Drunken Unruly Dudes

Had a comment from our friend, “Bill S.” saying: “Buff, when you were vacationing I requested a post of drunk boys losing their inhibitions. Maybe call it “Drunken Unruly Dudes!”
It’s taken a little longer than usual to get this post together because I kept looking for “newbies” – drinkin’ boys who haven’t been posted all over the web. Here you go, Bill – some boys who’ve had, maybe, a bit too much to drink – and a bit too little sex lately.
Thanks for the suggestion!

5 comments to Drunken Unruly Dudes

  • Peter

    Good news on the dohicky thingy surgery!
    I like #36, The guy on the right looks confident in upcuming events as the other seems ready willing and able for what might be next! A case of beer and warm water is sure to do the trick!

    Peter in Indy

  • Bill S

    Thanks Buff! Even if it’s been done to death, I still think that it’s a lot of fun.

    #38 sure catches my attention. All-male strip poker? Maybe something else….

    …sure wish I’d be invited to a (fantasy) frat party! Pic. 15.

    These all remind me of the truism: “The difference between gay & straight is one six-pack! LOL

    Lots of love. XOXO

  • Jingle

    Great post!! Big fun!!

    Peter, I really enjoyed your comment on #36!! But look in the lower right-hand corner of the pic… Is that a bikini top?? And if it is, where’s the chick??
    Love #4!! One of those random, innocent moments that nonetheless are very erotic!!
    Crazy hot pic #6 looks like a stolen moment on the DL…
    The dudes in #10 are rockin’ hot!! And they’re just getting started…
    #15, 23 & 37 look like my kinda party!! (The dude on the Right in #37 doesn’t look too pleased to be photographed!!)
    Great tan-lines on the hunk doing a keg stand in #18!! God only knows why he’s naked… haha
    #27 is smokin’ hot!!
    #30 cracks me up!! You can almost hear the cute clothed dude saying, “Dude, what are ya doing?”
    Hey, I’d suck off the meathead on the Left in #33!!
    #38 & #44… Drunken strip poker always leads to something…
    Oh, #43… the blowjob tug-of-war!! haha
    LOVE how the mostly unseen dudes in #47 are checking out the instigator’s junk!!

    Thanks, Buff!! This really was fun!!

  • ray

    Delicious – this makes me want, among other things, to open a bottle of nice, cold beer…

  • Bill S

    Hey Buff — It occurs to me that you have fulfilled all my requests! So it’s time for another one! LOL

    I’d like to see a post of dudes working out at the gym. Showin’ how they get those “perfect” bods to look that way. The pics could range from “G” to “XXX”
    — It’s all good! (-;



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