Dude. Check out these bubblelicious beauties!

12 comments to Dude. Check out these bubblelicious beauties!

  • Jingle

    Oh my!! What a mouth-watering Butt Buffet you’ve put out!!

    I think a taste of each and every one is in order!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    Number one is just too perfect!

    But, I’m not really complaining.


  • bw

    Nos. 2,9,11 & 17 have sweet furry bubbles, but to show my support for our military men I’ll take NO 14. Excellent group of lads, even if too many think a shaved butt crack is a good idea.

  • Brad

    I am more of “front side” guy than a backside one, but these guys have some fantastic assets and caught my eye: 6, 9, 15, 16, 19, 27, 30, 37, and 46… 😉

    My Dude of the Day honor goes to beefy hunk, #27!

    Beto knows me well and named my top pick, and I am sure that he wouldn’t mind licking #21’s pits and other body parts… 😉

    I wonder if including #24 in this set is any indication of what was on David and Ben’s minds on their “bike” trip to Iowa… 😉 Thanks, guys, for a wonderful collection!

    • Roberto

      You’re so right, Brad: I did notice #21’s gorgeous, luscious pit and he’s one of my favorites. 😉 BTW, I picked one of your gems in yesterday’s trash post — hope you don’t mind it. 😉


  • Roberto

    As bw noted, most butts in this set are hairless, but maybe some of these fellas are naturally smooth there rather than shaved, just like our bro Jingle? Anyway, they all fit the post title so well!! 🙂

    Inked #28 was part of my birthday gift last year for very good reason!! 🙂 Also love how he and #21 give me a peek at their pits!! My other smooth-assed favorites include #5, unrulyboi #8, #10 (WOW!!), #15, #18 (so cute and sexy!), #23, #32, and #48!

    But my top 2 bubblelicious beauties are hairy there: #9 and #31!! 🙂

    This post is a total cock and mouth teaser!!! And finger teaser too, ‘cause I so want to grab these butts, caress them, run all my fingers over them, and finger fuck them!! 😛 Fabulous work, boys!!


    • Brad

      I should have included #9 in my comment with #21…His furry crack is definitely worthy of attention from you, then me… 😉


  • Jim

    Jim from Austin said….

    I love that “Well, what are you waiting for???? Get over here and fuck me!” look on #23. And I LOVES me some military mangina (vis-a-vis #14)!!!!!

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