Dub is seven. Oh, my goodness. OH, MY GOODNESS!

You’re probably thinking “What tha F… are these pics doing on a gay porn blog?” Good question. It’s because it’s Dub’s 7th birthday and he’s growing every day and sometimes we wish we could slow down time. He’s surely one of the most interesting little dudes ever. He’s a kid when he’s watching “Toy Story” movies, reading “Sky Raiders,” roughhousing with Buzz or getting hysterical over farts with Austin – but he’s very “grown up” when it comes to school work, his daily chores or working at the animal shelter. Whatever he’s doing, he’s a JOY and we thank God every day for allowing us to be part of his life.

Dub doesn’t know it, but there’s going to be a birthday party for him at his school today. There’ll be cake and ice cream – and one of the school secretaries has organized a “card shower.” We understand that one of the art classes even spent a day making birthday cards for him. We know he’ll be thrilled. David, Dub and I will celebrate his big day at home tonight and I’m sure his Mom and Grandparents will Skype with him.
We asked him what he’d like to do for his special day and he said he’d like a pizza party here at the house with all our family and friends, so we’re doing that on Saturday (celebrating his and David’s birthdays). All the Northland gang will be here plus the grands and a bunch more. It’ll be a CROWD, so we’re making it an open house “from 3 p.m. till whenever,” with a “make your own pizza and salad bar.” We’ll update you after the big day 🙂

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  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday to Dub!!! From the several stories you guys share here we know of Dub’s brightness, sensitivity, generosity and ecological alertness, and the future of the world shall be much better with special human beings like him. My best wishes for Health, Love, Joy, Success and tons of fun beside his loving daddies, uncas, mom, grandpas, puppies and friends!

    Love and hugs,

    P.S.: This post is packed with cuteness! Simply irresistible! And dude #31… I feel like grabbing him the way he’s doing with his lovely Dalmatian! 😀

  • ray

    My best wishes for your beloved son! He must be such an extraordinary boy!
    As Beto said, the post is supercute!! Every single picture makes me smile!


  • Larry

    Dub brings joy to people he doesn’t even know. He is the reason I follow URD.

  • Bill S

    Dub’s 7th Birthday is the day after my friend’s 61st — yesterday I treated her and her husband to drinks and lunch at a local bar where I worked for a time when I was 21 and my friend was 14! I did not know her then but the thought occurred to me and it really put “TIME” in perspective. You CAN NOT slow it down. It only goes FASTER AND FASTER, but that’s just the way it is…..

    One week from today (exactly) Unrulydude itself will be 6 years old!!! And the very next day “BuffBoi” will be the BIG 4-0

    And, like the bar I visited, we all seem to improve with age! And what could be better than that?!


    With all my love, Bill


  • Denny

    Wishing Dub and David a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Wow! Dub is just going to be blown away by the party for him at school!! He will have birthday card originals!!

    These dog pics!! Each one is cuter than the one before!!

    #42 is how Mica rides in the car when Dave is driving – except he doesn’t fall asleep!! He has a harness on, which is then latched into the rear center seat belt, which leaves him just enough room to take up his position and still be safe.

    Birthday hugs all around!!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, babe. You should snap a pic of Dave and Mica and sent it to Hallmark. Seems like a great idea for a greeting card! xoxo

  • Kent

    Wishing Dub, our favorite Old Soul, a Happy Birthday.
    Thank you to his two dads for sharing him with us.

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday to Dub. Early birthday kudos to David.

    Hope the birthday gig at school was spectacular. The pizza party
    sounds like a blast. Soak it all in. These are the memories for a lifetime🎂🎁🎂!


  • FredinMotul

    Excellent news ! A very sincere Happy Birthday to Dub and David! I’d imagine that the school party was awesome for Dub as it was a surprise. He will very much enjoy the Homestead Pizza Party with all his close friends same age , slightly younger, and even you “adults .” Take many pictures for him to enjoy for years to come. I also bet there will be some happy dog pals there too. Best Wishes to you all and enjoy every second ! Be Well .

    Super post BTW. All those smiles and pals. Neat

    • unrulyadmin

      Thank you, Fred. Time DOES slip by, doesn’t it! xoxo

      • FredinMotul

        Heck yes, it does! It seems like yesterday that Hubby and I were picking Legos off the floor (or from between our toes ), and getting our son off to school and all the wonderful trips we had together when he was still small . He is in his mid 30’s now and over 6 feet tall. Time flies! Enjoy it while you have it and do all you can to record the memories for later enjoyment .

        All the Best!

  • Thanks guys for sharing your lives with us out here. It has been a sweet pleasure to be included in your ‘family’ these past years!

    Happy birthday Dub and David…. many good wishes for many more to come….

    kind regards,

  • bw

    I did not make it home until late so I am behind, but I loved this post – I suppose at this point in my life I’m on the bottom row – an old geezer with a cute pup – except I’m still pup less. But there is nothing cuter than a boy and his pup – even if the boy is 70.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us the small miracle that is Dub – the other day I called him an old soul, but it’s great that he can still be a seven year old laughing at farts. Happy birthday to Dub and an early one to David!
    This post helped me make a decision – I’ve been thinking about finding a new furry friend, but now I am on the hunt – either another Golden or maybe a Goldador (did you know there was such a thing? A 50/50 cross between a Golden and a Lab).

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, babe. So glad you’ve decided to find a new companion. Had never heard of a “Goldador” but it sounds like a wonderful mix. If it combines the best characteristics of both breeds the result should be AMAZING! We read on-line that they grow to 60 to 80 pounds and are “social and easily trained.” Sounds like a good choice! xoxo

    • Jingle

      Dear friend, I’m so delighted to hear that you’ve decided to open your heart to a new fur baby!!

      I can’t imagine my life without a companion animal!!

  • Tim from MO

    I didn’t visit the blog yesterday, so my Birthday wishes to Dub are belated ones. Hope he had what was sounding to be an fantastic Birthday! May he continue to grow, and enrich all the lives around him in his unique way and heartfelt manner.

    I love the post, great set of pictures of guys with man’s best friend. The photos of the younger fellows took me back in memory lane to when I was 5; I had an all-white Cocker Spainel I named ‘Silver’. Time definitely slips away so rapidly, life is definitely fleeting.
    I never had the privilege of having a son, but my two now grown adult daughters were always a joy when they were home.

    You guys will never, ever, regret being a Father to Dub, and working so hard to make many great memories for him.

    I’ve never met Dub, but he’s brought joy to my life just reading the stories you share with us of him.

    Love you all! XO

    PS: being the owner of a French Bulldog, ‘Mercedes’, I’m a bit partial to photo #37. That Frenchie Face! ❤️
    And his master ain’t half bad, either 😉

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Tim. Thanks for this. Full disclosure. The idea for the post came from Rick – whose concept was “a post of guys of all ages with dogs, from youngest to oldest.” We loved the idea. We found tons of baby boys and older guys with dogs. The problem was finding teen-agers with dogs. We did the best we could but there’s kind of a gap in the middle. Ben did most of the work on it but it was fun for both of us. The french bulldog is a cutie!

  • Em

    Terrific post! Have a great family day!

  • bw

    I’ve heard that a Frenchie can be a handful – but that face is so damn cute you just want to give it a smooch.

  • Happy Birthday to the wonderful Dub and his amazing Dadavid!
    Everyone who reads URD I think learns from Dub’s example of how to be a compassionate, open-minded gentleman. I feel like he’s the kid on his birthday who still wants to make the party about all of his guests instead of himself.
    Anyways, Enjoy your day, and thanks for this adorable post of boys and their dogs through life.
    Much Love
    Phil and Kyle

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