Cruisin’ the Park

Had a comment from our bud, “Bill S.” saying: “Trees will be dropping their leaves much too soon, but that makes me think that “Cruisin’ The Park” would be a hot post, if you like the idea!”
Actually, I did a post with this theme back on June 5th (see “Park” tag on the right side of the page)… but I’ve had so much fun cruising public parks that I thought, Oh, Hell YES – let’s do it again! Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. I’m guessing you, Jingle, and a whole bunch of our guys have all had your share of park sex.

6 comments to Cruisin’ the Park

  • Agreed! I do love a good romp in the park!

  • Jingle

    Damn skippy!! One of the delights of Summer!!

    GREAT post…and you had me from the git!! Beautiful dick on #1!!
    Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the tree trunks in #4?? haha
    I wonder if the fucking couple knew/cared that they had an audience in #5??
    LOVE #7’s thick uncut cock & big balls!!
    Pic #8 is hot. The dude is hot. The pissing is hot. HOT
    Insanely hot cocksucking going on in #11, 13, 15, 18, 25, 34 & 36!!
    #19… WOW!!
    How could anyone just walk past and not at least watch, if not participate in #22??
    Oh calm down #24, I’m gonna suck it!! Just as soon as I’m done with #27!! 🙂
    #31 is just beautiful!!
    I can’t help but think that #42 whipped it out on a dare…
    #44 is off-the-charts!!
    Hmmm… had a moment imagining #47 hard, and in my mouth!! Great nipples, too!!

    Awesome post, Buff!! Really liked this!! (Now I gonna go check out the old post!! haha) Love ya babe!!

  • Tim from MO

    Ahh yes….’The Park’.
    So many memories!!!! ;-p

    I like the post, so many here I’d LOVE to cum across at a Park, WOOF!

  • Bill S

    I REALLY like the ones that look like I might come upon them in a park setting. You know — they came wearing clothes! I guess it’s the voyeur in me!

    The guy getting sucked in #15 has such an expression! It’s like he’s talking to the guy with the camera: “Yea, I like this!”

    #42 might have been “on a dare” & I want to know what HE’s looking at! (-:

    Hey Jingle, why no comment on #43 ? ………just kidding!

    I’m sure I’ll remember the older post when I check it out. I haven’t missed one yet. Thanks Buff. XOXO

  • Shane

    This reminds me of my younger years of skipping school to go for a cruise. I don’t regret any of it. I remember this one cute latino guy who I gave head to but he just had to have my ass too. He pounded me pretty nicely and I still think about it to this day. I thought of going back recently, but I hear most of the guys that still cruise are a bit undesirable lately.

  • Jingle

    Hey Bill S, sometimes you can be a real smart-ass… And I love ya for it!! 🙂

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