Delicious Disgustingly Dirty Dude Feet.

Kerry called yesterday morning and we talked for a long time. I asked if he’d heard from Caleb and he said he hadn’t. I said, “Maybe you should give him a call.” And he said “I probably will – but I think I’ll give him some time. I know he’s conflicted about gay sex and I don’t want to push him.” So I asked Kerry if he’d like to come over for dinner and to watch a movie on Netflix, and he said that sounded wonderful. So he was here last night, and he told us an interesting story while we were making dinner and eating. He said it was something he’d always wanted to talk about with someone and he thought David and I would be good listeners. Here’s what he told us: “When I was a kid… I dunno…I think about 15 years old… I had this friend Ivan, who lived up the street from us. And he was half-American indian, because his mother was full-blood Apache, and his dad was a white dude.
So, Ivan and I were best friends and hung out together… and sometimes, in the summer, we’d end up in his grandfather’s garage… and I don’t know why… but we’d take off our clothes. And put our shoes and socks and underwear and shirts in a wood box in a corner. And, then, just go around town in our jeans – without underwear or socks or shirts or shoes. And we’d get tanned real dark and, of course our feet would get really dirty. And, one day we ended up at the drug store… and wanted a chocolate shake… but we couldn’t go in because we didn’t have shirts or shoes. So we waited ’till a guy we knew came by… and got him to go in and buy us a milkshake… with 2 straws… and took it over to the park and sat at one of the tables and drank it. While we were drinking the shake we started rubbing our dirty, bare feet together and my penis got real hard and I ended up cumming in my jeans and I know he did too, because I could see the wet spot on his jeans afterward. I don’t think it was really about sex – but maybe it kind of was. And, I still get off… thinking about Ivan’s (and my) dirty, bare feet. And I still don’t wear shoes unless I have to – and I think guys’ dirty feel are totally sexy. I guess I probably shouldn’t be telling you guys this because you’re now kind of my best friends and I don’t want you to think I’m weird.”
David and I laughed and assured him we didn’t think he was weird – and I told him about our blog and said, “You should take a look at it and you’ll find that lots of guys – including our friend “Flip flops boy” – are into feet. And, besides, I hate wearing shoes myself and my feet are always dirty – especially in the summer. David says he thinks it’s sexy as Hell.”
David asked Kerry where Ivan was now, and he said, “He joined the Marine corps right after high school and was killed on his first deployment to Iraq. We told him we were very sorry and he got all misty-eyed – so we broke out some wine and the new pipe Keon gave us. After we sort of mellowed-out, Kerry wanted to see the blog so we brought out our laptops – and spent quite a while looking at it. It wasn’t long before we ended up getting naked and having a great three-way on the floor in front of the fireplace. It was an awesome evening – and a lot more fun than watching a movie.

8 comments to Delicious Disgustingly Dirty Dude Feet.

  • The New Flops Boy

    OMG! SCHWING!!!!

    Love, FFB

  • Jingle

    Gosh… I’m really sorry to hear about Kerry’s loss. Who knows how their relationship might have evolved…

    Glad to know he knows about the Blog, though…

    I’m afraid you kinda lost me on the dirty feet thing. Sorry.

    #19 sure looks determined to take that dildo!!
    #25 and #42 are crazy hot!!
    You do realize that’s a chick with #27, right??
    Pics #30, 45 and 48 are fantastic!!
    The top in #39 has an awesome set of bull balls!!

    But my favourite is studly, hunky, bangin’ hot #34!! And I’d give my left nut for his Versace pillows!! 😉

    Hey bw, you get that plaid flannel shirt yet?? 🙂

  • the hairy boy

    nice post guys! love me some stinky dirty feet.

    love hearing your stories and exploits. everybody has a story!

  • Brad

    Love the combination of Kerry’s story and the accompanying photos! Since Kerry, David, and Ben, love dirty feet, my inquiring mind is wondering if they are in this set? I am betting #9 is Ben.

    Thanks for sharing, guys!

    • unrulyadmin

      Sorry, Brad. #9 isn’t Ben. His ankles and legs are a lot more hairy than this dude’s. Maybe we’ll take a pic of Ben’s feet and post it sometime 🙂

  • ray

    I’m a foot fetishist, so this post did it for me!
    Hope that Kerry will be as happy as David and Ben soon with the right person for him!

    Love ya!

  • Anthony

    What is it about a dude’s foot that makes me want to lick it from top to bottom?
    I bet #2’s feet smell so good when they’re a bit sweaty.

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