekend!

    • unrulyadmin

      Well said, Beto. There’s a personal trainer at our gym who shaves his entire body – head, arms, legs – everything except his pits. He’s a really good guy and I asked him about his shaving one day. He said, “I’ve spent years building my body and I don’t want hair covering up all that hard work. On him, it’s a good look, but, I swear, I might divorce my husband if he ever shaved off his beautiful body hair.

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