Dirty Mudders!

Had a comment from “Shane” the other day saying:
“Have you ever done a post about muddy athletes? Like from tough mudder or the spartan race? Or just dirty athletes in general? It doesn’t have to be nude.” Then, “Bill S” said: “I’d like to get to the showers with some dirty athletes too, Shane!”
What I like most about post requests is getting entirely new ideas. And, no, Shane, I’ve never done a post like this… and it’s been great fun putting it together. A few of these dudes probably aren’t athletes… but they’re all dirty boys… and I’m betting you and Bill and I would have a great time showering with any or all of ’em. Thanks for a great suggestion!

5 comments to Dirty Mudders!

  • Jingle

    A lot of rugby players here… Those guys are seriously tough!! And seriously crazy… They routinely get the shit kicked out of them!!

    #4 & #43 are rockin’ hot!!
    Love #13’s arms…and bulge!!
    Like the “slip” in #31!!

    Hit the showers, boys!!

  • Bill S

    I find myself daydreaming about #2 — to help them remove those shirts and get them soaking. And then having them slip out of those shorts and get into the shower. Oh my …. HEAVEN! Those guys are seriously CUTE.

    I’m glad Shane requested this. It’s fun!
    Thanks Buff.

  • Shane

    Thank You so much. I am actually a Mudder Runner myself, these pics are part of the reason I do what I do

  • Jordation

    I actually did the Tough Mudder today in Tahoe. It was insane and there was SO much awesome eye candy. I really wish I could’ve had my camera!!

  • tibur1

    is any one in Vienna/EU who love this too?
    and want try?

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