Checkin’ it out!

Way back on February 1st, our friend (and “Requester-in-Chief) Bill S. had been looking at our post of guys staring at their own junk and commented: “I’d like to see a variation on this theme: a post where the buddy is doing the worshipping!”
It sounded like an easy post. Guys takin’ a peek at a bud’s junk – but it’s proven to be one of the most challenging post requests ever. Anyway, here are some dudes who are takin’ a look to see what their bud has to offer. Thanks for the request, Bill. Sorry this has taken so long.

9 comments to Checkin’ it out!

  • Jingle

    Fun, funny, naughty, sexy, HOT post!! And we all do it!! haha Thanks to Bill S for suggesting it!! 🙂

    Notice the foot in #2?? There’s at least one other guy there!!
    If the dude on the Left in #6 drops the soap, he’s in for a BIG surprise!! heehee
    The pants-down dude in #7 is crazy hot!!
    Don’t just sit there, #12… Go get it!!
    The naked dude in #13 is rockin’ hot!!
    I wonder how the unsuspecting dude coming through the gate #17 is gonna react??
    Pic #21… WOW!!
    A little persuasion going on #22, huh??
    #23 reminds me of yesterday in the park!! haha (I was in the passenger seat, and on the dick, in no time!! 😉 )
    Pics #27 & #46 are old favourites for quite a few of us!! Always good to see them again!!
    Pic #29 is great!! ALL eyes are on that pretty cock!!
    Sweetie, at the risk of being a bitch, isn’t selfie #30 just a series of reflections and re-reflections in the mirrors??
    I think Sleeping Beauties #32 & #44 are about to be pounced on!! haha
    #34 is a hoot!! Notice the dude’s left nut hanging out of his cut-offs??
    BOTH dudes in #35 are studs!! A little mutual adoration going on there!! Shared attraction in #38 & #45, too!!
    I can’t imagine it took long for the clothed hottie in #48 to drop to his knees!!

    But, holy hell, how fucking amazing is the reclining hunk badass in #28??

    Another awesome post!! Thank you!!

  • unrulyadmin

    Hey, babe… You definitely ain’t a bitch. We probably looked at about a million pics to put this post together… and, although we had a lot of fun with it… we still don’t feel like we got it right. Ummmm sometimes that’s just how it goes when you’re in the blogging business. We just did the best we could for our totally wonderful friend, “Bill S.” It probably should have been better,,, but, after almost 6 months of searching… it was the best we could do. Pretty much just the way it is 🙂

  • cliff

    One of my all time fav posts. Not sure I can identify why it has me “going” so, but now I’ll have to take care of myself before work.

  • Jingle

    Holy shit, this post was amazing!! I’m really sorry I even mentioned ONE pic out of 48… I didn’t mean to bust your balls at all!! (Although I’d LOVE to make you bust your nut!! 😉 )

  • ray

    It always amazes me that you guys can do virtually any post requested! Thank you for all the work you’re doing for us!

  • Bill S

    This post is FABULOUS! And it could be a “STORY” tag as well. So many of these beg for a caption. And many look like they could be a scene from a movie (maybe some are (-;).

    In #11 — I imagine the hunk on the couch was quitly looking at porn and doing what we do, when he’s “caught” by his hunkalicious roomy. One thing leads to another and…

    That’s just one example of many in this most mouth-watering post! Thanks Buff-n-Ben!!!


  • bw

    No. 9 is a perfect example of guys, straight or otherwise, checking each other out. And the guy on the bike in No 16 is more than a little interested in his bud – and that would have been me, except I hope I was less obvious. Another excellent post-thanks!

  • Peter in Maine

    Hot , hot post boys! What is more indulgent than a bunch of voyeurs, looking at a bunch of voyeurs!!!!
    The hot Dude with the belly slapper in #27, trumps all the rest for me. I like em all.
    Thanks and BRAVO
    Peter IM

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