Do you, do you, do you, do you wanna dance?

On Sunday, “bw” commented, saying: “We know how well the kids are all doing, but how about an update on all the pups in the extended family? We haven’t heard much about them.
I am still pondering what to do about a doggo – I’ve always had Goldens, but there is a very reputable breeder about 2 hours from here who crosses her English Goldens with Labs – what do you guys think about that combination? Would it maybe be a bit hardier and avoid the genetic issues both breeds have? I think it’s past time I have a new baby.”
Bill, we couldn’t agree more. You’ve been without 4-legged companionship for far too long. We thought we’d let the guys tell you about their dogs and what’s going on with them (see below).

FROM ALEX: Hey, Bill. We’ll give you an update on Bella’s pup, “Cookie.” As you may recall, “Cookie” (then known as “Dog”) is small – probably a Siberian husky mix. She was found injured over by Swope Park in KC and her left forepaw was missing. Ben and Dub were working at the animal shelter then and Dub nursed her back to health. Pop-pop came up with the idea of making her a new paw on a 3-D printer and the kids at Ben and Dub’s school made that happen. She’s now on the 5th artificial paw version and doing very well. She’ll be 4 years old sometime this Spring. Cookie “puts up” with the rest of us, but she’s definitely Bella’s pup… and sleeps with her every night.
Now, we need to get Chance a dog of his own. We asked him what kind of dog he’d like and he said “Any dog is fine with me, but my choice would be one just like “Buzz”. Buzz, as you know is Dub’s dog and is a black lab and poodle mix. So that’s what we’re looking for. We’ll, of course, let you know when we find Chance’s new pet buddy.
We’re definitely not dog experts, but we think a Golden-Lab mix sounds awesome. Please keep us posted. xoxo Alex and Cal
FROM CHAD: Hi, Bill. David asked us to update you on our Brittany spaniel pup “Bud”. He’s a gentle, affable little guy and absolutely loves Matty and “Lissa”. He’s two years old and we’ve been training him to be a “bird dog.” That involves taking him over to a patch of weeds… putting a quail’s wing on a fishing line and casting it out. Bud looks for the wing, “scents” it, points it and holds his point until Raef or I say “Go”. Then he brings it to us. Or, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Honestly, he’s doing better as time passes and we plan to take him bird hunting this next Fall. While we’re really fond of Brittanys, we think all dogs are good dogs and wish you the best in finding your new canine friend. Let us know how it’s going. Chad and Raef
FROM KEON: David asked us to give you an update on Travon’s pup, “Max.” As you might recall, Max is a “miniature golden doodle” (his parents were an English golden retriever male and a miniature poodle female). He’ll be 4 years old in May and is a total joy. He’s Travon’s dog for sure and wants to be with him constantly. They play and rough-house together all the time, but Max can “sense” when Tra wants “quiet time for photography, reading and other interests.” He’ll sit for hours beside Tra when he’s busy doing something – and never make a sound. We honestly couldn’t imagine life without him. Hope your search for the right dog is going well – and that you’ll soon have your new 4-legged friend. We don’t think the breed of dog is terribly important. Mr. Martinez (the kids Spanish teacher in North KC) has a female pit bull who is a sweetheart and loves the kids. Janette (the kids French teacher) has a pair of Basset hounds she’s absolutely crazy about. xoxo Keon and Rick
FROM DAVID: O.K. Now you’ve been updated on all the other dogs, so I’ll bring you up-to-date on ours. Bebe (our female miniature Schnauzer) is almost 15 years old and has serious health issues. Her eyesight and hearing are poor and she spends most of her time sleeping on the couch (when she’s not barking at a squirrel or deer or other critter in the yard). She’s had two cancer surgeries and the cancer is back now – and inoperable. Having said all that, our Vet put her on “carprofen” (a drug to treat pain and inflammation) about two years ago and she does remarkably well. She’s mainly my dog, but loves Ben and Dub and “tolerates” Buzz. She’s a sweetheart and we hope she’ll be with us for a long time.
That leaves “Buzz the wonder-dog.” What can I say about “Buzz”? He’s a little over 3 years old …a black lab and poodle mix – and the the most intelligent dog I’ve ever seen. I don’t know whether that’s because he’s naturally smart… or because he’s been raised by Dub “the dog whisperer”. I swear, he understands every word we say. Ben will kiddingly say something to me like “Dub is a rotten kid,” and Buzz will growl. Or if he says “Dub is an awesome young man,” Buzz will bark and give us one of his big, goofy puppy grins. He’s Dub’s best friend and constant companion and we all love him.
In general, our gang is a bunch of pup-lovers. When we have a get-together (like over at Koala Cove) the dogs are always included. When we’re eating, they get some table treats – but by agreement – only from their owners. So, if Max or Cookie comes to Ben or me looking for treats, we just sent them to see their owners.
Like Keon, we don’t think a dog’s breed is all that important. Any dog (or cat… or I suppose “teacup pig”) can be a wonderful friend and companion if they understand the love you have for them. Bill, good luck with your puppy search – and DO let us know how it’s going. We love you and think you deserve the happiness only a 4-legged friend can supply.
xoxo David and Ben

15 comments to Do you, do you, do you, do you wanna dance?

  • unrulyadmin

    For the record, pit #8 is my favorite in this post. I think the bottom is incredibly handsome – and the look of pleasure on his face is striking.
    My second-favorite is #48 – for obvious reasons.

  • FredinMotul

    Now, I will have to take some time examining this Post very carefully. Thanks men, Awesome Post. It is always interesting to get the juxtaposition of Pleasure and Pain in a single photo. Done very well here. Thanks.

    Dogs are something, aren’t they? For years Hubby and I only had Large Breed Dogs. Great Danes, English Mastiff, Rottweiler. But 15 years ago, that changed. We literally found a Yorkie Puppy in our yard with two sisters. We were smart enough to find good homes for two, and limit or exposure to the endless energy that a Yorkie Puppy is and it has been a dream. At first, Hubby wanted everyone to believe it was not his dog at all, but Mine and he was tolerating it. When we were out walking, if someone walked or drove by, he made sure I was either holding the dog or her lead. But not too long after, Spooky became Velcro to Hubby. They are inseparable and she was the only pet we took with us from the USA when we retired. She has lived all over Mexico, Belize and in the USA with us. She has slowed down a bunch. Her biggest medical challenge so far has been resolved with a single daily pill. (Enlarged Heart appropriately enough!) Last November, I found a tiny Chihuahua Puppy at my Feed Store, and after getting approval from Hubby (I had to pout a lot!) we added what we figure is our last new dog to the Pack of 4. What a cutie. She is a Dear Head Chihuahua and now big enough to hold her own even with our Cat, who thinks she is a dog anyway having been raised by me and them.

    Excited for you Bill as you add a new family member. Best of luck to you and to all of us with “Fur Babies!”

  • Denny

    You can find my personal doggie comments at the end of the previous post.
    I’d forgotten how many of the Table Rock pups had some poodle in them.

    Dave & I never gave a thought to having a poodle but when Markus was left homeless, we didn’t hesitate. What a smart dog! We had him groomed often – in a relatively “butch” cut, to avoid the frou-frou look.

    bw, I hope these comments will help you to make your decision. What ever you decide – you need a new buddy!


  • Alexander

    Since you’ve been without a pup for a while, it’s time to take the plunge. Don’t stress about making a perfect choice. There can be no mistake with a pup that loves you unconditionally. Cannot wait to hear about your choice.

  • ray

    Now we know that your little or not so little companions are enjoying their new homes as you guys do! I agree that #8’s bottom is outstanding!

  • Bill S

    I first looked at #5
    It was the Active-Duty-type that got my attention.

    But then I went to #18 and when I enlarged the pic just enough (125%) and scrolled down enough to focus only on his upper torso and FACE and EYES… well I defy anyone not to get hypnotized!!! Whew! And his cock is also IN THE PICTURE (always is).

    So #18 is my picture of the day and now I’m going back to look at the background, I never even saw that there WAS a background!

    I have always felt that my pets found me, and not the other-way-round. Like Buzz found Dub.


  • Roberto

    Wow, what a mind-blowing assortment of four legs in every pic!

    Not sure if #18 is an amateur pic, but it looks really spontaneous – and I really dig the sitting dude! 🙂 I was also quick to find furry inked bottoms #7 and #11! You know, David, they’d fit perfectly in the fur & ink post suggestion I made a while ago – but maybe you wanna reserve it for August. 😉

    A cutie riding a hunk in #4 and a hunk riding a cutie in #14 – you can always reverse the experience.

    The fact that bottom #29 couldn’t hold it any longer should be an extra stimulus for the hungry top.

    Mmm, balls almost touching in #5, so freaking hot!

    I’ll continue to enjoy all this wonderful sequence of lap dancing! Thanks, David!


    • Roberto

      Michael DelRay, one of the two pitlicious fellas that you dedicated to me in the special WHOA post of last January 23, is back in #24, getting plowed by Vadim Black, our well-known Arabic-tattoo dude. And for a solo view of Dante Colle (bottom #30, with that ultra juicy furry hole) you can check pic #32 in the beard/boner/smile post of last January 11.

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Beto. Just checked and find there are currently 83 pics in our “fur and ink” folder. Some nice pics – but it’s not coming together as a post yet. It’s been slow going… but doubt if it will have to wait for August 🙂

  • bw

    Vadim Black should be right in my sweet spot – dark hair, furry and gorgeous blue eyes, but he complains too much that he is gay for pay. That boy refuses to accept that he is REALLY Bi or just flat out gay.

  • bw

    I should explain my bias for Goldens — its a personality issue. They tend to be incredibly kind and sweet natured and love everyone, so they are awful guards. I would look at a Goldendoodle but these have turned into designer dogs and there are too many sketchy breeders. I think I will go to meet a couple of the Golden/Lab mixes and see how they act.

    Thanks for the update on all the pups – I had hesitated to ask about Bebe, but it sounds like the Queen of the Pack is doing what a dog of her years should be doing – whatever she damn well pleases.

    Thanks for the post and all the advice. I will keep you posted and when it happens I’ll email David & Ben a picture. BILL

  • This was a wonderful collection of four-legged friends. I looked back at the official unruly guide to sex positions post from 2016 for clarification, and most of these *are not* lap dances, as that’s a very narrow category lol.

    You might find it strange to note that I have never been a dog person, but Kyle is slowly trying to correct that and I’m sure he’ll win when we have a place that will be suited to it. I’m glad all your furry friends have made a safe and joyful transition to Table Rock.
    Much Love,

  • Tim from MO

    Love the ‘Spread-legged crotch shot’ views in this post! Fantastic!

    It’s fun reading about the updates on everyone’s dogs and pups.
    My oldest French Bulldog, Mercedes, turns 5 yrs old today 2/27. My youngest Frenchie, Roxie, is 16 months old. They are both in great health and are a real joy to have.

    It was a horror to see the news this week about Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker being assaulted and shot while walking her 3 beloved Frenchie’s, and 2 of them stolen/whisked away. It was such a relief to see her two stolen dogs were turned in to the police unharmed late yesterday. Also a relief that her dog Walker survived such a traumatic event…hopes and prayers for him to have a full recovery.

    I do hope the police can find those low-life scumbags and they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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