Dude. Check out these “before and after selfies”!

On Saturday, our buddy “Bills” commented, saying: “The selfie-series here (#25, 26 & 27) got me thinking that it would make a cool post; a bunch of “before and after” pics that are all “selfies.” What do you think guys?”
What do we think? We think it sounds like great fun. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. Our best posts always come from our friends’ suggestions!

19 comments to Dude. Check out these “before and after selfies”!

  • ray

    Very hot, thank you! It is alway amazing how quick you are to realize any suggestion!

  • Denny

    Isn’t this exactly what every gay man wishes he could do to every stud he sees -strip him naked even if only for a moment!
    I’m drooling over bad ass #16 in his Deep Throat tee. Hot bod and “no hair don’t care”!

    Anderson Cooper guest hosting on Jeopardy last night – from the first minute he walked on stage it was like he’d been hosting for years! I hope it happens!!!

  • Bill S

    This is AMAZING! It’s going to take me DAYS to really appreciate this post.

    I’ll be back again and again…

    As of today, I want to choose “Average Joe” #35 and make that grower grow! (-:


  • bw

    I love these before and after posts – I’ll be back for further study later, but you guys keep our hands off beefy, furry NO 30 – and check out the nuts on this kid!

  • Larry

    You had me at # 3, until I got to hard blond # 43. It would be heaven to take that thick one.

  • Denny

    Just came back for yet ANOTHER quickie peek on my phone and my eyes first landed on #48. Before I enlarged the pic, I thought I was looking at Aaron Rodgers! THAT would be something to fantasize about! 😁

  • Jingle

    Normally, I’d be working on a Tuesday!!… Fortunately, I’m off today, so I can get into this awesome post, sooner rather than later!! 🙂

    In the vast majority of these fantastic pics, the dude is in the same setting!!… Suggesting to me that the selfies were snapped only a few minutes apart!!

    If you read the sign behind bangin’ hot #1, you’ll quickly realize that he’s in a Tanning Room at a Planet Fitness!! I find it amusing that most gyms have signs posted that the use of cameras is forbidden!! Happily, this dude chooses to ignore that!! 🙂 haha
    Clothed #2 bears an uncanny resemblance to a favourite customer at work!! Now I have a wonderful Mental Image of him naked!! 🙂 Dang!!
    #4 and #26!! WOW!!
    Classically handsome #5, 13, and 17 are all ideal Trophy Husband material!!
    Oh-ho, #6 for Brother Beto, please!! 🙂
    Thank you so very much for Jingle-planted Image #7!! 🙂 I like him!! I’ll keep him!! 🙂 The two other plaid-clad fellas, #23 and waay too young cutie-patootie #43 are certainly nice… but nowhere as awesome as #7!!
    #8, and his downstairs neighbour #12, have insane amazing torsos!! Along with #10, they’re all crazy hot!!
    Awww… #14, 21, 42, 45, and 48 all have that great Good-Guy-Next-Door look!! 🙂
    Clearly; tall, lean, and sinewy #15, with his appropriately looong lovely cock, is an avid hunter and outdoorsman!! Reminds me of that great line from Steel Magnolias: “Jackson comes from a good ol’ Southern family, with good ol’ Southern values!! You shoot it, stuff it, or marry it!!”!! 🙂 haha
    Denny, I noticed awesome #16’s Linda Lovelace/Deep Throat t-shirt, too!! But Dearheart, while he’s definitely hot, he looks too sweet and affable to me to be called, “badass”!! 🙂
    #19 and #32 are majestic… Monumental… MAGNIFICENT!!!!! WHOA!!!!! (And while I’m worshipping and servicing #32, I can pray a few Decades on his Rosary!!)
    #25’s 1970s pornstar mustache is a hoot!! 🙂 haha
    LOVE #28’s perfect sausage casing foreskin!!
    My darling bw, I too noticed fuzzy furry hunky humpy #30’s awesome balls!! 🙂 Great minds, babe!! Have fun with that!! 🙂
    With no shadow of doubt, the Badass Fuck Machine in this group is off-the-hook #33!! Holy Shit!! Can’t quite figure out what penis piercing is mostly concealed in his lovely ample foreskin; but I’ll figure it out when I’m on my knees in front of him…
    #34’s looong cock is barely concealed by his underwear!! In the Naked pic, we see why!! WHEW!!!
    Ginger Bear #36 has a very similiar look and vibe as my #7!! And I like it!! 🙂
    Off topic note on #38: Love that well-worn, but still beautiful, Persian Rug!!
    Hmmm… somewhere along the line, #40 got a new stupidphone!!
    LOVE how resourceful #41 has used that long hallway to do a Gallery Wall!!
    Revisiting #45, his colour choices are much too dark and heavy for a Bathroom!! Shoosh!!
    Fit #46 ain’t bashful about showing us his beautiful cock, too bad we can’t see all of his handsome face!! 🙁
    #47 is unique in that he’s the only one using an actual camera, rather than a stupidphone!!

    Alrighty then, a favourite?!?! Damn skippy it’s crazy HOT #44!! He’s fan-fucking-tastic!! Oh yeah!! (A perfect amalgam of Good Guy #21, and Bad Boy #33!!)

    And when I’m feeling a little peckish, I’ll have a tasty snack of Gingerbread – Gingerbeard #7 and #36!! 🙂 haha

    Outstanding!! Thanks soo much!!

  • FredinMotul

    So many of these guys go from “Boy Next Door” to Boy Oh Boy so fast! Awesome post men. Thanks so much for hours of entertainment with this one.

    All good here and trust it is the same for us all!!

  • Bill S

    The transformation between naked and not is the most unexpected in #2. Who knew all THAT was hiding under his clothes? Wow! He is HOT!!!

    And I need to tell #31 that he is a cutie and I LOVE his cock flopped on the sink!!! YUMMY!


  • bw

    Never judge a book by it’s cover, or some cliché like that – take sweet faced blonde boy No 43 – who would think he was packing that fattie. I’m still liking my big boy NO 30, but hipster No 6 with the silky fur is awfully nice too.
    I’m trying to find the name of a photographer in Europe who did a whole art project – he convinced college kids to pose dressed, a couple of shots undressing, then the same pose naked. Not hard like most of these lads, but still really fun to look at and guess what the outcome would be. I’ll keep looking for a link.

    • mahtinp


      That boy in No. 43 was such a crush of mine for so long (before Kyle), so cute and very much my type, and I agree that No. 6 too is also downright adorable. Honorable mention to the very unique and muscular dick on No. 29.


  • unrulyadmin

    Totally off-topic… but if you haven’t seen this, you should. It’s Anderson Cooper’s son sitting and watching his Dad on t.v. – hosting Jeopardy. Ahhh. How cute is this ?!

    • Denny

      WHAT A CUTE PIC!!! Thanks, Guys!!!

      Wyatt Morgan Cooper was born April 20, 2020 so he’s just days away from his 1st birthday.

      I hope they pick Anderson Cooper as permanent Jeopardy host. After only 2 days hosting it’s easy to see he’s the best.

      No ennui here!! What does Dub think?

      • unrulyadmin

        After yesterday’s show, Dub said “I think he’s real good. Almost as good as Alex.” Ben and I agreed with him.
        Interestingly, here’s USA Today’s rating of Jeopardy’s guest hosts to date:
        1. Mike Richards
        2. Ken Jennings
        3. Anderson Cooper
        4. Aaron Rogers
        5. Katie Couric
        6. Dr. Mehmet OZ
        Ben, Dub and I all think Anderson will get even better as time goes on. After all, he’s only been guest hosting for 2 days.

        • Denny

          I agree with USA Today’s rating. Meanwhile I continue to enjoy Anderson Cooper more and more.

          Thanks again for the pics of Baby Wyatt!!!


    • bw

      Even though the show is a huge money maker, I do not think Jeopardy can match the salary that the “talent’ gets over at CNN and CBS.

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