Dude. Ain’t nothin’ better than boys in ball caps!

We’re feeling we owe a big debt of gratitude to Matt Amodio for his superb Jeopardy play the past week that ALMOST made up for the abysmal performance of guest host LeVar Burton. Frankly, we think Burton would be better suited for selling time shares or making loans at Speedy Cash. Despite some negative reviews of his “boring performance,” Dub, Ben and I are in awe of Matt’s breadth of knowledge. GO MATT! (GO AWAY, LEVAR)!
We’ll be having a big group dinner over at Ty and Damien’s tonight. Among other foods, we’ll have tamales (wrapped in corn husks from Dub and Jim’s garden)… corn grilled in husks… and cantaloupe and watermelon – from Dub and Jim’s garden. This year is their best garden ever and Dub and Jim are really proud of it. With good reason!

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  • Bobby b

    Sexual💔Heartbreakerz Selfies

  • FredinMotul

    Your Summer Garden Treats sound like the makings for a grand dinner tonight. May it be all you guys want it to be and more.

    Fine Post men. Certainly a plethora of pictures that have some amazing stories attached to them. Why couldn´t # 5 have ever shown up in My Garage?? Very nice Men. Thanks again.

    Clear an beautiful here in Rural Mexico. Visited the beach briefly today only because we buy fresh Organic Eggs there from a lady that has Cabanas by the Beach in Telchac Puerto. So fresh, and so good! Been on an Ice Cream Kick of late, and her eggs, and my Strawberries and Blue Berries come together well. (Plus the Kalua for White Russian Ice Cream.) Trust all is well for the Gang!!

  • ray

    I rarely go out without a cap (for protection), but somehow it isn’t the same thing…All guys here are attractive, and #1 is more than that!

    Have a nice Sunday, all of you!

  • Bill S

    #6 the Fisherman I presume, but I’d have to see his pole to be sure!



  • bw

    This gets my slow Sunday off to a grand start – I know this was a ball cap post but it includes almost every kind of dude out there. And even the willy size is varied – excellent post! But NO 39 made me giggle – the beefy guy with the average dick but nice low hangers is fun to look at, but the dude on the couch looks totally bored – apparently he did not find beefy boys big ass to be interesting.
    I love tamales, and I’m sure homemade ones are superb. Our Costco from time to time has them made by a little company that makes them for restaurants – and they are good, but I bet not as good as the ones you guys had.
    I’m not a hat person but its been so stinking hot here I’ve been wearing one to keep the hairless top of my head a little cooler.

  • Denny

    Hey David and Ben –

    Every word you wrote about this week’s Jeopardy could just as readily have tumbled from my mouth!! Watching Matt Amodio begin each game by scarfing up all those $1000 clues along the bottom was a real pleasure! And winning a 1 game total on Thursday of $74,000 definitely put him in rarified air with some of the biggest one day winners of all time! Now he’s got an 8 day total of $291,200, AND, according to statistics on thejeopardyfan.com, Matt has an 86% chance of winning a 9th game on Monday! According to stats I just read on the Outsider, Matt is now among the top ten earners in the history of the show.

    Matt’s success was the ONLY thing that kept Dave and me watching this week. LeVar can go do his acting somewhere else. Honestly, there were some moments last week where we thought we were watching a skit on Saturday Night Live. I think we can be pretty sure “he” will NOT be the permanent host on Jeopardy. Never. Never, ever, ever, EVER.

    Your dinner at Ty and Damien’s sounds delicious! Kudos to Jim and Dub. I’m sure there was some hand cranked ice cream in there for dessert!

    I hope you all had a chance to get some games of Corn Hole going too, to add to the festivities!

    You didn’t say, so I’m feeling certain that Nathan and Diana, Nathan Abraham and Daniel Nathan continue to do well.

    This post is just chock FULL of hairy, hunky hotties.

    bw, I’m finding #39 real interesting too. I’m gonna say Mr. Couch Potato already sucked and fucked his buddy before breakfast, and as he stares at that big beautiful ass, he’s dreaming about a replay at bedtime.

    #29 is a delightful, hairy, trashy buncha fuckin’ fun – oh YEAH!!!

    #42 in his tight, see-thru drawers just leaves me speechless!!! He’s my fave here.

    Another fave is FCCO #38, who’s tryna convince a passer by to join him in the bushes.

    I will be back many more times to enjoy ALL of these dudes!!


  • Jingle

    Yesterday was one of those rare Sundays that I had to work!! Ugggh!! I hate working on a Sunday!! Puts a real crimp in my style!! Grrr!!

    As noted by others; GREAT collection of assorted types, all in their ubiquitous head gear!! 🙂

    Liebster ray and Bill S are both quite right about our fantastic lead-off man, #1!! (He deserves a much more lush setting than that stark motel room!!) Equally stunning selfies #2 and #11 are in rather spartan settings, too!! Beautiful men, gorgeous cocks!! Damn!!
    I couldn’t agree more with Friend Fred on awesome #5!!
    #7 is rockin’ hot!! He has a great affection for Stars!!… Check out his multiple Star tattoos, and the motif on the windscreen of his motorcycle!! LOVE his egg-like low-hangers!! Como dos huevos!! haha I’ve studied this pic quite closely, and I’m just not sure if his nipples are pierced, or not?!?!…
    Special Props to the clever photographer who posed hot, big-dicked, rockin’ hot, Latino #8 by the mirror for two great views of him!! 🙂
    Love the lettering on the wall visible in #9!! “YOU ARE HERE” I’d like to be there!!… On my knees, with my face buried in that fine rump ass!! 😉 heehee Same for sultry #14, cyclist #17, awesome tan-lined #34, and pisser #37!! Dang!!
    Lean and sinewy selfie #12 is rockin’ hot!! Now pull your undies down for the next pic, babe!! 🙂
    Cute socks, scruffy hot #19!! Now gimme a drag of your cigarette, and I’ll blow you!! Insane iliac crest!!
    Good Guy #22 is one of those random, innocent, glimpses you might get on any given Summer Day on a Channel island!! 🙂
    Is raunchy nasty fetishy #23 – and I mean that in the best possible way – sniffing his own jock, or someone elses?!?!
    SO/PO selfie #24, and Dressing Room dude #30, are totally suckable!!
    #25’s beaming smile is sooo engaing!! 🙂 The big dick is just a nice bonus!!
    Is it wrong that I’d like have skaters #26 and #47 turn around?!?! 😉 heehee
    I’d bet my left nut that Big Boy #27 pulled his shorts down on a dare!! And then quickly pulled them back up!! 🙂 haha
    Denny’s #29 and #38… Hello Daddies!! (And Dearheart, #38 wouldn’t have to go in the bushes, I’d blow him right there on the spot!!!!!)
    I’m sure big-balled hot hitchhiker #31 didn’t have to wait long for a ride!! Especially on Route 69!! 🙂 haha (Curiosity got the best of me, and I Googled it… there really is a Route 69 in Indiana!! In Posey County!!)
    The twins in #32 made me think of the old Doublemint Chewing Gum jingle… “Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun”!! 🙂 haha Ri-i-ight, Larry Lover??
    I admire wonderful #33’s chutzpah in puttin’ it out there!! Right on!!
    Aww… you know I loves me some big bundle #35!!
    Regarding bw’s Big Boy/Little Toy #39; over the years, Buff has posted tons of various pics of him!! Most recently, go to the “Average Joes” post of January 12th; there’s a great pic of him there (#14), in profile, with a delightful chub boner!!
    Oh, and on a totally off-topic note on #39: Love that Biedermeier style lamp!! A pair of them would be even better!! 🙂
    #41 is nasty crazy scary HOT!! WOW!! I’d like to have my mouth where his hand is!!
    Check out the grinning dude just visible on the right edge of #43!! Oh, the Summer Shenanigans!! 🙂 haha
    Hunk Stud selfie #44 is MAGNIFICENT!!!!! WHOA!!!!!
    The exhilaration in #45 is palpable!!
    Holy Hell!! Who among us wouldn’t drop to their knees, or bend over, for blazing hot, big-dicked, Chicago Latino hottie #46?!?! WHEW!!!
    Coy #48 provides a fine finish to this great collection, set, and post!!

    Alrighty then, I’m faced, once again, with a delightful dilemma… Picking a favourite!! I’m not big on self-denial!! 🙂 haha Sooo… #22 and #35 for when I’m in Good Guy mode!! And #7 and #41 for when I’m in Bad Boy mode!!

    Outstanding!! Thanks-a-million!! 🙂

    • Jingle

      Shit!! I forgot somehow to comment on #10!! And I really meant to, it’s a great pic that initially perplexed me!! The two hot dudes are standing on the bow of a boat with a closed cutty, that has been pulled well ashore!! On the left edge, you can see the dual airhorns, and a spotlight!! Oh, and if that was my boat, I’d scold the taller guy for having his flip-flops on… he should be barefoot!! Even the softest of footwear could scratch the fiberglass!!

    • Larry

      `Twin twinks would be fun. (Try saying that fast three times.)

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