Check it out. Dudes in undies (kind-of)!

We’re happy to hear that Denny and Dave are safe and surviving the big East Coast snowstorm with minimal disruption to their lives. Thanks for letting us know, Denny.
Of course we’ve been watching Jeopardy every day and are pretty much blown-away by
Brayden Smith. He does remind us a bit of “Jeopardy James” but Dub is relieved to learn he’s not a “professional gambler” like James. We’ll be pulling for him when we watch the show this evening!

I’m happy to tell you another crisis has been averted here in the Table Rock compound. The problem came up on Tuesday when Janette was working with the kids on their French. She told them about Christmas traditions in Franch such as “L’Avent,” “La Crèche,” and “Le Père Noël.” Then, she asked them what their favorite Christmas traditions were. They talked about lighting the roof lines of the cabins and Christmas trees and singing carols. Then, Chance asked if a tradition had to be something old. Janette said she thought a Christmas tradition could be something special that had happened, perhaps as little as one time – but would be repeated year after year. So Chance said “My favorite is our Christmas Zip Line (“Noel Tyrolienne” in French). It’s where us kids go up on this platform and pick up a Christmas gift for someone and ride down the zip line saying “Santa gift for (Carol or Bella or whoever). It’s real fun and I think it’s my favorite thing about Christmas.” The kids all agreed and then, of course, added “Noel Tyrolienne” to their French vocabularies.
The problem was that we were planning to have our big Christmas celebration at the clubhouse over at Koala Cove this year – instead of at Cal and Alex’s house like last year. And, of course there’s no zip-line at the clubhouse. I told the kids and they were totally bummed. It was like I’d told them there was no Santa or there wouldn’t be a Christmas this year.
So… I sent Alex a text and told him about the problem. Long story short, Alex and
Nathan got right on it and they’ve installed a temporary platform and the anchors for an even longer zip line at the club house. Honestly, these two are miracle workers.
This morning, I told the kids about the new, longer zip-line at Koala Cove and they’re ecstatic about it. Crisis averted. Joy to the World 🙂
We hope you’ve all made your Holiday plans and that this will be one of your best ever! xoxo Ben and David

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  • FredinMotul

    Gracious men! Your Christmas keeps getting better and better! Congratulations! Fine Post too. Reminds me of the good old single days, when things would get interesting as various assets are revealed for the first time. Not to worry, I still get excited every time I see my Hubby of 34 years get nekkid! Life is good here in Mexico. Storms are gone. Finally drying out, and looking over the repair/replace list for January. Workers standing by to help. Guest Suite took a big hit in the roof, but, for now, we are stable, drying and clean. Much to do! Be well all!

  • Denny

    What a stroke of good luck that Janette mentioned traditions, that Chance picked up on it, and that Nathan was available to build an even BIGGER zip line at Koala Cove Clubhouse!! You would have had a clubhouse full of Christmas sad sacks otherwise!!!

    Speaking of Nathan – I think the grandest Christmas gift that anyone could receive this year would be if Nathan’s wife were able to tell him that he was going to be a daddy in 2021.

    You guys knocked it out of the park AGAIN with this post!

    The first one to catch my eye was #11. Did you notice that his treasure trail looks like a Christmas tree??!!

    #38 looks happy to see you, with his legs spread wide…waiting. He looks extra cute with his “almost ginger” beard.

    #32 is another nicely hairy bad boy – woof.

    #36 we should save for Larry. COME AND GET IT, LARRY!!!

    The worst part of Brayden Smith scaring the crap out of us tonight on Jeopardy by ALMOST losing, and NOT making it to $100K when he was SO close, is that we won’t be seeing him for the next 2 or 3 weeks when the show goes into reruns. Let’s hope for the best when he returns.

    A tout a l’heure, mes amis, hasta la vista, and Auf Wiedersehen !!!

  • Alexander

    Merry Christmas Everyone,

    You are going to have a great holiday🎄
    Even though the grans are staying down under have a great time – zoom included.
    Will Jim and Carol join in? Have a most excellent “Noel Tyrolienne”


  • ray

    I still have difficulties to understand what that “zip line” exactly might be. But the idea seems to be charming!
    I really would not have noticed the “undies” at all…So many fine guys! I would like to help out #16…
    As for Christmas here: everything but grocery stores/supermarkets and drug stores is closed, and one cannot/should not go out without a valid reason, so the merryness will be limited. The Fourth Reich is coming.


  • Bill S

    #23 makes me want to feel the heft of that package. Looks nice and heavy! And it’s a cute way to pose for a photo. Shows off his ass too! LOL


  • bw

    I’m off in the morning for sunny central Florida to visit family for Christmas. I hope all my URD brothers have a wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – 2021 has to be better! And to the gang at the Lake, I know it will be a special time. I can not truthfully say we have anything as fun as a zip line – we’re lucky to get the ‘kids’ up by 9 to eat breakfast. But especially this year, being with family is the best gift of all.
    Big hugs to everyone! BILL

  • Jingle

    To be balls-out honest – pun, intended 🙂 – I noticed this fantastic new post yesterday!! But I decided to save it til today, so I could have my Sunday Morning!! French Roast in the Coffeemaker, Sports Center on the TV, and URD on the Chromebook!! 🙂

    I’ve used this exclamation before, and I’m gonna use it again… “Fun, sexy, naughty post!!” None – not one – of these dick slips is an accident!! But I’m sure as hell NOT complaining!! 🙂

    May I suggest “BIG Dicks” as another tag on this phenomenal collection?!?! There are plenty – and I do mean PLENTY – of them on display!! WHEW!!!


    Love bangin’ hot bleach blond #1’s big knob cockhead and pierced nipples!!
    #2 should really get his belts off the radiator!! The dry heat isn’t good for the leather!! Shoosh!!
    Junior hunk stud #3 is crazy rockin’ hot!!
    #6, and his plaid-clad downstairs neighbour #10, are the Badass Fuck Machines of the group!! YOWZA!!!!
    There is soo much to admire and enjoy in #7!! WOW!!
    LOVE #8’s impressive “ski jump” cock!! (You might like to compare and contrast to the opposing curve of #45’s cock?!?!)
    Denny Deartheart’s #11 is undeniably classically Handsome & Hot!! But I do wonder if the analogy of his trail to a Christmas tree would have occurred to him at different time of year?? 🙂 haha
    #13, 14, 18, 22, 30, and 46 are all rockin’ hot!! And dicks for days!! Dang!!
    Big Boy #15’s hot load should have been down my throat!! Guess I’ll just have to lick it off his great pecs, and wonderful pierced nipples!! Special props to the photographer for the outstanding stop action picture!!
    Ohhh… I love liebster ray’s crazy hot #16!! Did you notice the conveniently placed pump bottle of lotion for languid stroking while enjoying URD on that rather archaic computer?!?! 🙂 haha Hey, who among us hasn’t done it?!?!
    5th Row “book-ends”, #17 and #20, are both MAGNIFICENT!! WHOA!!!!!
    Cutie #19 has quite the collection of VHS tapes!! 🙂 haha
    Bill S’s #23 has a gorgeous cock!! And I’d let him tea-bag me with those lovely low-hangers any day!!
    It would hard not to smile back at #25!! 🙂
    Who’s gonna look after sluts #26 and #31?!?! Damn fine junk on both those hot-to-trot dudes!!
    Aww… #28 has such a great guy-next-door look about him!! (And you know I totally dig that superb, deeply-tufted. tobacco brown divan!! 😉 )
    You’ll get no argument from me regarding Dearheart’s bangin’ hot #32!! And I’m greatly intrigued by the Flight Suit hanging beside him!!
    #38 is bangin’ hot!! His smile makes him even more engaging!! 🙂
    Wonder who #41 is texting/sexting with?!?!
    Fans of a furry ass will love slut #42!!
    Muddog #43 is fantastic!! And he greatly resembles David Gahan – the lead singer of Depeche Mode – when he went through a long hair phase!!

    But at the end of the day, I have a favourite that’s a bit out of my wheelhouse!!… Crazy scary HOT, edgy, lean & sinewy, smooth selfie #5!!!!! (Sometimes, you gotta step outside the box!!) Dude is amazing!! And while I’m on my knees, happily sucking his long lovely uncut cock, and licking and nuzzling his fine balls, I could reach up and tweak his pierced nipples!! While his left nipple is obscured by his smartphone; if you zoom in, and look closely, you can see just a glimpse of the jewelry!! Those “Segment Rings” in his very nice nipples set him back a pretty penny!! Easily $250 for the pair!! We all have little luxuries we choose to spend our money on, ri-i-ight?!?! 🙂 But I’ve gone off topic!!… Imagine that!! 🙂 haha


  • Denny

    Jingle, Babydoll!! That was a good catch on #5’s nipple rings!! You musta had his pic enlarged to room size!! Wouldn’t it hurt like hell to have that segmented jewelry passed thru a tender titty?? OUCH!!

    About #38 vs #30. #38 initially attracted me because of his inviting smile, and all sprawled out across the bed, AND his hairy chest AND his nips and pits – all missing in #30. (you know how picky gay guys can be!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

    Guess what it’s doing outside again today?? DAD – BLAMMIT !!! SNOWING!!! At least today they’re only predicting one half inch.

    I loved your play-by-play today, Babydoll!!! Thank you!! XOXOXO

    • Jingle

      Dearheart… if my #5’s piercings were well-healed and “cured”; inserting the Segment Rings with a dab of Surgical Jelly, or even just Neosporin, would have been easy and painless!! 🙂

      Thanks for your interest!! I always enjoy our chats!! 🙂

      Hang in there, babe!! Love, John

  • Denny

    Let us all rejoice as we look back to Christmas Day 2015 and say…



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