Cigar ‘n Cum…

Ran across this dude on line and thought he needed to be his own post. Maybe one or two of you guys will ignore the cigar and help him out 🙂

6 comments to Cigar ‘n Cum…

  • Jingle

    AWESOME dude!! Ruggedly handsome!! Fuzzy furry hunky humpy!! Nice pooky gumdrop nipples!! Pretty chub dick and taut plump balls!! In other words… TJM!! 🙂

    Not shy or modest at all!! Loves being naked outdoors!! Freely enjoys his pleasures!! My kinda guy!! 🙂

    Interesting to note that in the second set, he’s wearing what appears to be a Wedding Ring… Wouldn’t let that stop me from getting on my knees and getting a nice load for myself!! 🙂

    And I have no objections whatsoever to his Cigar!! 🙂

  • Roberto

    Cigar? What cigar? I was just thinking of how marvelous it’d be to lick the cum off his beautiful beard and chest fur… YUM, pure testosterone-flavored milk!! You should know I effing LOVE his natural look!! Which makes me a bit disappointed with the second set of pics — marriage is not treating him well…

    Thanks for the treat and a nice weekend to all!

    • unrulyadmin

      Since David and I wear wedding rings, when we noticed this gus’s ring, we assumed he’s married to a dude. And that he and his humpy, similarly-furred hubby are looking for a threesome or foursome. Maybe with Jingle? Maybe with David and me? Maybe with you and Lele?

  • Brad

    Clearly, he is a man’s man, and loving to show-off his man parts… 😉 He and I share at least one commonality–a cock ring! Will request that he leave the cigar outside… 😉

    Thanks for sharing him, David and Ben! Have a great weekend!

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