Check it out. Dudes rated “PG”

Hey, guys, it’s Ben. I wasn’t sure what rating to assign to this post, so I looked up the ratings guide on-line:
“G: General Audiences. This program is designed to be appropriate for all ages. …
PG: Parental Guidance Suggested…
PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some material may not be suited for children under age 13…”
Not sure whether this would be “PG” or “PG-13”. As far as I’m concerned, it could just be rated “HOT”.

Here’s a letter to the editor from today’s Kansas City Star newspaper:
Governor Mike Parson welcomes you to Missouri. The “Not-Me” State. The COVID capital of the U.S.
When you leave, take home a special gift to your family and friends, the delta variant virus. You will remember it for the rest of your life. Enjoy your visit!”
In Taney County, MO where we live, the COVID vaccination rate is just over thirty percent and the risk level is “SEVERE.” As a result, we’re locked down as tight as we were before the vaccines became available. We all have a bit of “cabin fever” but we’re proud of how well the kids have been dealing with it. We’ve been spending most afternoons out on the lake – boating, fishing, swimming and wake boarding. That’s a BIG help.
On rainy afternoons (we’ve had quite a few) Dub has been hanging out at Nathan and Diana’s -helping Diana with the babies. He says he’s gotten “real good at changing diapers.” Says the important thing to remember is to “keep their dinkies covered when you take the old diaper off ’cause cold air turns ’em into pee fountains.” I asked him if minds changing diapers and he said “Nah. It’s just pee and poop 🙂

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  • FredinMotul

    And you say this is G Rated, but why are there so many X Rated thoughts in my head right now? For me, Special attention to # 8 and #19! OMG, another time, another Life, and WOW!

    Great post men.

    Now, Please do not feel like you guys are the only ones Isolating yourselves and your Families. Hubby and I are maintaining the protocols that have kept us safe and healthy at the expense of going out of the house for now. No mater what they say, it is just safer now, even when vaccinated, to stay home if you can. You have the lake!! Awesome. We have our 12 foot wall around the entire property with a jungle and Pool inside to keep us busy while we Self Isolate. Be safe rather than Sorry!!!

    Big Brother Dub! What a wonderful thing for him and Diana and the babies. You guys must be so proud of him. Excellent!

    Really fine Post, Thanks. Everyone, please take this stuff seriously and stay safe.

    Oh, and BTW. Can anybody explain Why the GOP in Tennessee is determined to kill off its constituency? No Department of Public Health?? Mind boggling.

  • Denny

    As far as ratings go, I would say if the dude isn’t showing his “dinky” (lol), a “PG” would certainly work. 😆

    My favorite guy here is #17. What a hairy beauty! – and he’s not showing much of his “dinky”. – just enough to make me wanna rip that towel right off him! The pic is PG, but my thoughts, like Fred’s, are all XXX !!!

    Speaking of dinkies – it’s good that Diana had 2 boys. Had there been a girl baby, Dub the diaper changer is too young at 9 years old to be tormented by thoughts of what happened to HER dinky !!! 😨 You guys have a few more years before you have to teach “birds and the bees” classes! 😃


  • ray

    Ben, there is nothing untowards about these lovely pictures! As Fred said,it is only in our minds… # 8 and # 30 are simply wonderful!

    I’m sorry about the situation in Missouri! Here, nobody – that is, the “population”, not the politicians and those who make money with it – takes that delta sh..seriously any more…
    The idea of dub and the tiny twin boys is more than cute!!!

    Love to all and stay healthy!

  • Bill S

    I keep waiting for #31 and #33 to Stand up! So, I guess they are my favorites: the “boxer” and the “plumber.” (-;


  • Larry

    Had a good laugh over Dub’s comment “it’s just pee and poop

    As for republican responses to covid, I say what good is freedom if you are dead?

  • BobbyB

    Beautiful🎉Hairy Beary

  • Denny

    Ray – Dear Man!

    Are you anywhere near the catastrophic flooding in Germany that we are seeing on the world news over here in the U.S.? I hope not!!

    • ray

      Denny dear, thank you so much for thinking of me! No, the floods were in the Western parts of the country, fortunately Berlin is far away from this desaster and anyway a city where it doesn’t rain much!

  • mahtinp

    Who else noticed the other dude in Pic #16?

    This post could not be more different from the twinkalicious post for Larry’s birthday. Not G rated, but very sexy nonetheless.

  • bw

    This was a fun post, and I could practice my ‘find the dick skills without being caught’. I’m not sure NO 40 is PG – the lad has quite a fat hard sausage in those shorts.
    I’m so tired of the whole Covid mess, I have adopted a “fuck you” attitude – I tried to do everything right, had Covid, and also got the vaccine, so I am only going to worry about the things I can control. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s fine with me. But if you get as sick as I did you will regret it, especially if you end up in ICU on a ventilator.
    Ray – I am so sorry about the disaster – one story I saw said that part of a castle than was hundreds of years old slid down a hill so that’s a lot of rain. Take care of yourself!

    • ray

      Bill, thanks for your thoughts, I do not think that there is any danger here. We’ve had quite a few lightning storms and showers, but nothing serious.
      I have adopted the same attitude as you – I will not worry about alleged Covid variants, I am vaccinated ( not because I believe in a benefit, but to be able to go to the gym) and that’s all I can do.

    • Jingle

      VERY apt assessment of #40!! Dude is dangerously close to a dick slip!! WHEW!!!

  • unrulyadmin

    Bill… If anyone has a right to be “tired of the whole COVID mess,” it’s you! We’re tired of it, but haven’t been through anything like you. Actually, other than yourself, we don’t even know anyone who’s had COVID. A couple who were friends with Jim and Carol years ago – and were anti-vaxers, both got COVID and died a few weeks ago. Jim says he’d like to be sorry for them – but just can’t. The number of “anti-vaxers” in this area is unbelievable.

  • Jingle

    I’ve been looking at this charming post, in starts and stops, since it went up!!

    I’m hoping to really get into it this afternoon!!…

  • Jingle

    Quaint, lovely, charming, quite innocent, collection!! 🙂 But as others have noted, eliciting some very naughty thoughts!! 🙂 haha

    Wish we had a full view of #1’s face!!… that torso, complete with pierced nipples, is insanely hot!! WOW!!

  • bw

    I hesitate to suggest a post, but this one inspired it, sort of. Everyone here at URD has been known to check dudes out if they are bulging, and trying not to get caught. Then Saturday I saw a throwback picture of Edgar and Johnny Winter (Johnny died 7 years ago Friday) and they are both in jeans, both pretty gifted boys, and both hanging to the right (All you younguns – Google the Edgar Winter Group). So my suggestion – a visible penis line post (or as the kids today call it a “dickprint”). And not staged for TikTok or Twitter – Real dudes showing a real bulge. I know this is a lot of work and a lot to ask, but I think it would be a fun post.

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