Check it out, dude. SISCO !

Yup. Another new post acronym. It started when I did a “jeans” post a while back and “BillS” commented, saying: “Hot post! I imagined them FCCO! LOL” That got Ben thinking about doing a post of shirtless dudes in jeans with their cocks out. He came up with the new acronym “SIJCO” which “Jingle” nailed immediately. Anyway, it’s Spring now and we’ve mostly traded our jeans for shorts, so I thought a “SISCO” post would be fun (Shirtless in Shorts, Cock Out). Hope you guys are enjoying the warmer Spring weather – and find inspiration with these dudes (mostly) in their shorts!

It was an unusually brutal Winter and here in the Northland and we’re excited about Spring’s arrival. The grass has turned green almost overnight – the birds are building their nests and the squirrels are out and making the dogs crazy. The gang will all be at the Lake for Easter weekend. We’ll get the boats out of storage and spend some time on the water – even if it’s too cold to be “IN the water.” 🙂

9 comments to Check it out, dude. SISCO !

  • ray

    So the mystery of the abbreviations is finally unveiled. The guys in shorts are a delight, especially # 25 and 42!
    Enjoy your weekend at the Lake!

  • Jingle

    At First Glance, my eyes went RIGHT to fuzzy furry hunky humpy, nipple pierced, cock ringed, uncut, bald and beautiful, bangin’ hot #44!! Hot Damn!!

    But I’m sure I’ll find quite a few more delights when I carefully revisit later!!… 😛

  • Oh my! 39, 40, and 41 all in succession. Whoa!

  • Jingle

    This phenomenal post is really making me look forward to warmer weather, and the shedding of bulky clothing in favour of lighter layers that are easier to put on… and easier to take off!! 🙂 haha

    And you had me from the git… #1 is crazy hot!! I especially like the small jewelry in his PA that snugly fits his pretty dick!!
    LOVE the voyeuristic view of bangin’ hot #2 taking a leak!!
    #3, 6, 24, 27, and 39… Yeah, I’d do ’em!! Is that even a question?!?! 😉
    Aww… #4 is a d-o-l-l, doll!!
    I’ll bet my left nut that bangin’ hot #7 just took a piss, and now he’s gonna jerk it til he nuts!!
    #8 and #15 have a very similar look, that I very much like!! (But #8 has better shoes!! #15’s Velcro strap sneakers have to go!! Shoosh!!)
    Junior hunk stud #13!! WOW!!
    Pisser #16 and selfie #23 are nasty crazy scary hot!!
    #17… Hello Daddy!! Dang!!
    Hunk studs #20 and #45 are MAGNIFICENT!! WHOA!!!!!
    #26 is fantastic!! And he’s more than welcome to continue tweaking his nipples while I blow him!!
    #31 and #48’s slips may or may not be accidental… But that’s one of the pleasures of warm weather dressing!! 🙂 haha
    Great headlights on lean and sinewy selfie #33!!
    I’m assuming #34 and #37 are vintage pics?!?! Those Flattops are awesome!!
    Rockin’ hot #36’s slip is most certainly no accident!! Hey, I’m not bitchin’… his junk is beautiful!!
    Naughty, mischievous #38 is certainly enjoying putting on his little peep show!! 🙂 haha
    I wanna play with handsome #41’s generous foreskin!!
    #42!! Oh my… WHEW!!!
    I’d climb a tree to get at crazy hot #43’s dick!!
    Heavily tattooed #46, with his doleful expression, is a return visitor!! Good to see him, and his big dick, again!!

    My appreciation for #44 is undimmed, but oh holy hell, how insanely hot is #28?!?! Jesus Christ!! That is one fine man!! I want them BOTH!! (And #26 and #43 could join in if they like!! 😉 )


  • bw

    Jingle and I don’t usually agree on the same winner, but NO 28 is a look twice or three times handsome man. And like mahtinp, I immediately noticed NO 39’s sweet smile.
    Spring has definitely sprung here in the foothills – we should have our first 80 degree day of the year today – the birds are singing, the blueberries have bloomed, and the green wave of pollen from the pine trees is slowly advancing our way. It’s a wonderful time of year to live in this area.

  • Roberto

    On the first row, #3 stands out with that gorgeous natural junk, charming goatee and face, and delicious body… YUM!

    #6 looks bloody ready for some incredibly hot action, and the more I look at him, the more I imagine him as a sexual beast!

    Just like Jingle, I so dig both #8 and #15! And am I seeing some cum dripping from the latter’s cock?! Oh, my, what a delightful view!

    If #10 invites me for a ride, I won’t hesitate for a millisecond…

    Is it just me or beach boy #11’s cockhead is looking exceptionally succulent? Hell, he’s succulent from H2T!

    My guess is that #13 would easily make Bill S’ top list here… 😉

    #16 is so crazy sexy! After seeing that pic, I’m imagining him spurting cum…

    #22 and #24, oh, yeah!

    Jingle, I think #26 welcomes a second guy from the CCC to play with his nipples while you’re busy down there. 😉

    Impossible to look at #30 and not dream of a wild stand-up fuck right there!

    #31 is another very appetizing cutie, especially with that dick slip!

    With a buzz cut and natural bush, #35 can’t go wrong with me. 🙂

    Hum, am I getting a Brazilian vibe from #48? Well, wherever he’s from, he’s fucking tasty!

    Now, #18 is a total dream, instant choice for me… but I’ll be greedy and make it a top 4 with his neighbor #19 (so real, so natural and so bloody freaking hot), #36 (dick slip, pits, I’m drooling all over him…), and inkful #46, who is indeed a return visitor, as Jingle noted; moreover, he was my Treasure of the Week in the trash post of Aug 17, 2016! I called him ‘badastic’ for very good reason! 🙂 Here’s his pic from that post:

    Yay, bring more guys in shorts anytime! Fantastic, David! 🙂
    Hope you guys have had (or are having) a wonderful stay at the lake!

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