Dude. Ain’t nothin’ hotter than a “tush bush”!

Our buddy “Jingle” has been asking for a “tush bush” post, and sending us pics. Here’s one of the e-mails we received from him:
“S’up?? Another GREAT pic for a possible future “Tush Bush” post!!
I don’t think I’m alone in my admiration and fascination for this completely natural and masculine feature some lucky men have!!
Love ya, John”
So, the first 8 pics in this post were sent to us by our #1 tush-bush lover. We love getting post suggestions and pics from members of our URD family and appreciate Jingle’s help with this one. Hope these bushy tushes do it for you guys!

We had a wonderful extended Labor Day weekend at the Lake. Spent hours and hours in the boat with lots of water skiing and wake boarding. Dub and Austin can now get up on water skis but Travon, Izzie and Kylie are still content to be wake boarders.
Cal and Alex had a big birthday party for Izzie on Saturday and, of course Jim and Carol were there with “crank ice cream and strawberry cake.” Their “new” cabin is awesome. Alex is something of a decorating genius and you’d never know it was the same place.
The floors are all grouted ceramic/vinyl composite tile – with lots of area rugs – and are beautiful. The (newly painted) steel kitchen cabinets match the “black stainless” appliances and the effect is spectacular. The only new furniture they bought was mattresses and “slip covers”. The rest came from estate sales, consignment stores and flea markets and you’d never know it wasn’t new. Izzie’s room is a soft blue color and Alex painted a mural on one wall. It’s puppies chasing butterflies in a meadow and if you look closely, you see that each puppy has a distinguishing feature. One has an artificial paw, one a missing ear and one a broken tail. She absolutely loves it.
We’re all a little sad that this will probably be our last weekend out on the water this year but we’ll still be spending lots of time at Table Rock throughout fall and winter.
One other thing. Jim and Carol helped so much in refurbishing the cabin and refused to take any money for all they did. Said they were just so happy to have wonderful new neighbors. So Scott and Denise surprised them with a new top-of-the-line 55″ Sony Bravia LED/HD t.v. and sound system. Ben and Alex spent several hours at their place – getting it hooked up and showing them how to use it. Ben said Carol probably filled up 15 or 20 recipe cards with notes on how to work everything, stream videos, etc. It was a nice thing for Scott and Denise to do. They’re great people!
Ben and the kids are back in school now and excited about the new year. It’s supposed to rain, so we’re going to clean house and put out the “fall decorations” next weekend. We’re very fortunate that “life is good” for us here in the Northland!

14 comments to Dude. Ain’t nothin’ hotter than a “tush bush”!

  • Roberto

    Do it for me?! This is BEYOND FASCINATING!!! Effing LOVE this post! Gosh, it’s one better than the other!

    Jingle, so you got #4 for us!! Imagine having that for breakfast, first without and then with some hot milk! 😛 The epitome of delicious!

    #13 is a long-time favorite of mine on URD, and don’t miss #18, bw: it’s our furry cutie from the trash posts and the xvideos link I sent a while back.

    I desperately need a hot shower with #19, or the fellas in #31!

    I’m not sure if #22 is a returning visitor or not, but who cares? What matters is that I can’T take my eyes off him! The ass, the cock, the body, the cute face — WOOF!! Ah, and the pose too — marvelous! Love to see him, #10, #21, #30, #33, #36, #37 and #41 hard from behind! And look at that mass of fur in #41’s pit and hole!! Did he come out of my dreams or what??

    #32 is my eternal favorite Anthoni Hardie, who’s appeared here dozens of times — to my utter delight! 🙂

    #40 is totally asking for a stand-up fuck right there!

    The sight of #42’s furry ass coming out of that jeans is so fucking inspiring!

    #48: when a rimmer wins the lottery!

    Huge THANK YOU to Jingle and you guys for the idea and execution! OUTSTANDING!!


  • ray

    I love furry cracks and asses, too! My choice here, although difficult, would be #28 and #14/46.
    Thanks also for the description of your weekend at the Lake!

  • Denny

    If Alex ever decides to go professional with his designing/painting talents, he will have bookings for months!

    Excellent idea to reward Jim & Carol with that TV !

  • bw

    This post is overwhelming and I can’t begin to pick a winner – you guys know I love a furry butt and hairy hole. So I’ll study these some more. But there is not one of these lads in whose crack I would not bury my face.
    I’m happy the new cabin turned out so well – and it should be the encouragement Alex needs to pursue this.

  • Jingle

    It was my privilege and pleasure to have made a small contribution to this awesome post!!

    I think I’d like to wake up Sleeping Beauty #43 with some warm wet kisses!! 🙂

  • Tim from MO

    What a fucking hot post!! It almost feels like an extension of the Birthday post you guys put together for me.
    Ok excuse me while I go rub one out looking at these hot fuckers, 😜

  • bw

    This is so weird I have to tell someone – I have three computers – this morning all three lost the Google Chrome frequently visited thumbnail things – 8 of them – and I used them all the time. Now they have just suddenly come back and I’m creeped out – I think I’ll have another drink. But how does shit like this happen?

    • Bill S


      You have THREE COMPUTERS!!!!

      Love, Bill S


      • bw

        It’s because I’m inept and old – one at work with critical client information, a cheap laptop I travel with, and most importantly a pretty capable desktop here at home with a big monitor that I use to look at naked boys. These three have no common network connections so that is why I thought what happened yesterday was so odd – annoying more than anything – but suddenly about half way thru my first vodka and tonic fixed itself.

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, bw. None of us know anything about Google Chrome because we all use Apple computers and “Safari” for searches. We always assume when we have a computer problem it’s just the Putin-Trump regime fuckin’ with us 🙂

  • A Bear

    I could let myself get lost in any of these butts!

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