Dressed for suck-cess!

Ben, Dub and I decided to go out for brunch on Sunday – so we went to an “upscale” restaurant out in Lenexa. We all wore Khakis and sports shirts and felt pretty “dressed-up” until we got there and noticed that a whole bunch of the guys had on coats and ties. Of course, we haven’t worn neckties since Keon and Rick’s wedding, and we were “dressed-up” enough… but I have to say that some of the dudes in coats and ties looked really fine. I later told my husband I wanted him to put on a suit and tie… and let his dick stick out so I could suck it. After Dub went to bed Sunday night, that’s what we did. I thought it was just cool as shit – even though we’re gonna have to spend a few bucks on dry cleaning now.
Anyway, I thought a post of dressed-up guys would be fun – and I’m pretty sure our buddy Anthony won’t object.

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  • Jingle

    Hot and Handsome FCCO fun!!

    Lots of fantasy material here, but let’s limit ourselves to the “real” dudes – #24, 26 and 46…

    I’ll take super-cute, rockin’ hot, big-dicked #26!! 🙂

  • bw

    My sweet Jimmy looks fine in No 32. And for once Jingle and I may compete for the same guy – NO 26 is hot! Lot’s of really nice looking men in this post – maybe dressing up has its merits.

  • Brad

    I agree some guys look banging hot in a suit and tie, and we have excellent examples in this collection. Here’s my roll call of top FCCO guys: 1, 10, 11, 13, 19, 22, 31, and 36.

    Beto and others will remember #11 (Massimo Piano) as one of my favorites from previous posts, and I must say Massimo looks great in a suit and tie, too… 😉

    My Dude of the Day is #31 with his huge cock and balls are just waiting for my mouth, and those dreamy eyes…Oh my!

    The hubby and I getting away for the weekend and will not internet access, so I will look forward to seeing the weekend’s posts and comments next week.

    Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, guys!

    • Roberto

      Brad, thank you for identifying our stud from the cute vs handsome post and some WHOA posts — #11, Massimo Piano! This dude is so fucking GORGEOUS!! With that name I thought he was Italian, but it’s a stage name and it seems he’s from Spain — a Mediterranean beauty anyway!

      Now let me share this with you: I think your treasure #25 in yesterday’s trash post is also in pic #39 there! And he’s one of my favorites too!

      Enjoy the weekend with your hubby!!

    • Roberto

      I suppose it’s Massimo again in #12!

  • Denny

    *******************#3 (Ron)************** #20 (Alan) ********************

    Alan, the Chief Financial Officer in the Chicago office, had been called to the company headquarters in Los Angeles for the annual meeting. This was a big presentation, he needed an assistant, so he asked to bring along Ron, the new hire, a computer whiz and a quick learner. And, coincidentally, very easy on the eyes.

    As they boarded the jet, Ron was surprised and pleased to see that Alan had used some of his Frequent Flyer miles to upgrade their seats to First Class.

    They both dozed off on the long flight, and Alan was happy to be awakened to see Ron’s long legs spread wide, his knee pushing hard against Alan’s thigh, and Alan made no effort to move. When Ron woke up, he wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by the position. “Too cool”, thought Alan to himself.

    As expected, the meeting that afternoon was a long grind. During the coffee break, Alan suggested they go up one flight to use the men’s room, and avoid the big crowd. There were only two urinals, with a very low courtesy divider, which provided no cover whatever for the tall and lanky Ron. He was proud of his big dick, and even turned slightly toward Alan when he saw his boss looking over his way. Their eyes met as both of them thought “no big deal”.

    After the meeting, they joined the rest of the Los Angeles group for Happy Hour in the hotel bar. It was so noisy and crowded, they had to speak right into the others ear to be heard above the loud voices and the music. Alan suggested they go raid the mini bar in his room as he brushed the back of his hand against Ron’s fly. “Sure, why not”, he told his boss.

    Once inside the room, Alan removed his jacket and shoes…and Ron did the same. It was good to get out of those hot stuffy suits. Ron agreed. And when Alan took off his suit pants, Ron didn’t hesitate to do the same. He was getting the gist of the plan here. He was very much a lady’s man, but this got him thinking back to his college days when he used to tease his gay roomie, and even let him suck him off a couple of times.

    Alan slid out of his briefs, and went down on his knees in front of Ron and his bright red nylon thong. He hooked his index fingers, one on each side of the thin elastic waistband and pulled the thong to the floor, where Ron stepped out of it, and Alan found himself just inches from a semi rigid cock, pointing right at his nose. Alan wrapped his tongue around the tip and sucked hard, while he grabbed the kid’s beautiful balls and squeezed gently.

    “Let’s get you up on the bed and I’ll give you a relaxing massage to help you forget about the grinding day we both had,” suggested Alan.

    “Sounds great”, said Ron. He stretched out his lanky frame face down on the mattress and laid his head forward into the cool pillow. He felt Alan’s lubricated palms on his shoulders, kneading away all the tension of the day. The hands went down his ribs, pulling and pinching at the taut skin.

    When Alan touched his hands to the fuzzy, firm mounds of his bubble butt, Ron felt his cock getting as hard as he could ever remember it. Alan spread the boy’s thighs apart gently. His own cock was throbbing in time with his pounding heartbeat. “Take it easy, back there, Man”, said Ron, “you’re approaching virgin territory.”

    “I figured as much, Ron,” replied Alan. “I’ll be gentle, no worries”. In truth, Alan didn’t know if he COULD control himself to be gentle, with this hard, young, fucking hot body lying on the bed before him.

    He spread the boys cheeks and pushed his tongue into that pretty pink rosebud, pulsing in wait of whatever was coming next.

    Alan lubed his fingers and pushed in with two, then three. He was so tempted to fist this hot ass!!! “Control yourself, Asshole!! You have to work with this kid back in Chicago!!”

    With lube glistening on this beautiful body from his back to his thighs, Alan regained his senses, and slid his throbbing cock inside that pretty rosebud. The boy groaned with pleasure and pushed his ass against the invading organ until his ass cheeks were sliding against his boss’s pubes. With a gentle, caring motion, Alan thrust his cockhead in and out, over and over, pushing only as far as the lad’s prostate – his joy button. The squirming beneath him became frantic…intense, Alan heard the boy’s raggedy breath and his yelping into the pillow. He was shooting his load into the mattress.

    Alan went as long as he could, until he felt his own load very near. He pulled out, and exploded a torrent of jizz all over that boy butt and up to his shoulders.

    The only movement in the room was two hot, spent bodies breathing hard, until Ron turned over and started laughing. “DAMN MAN!! THAT was intense”!!

    When the Room Service waiter knocked on the door with their dinner, Ron was in his thong, and Alan was wrapped only in a short towel. They both exploded with laughter again as the wide eyed young man rammed the dinner cart right into the wall. When he recovered, he laughed along with them, but then hurried back out the door.

    As the weeks passed back in Chicago, the only action Alan saw with Ron was when their restroom visits coincided. Ron was happy to let Alan cop a feel and even stroke his fine, manly work of art now and then.

    Hey, there will be another meeting in Los Angeles next quarter – and Ron has agreed once again to be his assistant…

  • Denny

    This very sexy post ( with the very clever name, Ben,) combines two of my most favorite fantasies – Men in Suits and FCCO.

    The two guys in my story could actually have been any number of these hot guys. I have several other favorites, in no particular order – #46, who is one of Jingle’s fantasy boys, whom I have also seen on other blogs, and who now lives in my personal stash of favorites. I keep them in my “Jack off Gems” folder!!

    Others who raise my body heat include #2, #7, #15, #30,(who is getting sucked off by the office janitor), #41, #46, and #48.

    And since we have so few players here today, I’m not going to pick a Dude of the Day, I’ll just take all of these guys mentioned above!!

    Just heard a while ago on the evening news with David Muir ( mine and my husband’s Dude of the Day EVERY day !!), that NW MO was in the danger zone for some pretty brutal tornados this evening. David and Ben, hope you and your precious young man will be safe.



    • unrulyadmin

      Thanks for your concern, Denny. The tornado warning was for KCI airport and I-29 and 152 highway – which is smack-dab in the middle of where we live. We were all home at the time – and joined the pups in the basement (they were already there). It was scary looking stuff and we had winds up to 60 m.p.h. and TONS of rain… but it went past fairly quickly and now all is well. We’re SOOOO happy NOT to be reporting another traumatic episode in our lives!

  • Roberto

    Denny counted me out, but here I am to enjoy this myriad of dressed-up beauties!! 🙂

    This type of clothing leaves a lot to the imagination and is related to occasions on which sex doesn’t come without a good dose of adrenaline! And here we’re off to a tremendous start: #1 is stunning!! If the ink under his suit comes close to the beauty of his face and cock, the tattoo artist must be a genius! But I’d only pay attention to his ink after we had turned his desk into a mess out of some pretty wild, adrenaline-driven sex!!

    Jingle, I think #14 is “real” too — and so fucking tempting!!

    #17 features another URD theme: CMNM, which is also very erotic!!

    #19 caught not only Brad’s eye but also mine! Must be the gorgeous bearded face and the perfect flesh arrow showing the path to Paradise…

    Aren’t Denny’s #15 and Brad’s #31 the same dude? Looks like it, and there he is again in #13, showing his cock, and in #35, filling his mouth with a delicious fat cock!

    #4 must be a former favorite of mine, and I’d love to change the serious look on #10/36’s face!

    David, I agree with my friends: this post is filled with beauty and is super hot!! Love the title as well! And it’s nice to know that you and Ben have been enjoying some fantasy sex — always true to the URD spirit!! 🙂

    You guys take care in case any tornados hit your area!! Be safe there!!

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