“Cracks me up”!

We had planned this post as a kind of “Welcome back” for Denny and Dave. Thought it would be a way to sort of ease them back into the wonderful world of porn. Of course, they got back and got to the blog before we could get his posted, but… hey… what tha fuck… Welcome back guys!

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  • ray

    Yes, it is so good you are back, Denny and Dave!

    In German, the phenomenon so beautifully illustrated here is called “Maurerdekolleté” (“mason’s decollete/cleavage)…

  • Jingle

    Oh, I just love these!! And it really happens in the “real” world!! Fun, funny, and accidentally, unintentionally sexy!! 🙂

    Reminds me of an old episode of The Golden Girls when Blanche said, “Oh, I love plumbers!!… Good with their hands, dumb as stumps, and don’t mind showing you the crack of their ass when they bend over!!” 🙂 haha

    Awesome dudes, awesome coin slots!! 🙂

    BIG fun!! 🙂 Thanks so much!!

    • Jingle

      Oh, and speaking of plumbers… For what hot hunky plumber #37 is gonna have to charge for trenching through that concrete basement floor, he ought to put on a little show!! 🙂 haha

  • bw

    On the rare occasions when I see someone like NO 36 – a patch of soft fur at the base of his spine, leading to a furry crack, it gets me all hot and bothered – probably what Ben would look like if he ever had a crack up like this.

  • Denny

    Oh my soul!! You G-U-Y-S!!! What a happy surprise!!!

    Ptown was fantastic, we enjoyed every minute, but as I mentioned earlier – it’s always great to get back to your own bed and the things you’re accustomed to in your daily routine.

    I never expected THIS!!!

    It didn’t take me long to find my Dude of the Day here – #3!! He looks like he could be persuaded to show more ( and DO more!) if you just sweet talked him a little bit. You know, tell him how handsome he is while you blatantly stare directly at his crotch. 😉

    #4 looks like he’s waiting for the guy he spent the night with to slide those jeans down to his ankles and start all over again!

    I wonder if Ben ever encountered and guys like #43 when he was framing houses with Craig… Can you just imagine working around THAT all day!!!

    Thank you, Guys, for this most awesome welcome back!!


    P.S. Although our friend, Fred in Motul is pretty far from Mexico City, with all the shaking and rattling from the seismic waves of the earthquake there, I hope he is safe.

  • Kent

    I love this post. Guys being guys, either unaware or not caring that they’re teasing so many of us. And college boy #26 is advertising for some after-class fun. Hot!

  • Jingle

    Back for a long look, and a few chuckles!! 🙂 haha

    Denny Dearheart, it seems to me that your rockin’ hot #3 is staring directly at YOUR crotch!!
    #4, 22 and 43 are nice, to be sure: but they’re professional models – made up, properly lit, staged and posed!! Sure they’re hot… They’re paid to be!! I’m much more interested in, and intrigued by, the “real” guys!! Especially the hard working, blue collar dudes!! 🙂
    Can you just imagine what #6 would look like from the front?!?! On the other hand, he should probably be a little more modest and discreet; given that he’s in the company of a (mostly unseen) child!! Shoosh!!
    Muscle hunk #14 must be participating in one of those “Toughman” competitions??
    #16… Ride ’em, cowboy!! 🙂 haha
    Hey fisherman #34… Getting any nibbles?? 🙂 haha
    Ah jeez… Twink #35 is wearing a boy-thong!! Pffft!! No, thanks!!
    #46 is more than a little crack… It’s a full moon!! No doubt showing off his tattoo!! Now that’s a loyal fan!! 🙂 haha
    Notice the date-stamp in #47?? 7/17/2010 More than seven years ago!! Wonder what they all look like now…

    But, oh holy hell; how about totally naked, hunky humpy, badass cyclist #25?!?! What a thrill-seeker!! (At least he’s wearing a helmet!!) Hope he’s on his way to my house!! 🙂

    Such a fun, clever idea for a post!! And so well done!!

  • Roberto

    Don’t know why it took so long for such a marvelous theme to pop up here and become a post, but I’m so glad it finally happened! LOVE these cofrinhos, and (daddy?) #6 may be my favorite… but it’s so cock teasing everywhere you look at!


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