Drop your trou ‘n grab your dick… It’s Unrulyboi Saturday!!

4 comments to Drop your trou ‘n grab your dick… It’s Unrulyboi Saturday!!

  • The New Flops Boy

    Damn, baby, Saturday’s get better and better!!!

    XO FFB

  • Jingle

    Saturdays ARE great!! Then again, Mondays & Tuesdays have been pretty damn good, too!!

    Today’s #1 (and I think #23) is yesterday’s #1 & 44!! Check out the armband tattoo!! The more I see of him, the more I like him!!
    The piss-drinker in #6 is crazy hot!! So is the dude getting rimmed in #25, and the lucky mofo getting sucked & finger-fucked in #36!!
    OK, how the hell is #7 doing that??
    Pic #8 made me rock hard!!
    Can I join the party in #20?? The cocksucker is a total stud!!
    I wonder how long it took for the wrestling to turn into a full-on orgy in #22…
    If the lucky slut in #29 needs to take a break, I’ll take over for him!! Especially if I can start with the hot fucker on the right!!
    #30… WOW!! I wanna suck both of them off!!
    How about a few more links in the chain in #34??
    All the dudes in #46 are beautiful… And the action is hot!!

    But my fav today has got to be #28!! Bet the dude on his knees gets some piss before he gets some cum!! ;^)

    Great post, Buff!! LOVE it!!

  • Bill S

    #9 & #19 are too violent for me. They look like rape and are TOO REAL looking.
    #28 is the picture in the dictionary next to the definition of ‘Unruly’ (-;
    My story for #28 is that they met while pissing on the wall and then….
    I really like #37 — he’s just so pleased! And cute too.
    But my fave is #30 — that looks REAL in a good way! I’ve been in johns like that before!!!
    So Buff — What picture did you post that you never posted in any blog before? LOL
    Maybe I should let that go!!!? Ya think?

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